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Felicity ’07: An Emotional Roller Coaster February 28, 2007

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric, Personal.

Scenario 1: “Dude, I’ll give in my best. Don’t you worry about it.” I promised Varun that I’ll work my ass off for Felicity.

Scenario 2: “We are not sponsoring”. Those four words left me broke. That bastard. After three visits and innumerable remainders, this is what we got from Hyderabad Central, who had initially promised a sum of 50K+. After a great start, when we had finalized the Crossfire deal, this was a major setback.

Scenario 3: I locked the door, and buried my face into the pillow. Within fifteen minutes, the pillow was wet and my nose blocked. All I could fucking care for was Pink Floyd. Was this what one gets to hear after working so hard and sincerely? All I had done was sent a mail to the Felicity that the messes should be closed during Felicity. This was what I had promised the guys whom I had requested to put up their stalls. In return, I got a mail from Varun saying that I should not interfere in these matters. He blasted me for my ‘carelessness’. (Off the record, he tried consoling me) And to think of it, I had given everything into it… and I mean it into getting stalls for Felicity. Why the hell was I included in the core committee if I had no right in decision making? I had almost decided to give up working…

Scenario 4: Within two days, we managed to break three deals. The Chinese and South Indian guy refused after initial commitment. Samba and the others said NO to the TIME deal. We were running out of time, and had just 36 hours to go to Felicity.

Scenario 5: Just gave everything into it that day. Kshitij, Rishab, Priyanshu and I. We were driven into despair. And finally, in the last couple of hours of the day, four deals were confirmed. Just when all seemed lost, God had rewarded us for all out efforts over the past 10 days.

Scenario 6: The prospects looked bleak. Try as hard as we could, the participants were just not up to the mark. We wondered what would happen to MnM on stage. On top of it all, the stall walas were after us for not giving them electricity, for the messes being open etc…

Scenario 7: And finally, we did it! Tears of joy flowed from my eyes as the results of Mr and Ms Felicity were announced. I gave a tight hug to Rishab and Kshitij. Celebrations soon followed.

Scenario 8: It sounds beautiful. So it did on the 23rd of February, when Manthan played it. ‘Doorie’ is an amazing song, and Atif is the best of them all. As I go back in time, I remember those few beautiful days with moistened eyes. My heart cries with joy and my mind finds a soothing relief. The world is so wonderful. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we did it! Felicity was a huge success, and I feel like hugging everyone right now. Those ups and downs, the tears and laughter, the relations I built and lost, the hunger and pain, the relief and joy… It was all worth it. The event may have faded away, but its memories will remain within me forever. Every time I feel low or high, I will recollect Felicity ’07 with joy and pride. I miss it all now… Feel empty deep inside!

PS: Right now, I am overwhelmed with emotions.
Thanks Rishab, Kshitij, Priyanshu, Ejaz and the others… you were simply amazing
Great working under you Varun, Rathi and the others. Your batch seriously rocked, and you are amazing organizers.
We have to do it next time around too, Himank.
The experiences were personal, and were experienced during mission sponsorship and mission MnM.
Thank you everyone, who trusted me. Sorry if I belied your expectations.
Please do read my previous post also, which I wrote yesterday. That’s an objective overview of Felicity ’07.
See you at Felicity ’08! Love you all.

Felicity ’07: A Brief Review February 27, 2007

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

This was one Felicity which I totally involved myself in. Hence, the experiences are many, but I would share the negative and positive aspects in a brief summary.


• The biggest plus point was undoubtedly the participation of all batches throughout the mega event. I remember when I was in UG1, I felt totally left out from Felicity. I felt that it was just a UG3 event. However, this time around, the third years went out of their way to break the norm and make us feel comfortable. This resulted in more number of hands, and hence better work. A very small, but striking example. When Felicity ’06 ended, the then third years inundated the stage… not a single second or first year was to be seen. However, this time around, I could find people from across the batches.
• The financial and sponsorship sections were well handled. Pulling off the ADP and CA deals was a coup. It made life much easier for everyone.
• The prizes and certificates were distributed immediately, unlike last year where it dragged on for months.
The Felicity Video. Have already written about it. It spurred us on to great heights.
• Campaigning was really well planned and organized. Even if the participation from outside Hyderabad didn’t see a huge boost, it at least helped in setting the stage for all the future batches to carry on from. The fliers which were distributed throughout teenage hangout points in Hyderabad was a cool concept.
• Internal feud in the core committee was minimal, and even if there was any, it didn’t hinder the conduction of the show.
• Food stalls covered a good variety of cuisine.
• Things like the Street Plays, Crossfire, and Graffiti etc infused life into the campus. It looked like there was something going on in the campus.
• The Shadow Play. It was really good in spite of all the criticism it faced before the event. It provided an opportunity to IIITians to showcase their acting skills.
• The technical events saw in surge in the number of participants.
• All decisions were taken in a consensus manner, and faculty was carried along throughout the event.


• Hardware on the first day was nowhere upto the mark. (People tell me, however, that it was even worse last time around). No electricity to the stalls till 1930 hours, no lights given to Crossfire…
• The scheduling of events wasn’t up to the mark. As a result, participation in the literary events drastically dropped from last year.
• I felt that the core committee dropped their guards after the ADP and CA deals. As a result, a lot of running around had to be done in the last few weeks, wherein the energies could have been diverted somewhere else. Plus, much more money could have been raised had we been more proactive with sponsorships.
• There has to be an improvement in the quality of stage events like MnM, Dances etc. This will of course take a lot of effort, and the positive aspects of this year’s Felicity should have a positive bearing on Felicity ’08.
• Why on earth were the messes open even for dinner during the three days? It made us (people who convinced the guys to put up stalls during Felicity… promising that the messes would be closed) look like liars and put us in a dicey position. Among the biggest negatives this year for me.

