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Clean Bowled! January 27, 2007

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric, Personal.

The situation: UG2 11 reeling at 37/5 in the inter house cricket tournament. Karan comes in to bat, for the first time at no.7. A golden opportunity to settle himself in the side and prove his credentials with the bat. On the previous day, he had been knocking around the balls confidently. The bowler on the other end was the UG3 captain, Gaurav Ruhela. He was spitting venom, having taken a couple of wickets already. Before Karan could take his customary leg stump guard, Varun (at first slip) and Kochar (wicket keeper) jeered him with comments like “the tail has started”. Ruhela came in fast and furious. The ball pitched on a good length outside the offstump and Karan put a foot forward to let the ball go. Instead, the ball zooted and hit the lower part of his bat as their were cries of “Oohs” and “Aahs” all around. A close shave. Next ball around, Ruhela swung the ball in. Karan was rapped on the pads, they all went up and surrounded the umpire like a pack of vultures looking for their prey. Not out. End of the over.


            In the next over, bowled by Rahul, Karan was at the striker’s end in the fourth ball. Varun was like, “Kya baat hai, This guy is acting like a stylish batsman. Running onto the pitch, leaving balls in style” even as Rahul bowled a wide. So much for sarcasm. Next ball, rapped on the pads once again, a huge appeal. Not out, said Ravi. There were lewd comments being made like “umpire and UG2 are playing the match together”. The pressure was immense. The next ball, Karan decided to move a foot down the pitch to cover for the swing. Rejuvenated, Rahul charged in again. Karan put a step forward but was hit high on the pads. “Howzatt”, even Joy came running in from deep point. After a considerable delay, the dreaded finger went up. Karan was out and UG2 was reeling at 42/6. He had screwed up one more opportunity of proving his mettle and was probably out of the next match too.


The other end of the spectrum: UG3’s best batsman, Gaurav Ruhela was on strike. They were definitely favorites to win this match after UG2 were bowled out for 96. Abhijeet Pagare was the new ball bowler. In a peach of a delivery, he swung the ball in. Ruhela put his step forward and the ball zinged past the bat and pad and a fast bowler’s delight… the timber was rattled.

            After a couple of overs, the feared Varun who had once powered Aakash house to a target of 180+ in 20 overs was facing Pagare. Swing and a miss. Big appeal the next ball. Sledging on in full flow and a face off between Kranthi and Varun. In a masterstroke, Pagare placed two slips for the next ball. Varun was probably looking for the outswinger, but Pagare bowled an absolutely lethal in swinging delivery to knock the middle stump out of the ground. The batsman was made to look like a tail ender. Pagare was over the moon, and his little ‘Sreesanth act’ on the ground was absolutely justified. UG2 had lost their sixth wicket for a score of 22. Pagare had captured his fourth wicket in an amazing spell of fast bowling.


PS: UG2 crushed UG3 by 30 runs on 26th January, 2007.




1. abhijeet - January 27, 2007

yeah bro…..v surely did beat them.But you just forgot to mention the effort of prudvi and company who helped our team to pile up 96 runs (which on any day was too much of an ask for them).Overall ,a splendid team effort and another walk in the park!!!!!

2. CHAND - January 28, 2007

kudos to UG2 ….
koi nahin Maroo give ur best in the next match….

3. abhijeet - January 28, 2007

in the previous comment : “(which on any day was too much of an ask for them)”……them refers to the 3rd years.
Ven i read the comment again i thought it might sound ambiguous , so to make it more lucid , making some minor changes.

4. namrataalltheway - January 28, 2007

Congratulations for the fab performance by the whole ug2 team.Hope you guys keep the tempo going!Good luck.

5. Himank - January 28, 2007

Well buddy koi baat nahin..U got to touch the ball oncein the match.isn’t it enough to establish you ;). I didnt see the batting of UG2 but the bowling performance was awesome… Opening attack of Pagare and Ajay was spitting venom….Kudos to u guys

6. Gaurav.Kharkwal - January 28, 2007

bah! improve your batting and blog-topics…

7. vamsy gottipati - January 29, 2007

dat was well put karan…im new to blogging here n u r the one hu inspired me takin dis up

8. summu - January 29, 2007

Reminds me of my school. Finals, cricket match, I was the opener.. and I was soo waiting to smack the ball all arnd the field.. too eager I must say.. RUN OUT without playing a single ball !! Congrats btw !

9. varun - January 29, 2007

congrats bitch…
cheers and enjoy

10. Prateek GV - January 30, 2007

Congratulations UG2 team!! Great team work guys

11. pankaj - January 31, 2007

congratulations…..keep the spirit up………..

12. marutiborker - February 1, 2007

congrats … keep it up …

13. Karan - February 2, 2007

@everyone.. thanx 4 the wishes, but I was lookin 2 point out the irony of me being such an ass to not grab the oppurtunities comin my ways.
@Gaurav..dood, y don u gimme some ideas 😛
@Vamsy.. That sounds great. Thanx

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