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That 50th Post January 24, 2007

Posted by Karan in Personal.

Finally! My 50th post. Ever since Himank had written his, my fingers were itching to do the same, but must say it’s taken quite sometime for me to reach the figure. I had started blogging in April 2006 on blogger.com . On Maruti’s insistence, I moved over to WordPress in August, and must say the move’s really paid off. WordPress rocks, it has amazing features like the number of hits you’ve had, from where the hits have come etc. I say this at the risk of sounding haughty, but I have come a long way. I have more than 425 comments, making it nearly 9 comments a post. The number of hits is decent too, the highest in a day coming to 201. In fact, the joy which I receive when I see a new comment on my blog is immense. Also, being at the top of google search terms like “best places to hang out in Hyderabad”, “Movies of the decade”, “Sathya Sai Baba” etc makes me feel good. My other achievements are coming in the list of 100 fastest growing blogs (in WordPress at position 73rd and 77th) twice, having one of my entries posted in iiitbuzz etc. I don’t know for how long I am going to continue, but I am sure enjoying it.


Guess I have talked enough about myself, and now I urge my readers to go ahead and read my favorite posts:


Girls (April)

10 Best places to hang out in Hyderabad (July)

NBH Cellar Rulez (August)

A walk to remember… (September)

Classes@IIIT (October)

Double Whammy (November)

New Year Resolutions (January)




PS: The title is inspired by That 70s Show, The BESTEST TV show I’ve ever come across… If you haven’t seen it as yet, then what are you waiting for?


1. Namrata - January 24, 2007

Congrats … what else can I write .These posts restore my faith in blogging but very few people read mine and fewer comment.So I really cant boast of any achievments.
True 70’s show rocks – courtesy Ashton Kutcher.BESTEST SHOW EVER – maybe not.Watch scrubs,lost,the oc ,one tree hill,house etc etc and rethink the statement.
Keep up the great work and congratulations again!

2. Prateek GV - January 24, 2007

Congratulations Karan .. Great work dude .. hope you continuing to blog and inspire us to write few. 🙂

3. Himank Sharma - January 25, 2007

Hey buddy congrats for ur 50th post… 🙂 Remember one day you said that if i continued writing at this pace i will complete my 100 before ur 50… but u won .. :p

4. CHAND - January 25, 2007

aur be half century mar diya badhiya hai….
As long as u have readers like us you can’t leave blogging…
tu likte ja hum padte jayenge…
looking forward for ur century…


5. Kunal - January 25, 2007

hey give links to all your favourite posts instead of plain text titles… I am too lazy to go into the archives and search for them…
and congrats for getting off to a rollicking start in blogging… 🙂 keep up the great work!

6. Maruti - January 25, 2007

he he .. congrats ,, waise even i hv completed writing 50 posts .. but dint rite abt ma achivemts lemme write them in my next post 😀

and yeah Follow kunal’s advice ..

7. mythalez - January 25, 2007

hmm .. half century eh .. good going … a lot more posts to be written .. a lot more comments to be read and replied to .. a lot more webspace to be wasted … jus kidding .. 😀

8. abhijeet - January 26, 2007

nice work dud……hmmm…….lets c vich goes faster from now onwards : ur posting rate OR ur hair droppin off!!!!!!!!!!!![:D]

9. Karan - January 27, 2007

@namrata.. ms aston kutcher fan.. why don’t u register with the IIIT blogroll if u wanna reach high on hit n comments
@prateek, chand,mythalez thanx 🙂
@himank.. yeah and that calls for a treat 😛
@kuna, maruti. yeah, done that 🙂
@abhijeet fuck u ganje 😛

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