I may have missed a lot of points, but I wrote this in a flow. All in all, it was a quantum leap from last year, and a great platform for future batches to improve upon. Hope we can learn from the experiences this year, and take Felicity to the level of a Mood Indigo or a Saarang.

Cheers Himank… Here’s The Tag Post February 18, 2007

Posted by Karan in General.

Thanks to Himank, am doing this!

A living person I would like to meet: Sachin Tendulkar. What an icon, what a player! What strength of mind he’s got. He’s God!

A dead person I would like to meet: Kurt Cobain. Pin-up boy(if you could use it for guys) for rock fans, I’ve even written a story inspired by him
Choice 2: Kautilya, just gotta look at his brains.

An event in history I would like to change: The decision of Nehru to take Kashmir to the UN. Or probably, the cristening of Nehru as the PM, we would have been much better of with Sardar Patel at the helm.

A movie I would like to witness in real: Gotta be “Jumanjee”. Jees, wat fun to watch the action live!

A literary character I would like to meet: Joe Hardy, ‘cos he’s like me 😀
Choice 2: Artemis Fowl… Amazing..

Now I tag:
Aditya, Chand, Manish (Start blogging again doston)
Gaurav Kharkwal (If only he blogged more often)
Ramachandra sir (Interesting sense of humour he’s got)
Varun (Will be nice to see you in blogosphere again!)
Kritika (Would love to look at wat you have got to say)

Top 10 Rock Songs February 15, 2007

Posted by Karan in General.

Here’s my list:

1 ) Smells like teen spirit

2 ) Smells like teen spirit

3 ) Smells like teen spirit

4 ) Smells like teen spirit

5 ) Smells like teen spirit

6 ) Smells like teen spirit

7 ) Smells like teen spirit

8 ) Smells like teen spirit

9 ) Smells like teen spirit

10 ) Smells like teen spirit

Just can’t get enough of it 😀

Sachin’s Last World Cup… Can India Lift The Trophy? February 13, 2007

Posted by Karan in General.

Finally, the world cup cricket team’s been announced. The team was more or less expected, but I have a few points to make:
• The golden triangle of Yuvraj, Kaif and Raina has been broken. Now in this team, apart from Yuvraj, there are no exceptional fielders. Uthappa, Karthik and Pathan are good and others like Dravid, Tendulkar, Sreesanth are just about OK. Where on earth are you going to hide the likes of Ganguly, Munaf, Kumble etc who are all quite sloppy. Entering every match, Dravid should know that he is 20-30 runs behind top teams.
• Four openers in one team! If it were for me, I would have Tendulkar and Ganguly opening… both of them players who like to take the fight to the opposition. Besides, they share 7000+ runs in partnerships, which is the highest in LOIs.
• The middle order’s a major problem. Dravid’s looked out of sorts, Yuvraj has barely had a game, Sachin is new to this position and Sehwag is extremely vulnerable.
• We are still poor chasers. It seemed to be changing around the Natwest Series 2002, when Yuvraj and Kaif chased down a mammoth target under pressure, and the trend continued till 2005. However, Kaif and Raina are out and we are back to being tagged ‘chokers’. I still feel that Kaif’s been given a rough treatment.

In all probability, this is Sachin’s last world cup and am sure he’ll love to be tagged as ‘world champion’, but going by the current scenario, India barely stands a chance. Hoping against hope hopen that India lifts the trophy!

Felicity Video’s Awesome February 8, 2007

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

I am sure this has been discussed and everyone’s realized it, but I’ll share a few experiences with you. The first time we gave a presentation in AU (Vizag), we just put the video on. Unfortunately, the authorities could not arrange speakers or projectors for us. In spite of it all, the impact of the video was thundering. Applauses followed the video even before we could actually get on to the dais and speak. The effect was evident at each of the presentations we gave, thanks to the video. Experiences were similar when we went out there for sponsorships… Our task had actually been simplified. The Central guy was especially impressed. Actually shows how little things done meticulously and thought out well can go a long way in simplifying things. Coming back to Felicity, the campaigning was more extensive this time around, there is more money involved and to top it all, the events look in good shape so far. The best thing has been the involvement of we guys and our juniors too… Last time it seemed to be a solo UG3 event.
With less than a fortnight to go for the D-Day, let’s give in our best to make it a huge success. Here’s wishing everyone good luck.

Happy Birthday February 2, 2007

Posted by Karan in General, IIIT centric.

At the end the day it was fun to see the bull being tamed. Piyush looked like a little kid who had just gone through a rough ordeal. After all it was just an hour into his birthday and so much had happened already. It all started at 11:45 with the warm up bumps and at 12 there were those punches on his body. After the customary hugs and wishes we took him for a stroll around the campus. “Bang”, “Bang” went those eggs on his head… Chirag doing a spiderman act during the same. Hardly had he recovered that his co-Bhopali and dear friend Abhijeet was in it again. It was then the ‘aata’ which was smeared on his hair so as to stay for a couple of days 😛 Gosh! Of course, people like PK, Chand and Himank left no stone unturned while giving him the conventional bumps. The only relief for poor Piyush ( well couldn’t help feeling sorry for him then… in spite of what he does to all of us 😀 ) were those phone calls on his new 3230.
In the end of it all, he had a memorable day. ‘Cos he knows that this his how friends express their love for each other.

PS: Birthdays in hostels are real fun and painful.