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Hairy problem January 18, 2007

Posted by Karan in Personal.

One of the new year wishes I’ve made this time around is to get back some of the lost hair.. on my HEAD! Yes.. its been happening for quite some time, hair loss is something which I am having to live with. 😦 Right from the forehead to the back, I have been loosing hair in huge tufts. My hair now represents the fields of JhumriTalayiya where long ‘kuccha’ roads pass through the fields. Last time, when I visited Vizag, the doctor said that it was hereditary. Hereditary… balls; he’s got to be kidding. My dad’s got hair as dense as the porcupine’s skin (forgive the simile :P). I mean his hair is really nice and soft. Even my mom’s blessed with god hair… for that matter most in my family are. Why is it that only I am left to suffer X-(


            The irony of the fact is that I’ve got a lot of hair on my face, hands, legs etc. Wish I could cut and paste some of it! A few months back, I tried switching over to spiked to cover for my baldness, but it’s made the skin even more visible. Strands of hair standing leaves a lot of space to be covered and hence the problem. Loss of hair also leads to another potential problem. I have to get married soon, so that I get a decent looking girl, before I end up with a tonsured head!


If anyone has a solution to my problem, please reply back as soon as possible.


PS: I am using Vatika now… should I switch over to something else?

And yeah people… please stop calling me ‘Ganja’


1. Ankur Handa - January 18, 2007

so much worried ?

( PS: I am using Vatika now… should I switch over to something else? )
Apply Lemon 😛

2. Turbo - January 18, 2007

I don’t think the above comment was posted by handa.

BTW, I am facing the same problem and I think it is more severe than yours 😦

3. Maruti - January 18, 2007

ganja ganja ganja ganja ganja ..

waise try this :- use gandhigiri .. you are losing hair right ? and afraid that u will be bald right ?? so go to a barber shop shave ur head and bcom BALD 😛 .. this is real ganhigiri lage raho talke bhai

4. Sankalp - January 18, 2007

welcome to the club!

5. Ankur Handa - January 18, 2007

it was indeed posted by me .. TURBO , i do read blogs and apparently this is my first comment .

6. iGlue - January 18, 2007

u need treatment from Dr.Batra

7. mythalez - January 18, 2007

follow maruti’s advice .. apparently gettin bald makes the hair which wud regrow dense and so on 😛

8. Prateek GV - January 19, 2007

“Wish I could cut and paste some of it!” hehee!!

9. K - January 19, 2007

Check if you are not suffering from dandruff. If you are then meet doctor soon. Doctor here doesnt mean Dr. Batra. Hairs once lost with root cannot be brought back in 90% of the cases. Getting complete hair removal wouldnt help you much but would increase the torture when your hairs will start growing again. In case you still lose your hairs then accept it boldly and remove your remaining hairs.

10. Namrata - January 20, 2007

That was a candid post.Know what you are the few ppl in our class who tries out his hairdo every now and then which is kewl and as far as the hair loss thing goes I guess its due to the water and our erratic food habits.I have heard almond oil is good but none of these treatments seem to be negating the drastic effects.I guess the only way out is Maruti’s solution.The tonsured look isnt in but you could start a trend!

11. CHAND - January 21, 2007

Actually we can transplant hair from SOME parts of the body , saw it in discovery (will tell you the story in detail later)
abe takle hone mein bhi koi fight nahin hai …..
look at Vin diesel ….
don’t worry u ll get a decent girl ….
Baba Chanddev ka aashirwad tere saath hai ….

12. prud - January 21, 2007

bein bald ain’t any sin.. is it??? n when it comes to maryin early.. why r u worried so much… it’s every man’s destiny to get married n hence get screwed.. chill man, u’ll get used to bein married n u’ll b feelin better whn all of us’d b sufferin deep…
n gimme the number of tht doc who treated ya… he doesn’t even know how to make a living… if i was him, i wud’ve quoted a peculiar dermatology disorder n wud’ve cashed a lot… he is such an ass…
yaar… has every1 in ur relatives got gud hair, thn find me a gal daa :(( my gf post is vacant :p

13. Himank Sharma - January 22, 2007

Well buddy … seriously speaking its a grave problem do something quick otherwise you will soon be in the club of adi n pagu…
And for all d ppl enjoy maruti’s talent.. Maruti at his best 🙂

14. Karan - January 23, 2007

@Ankur.. Hey thanx 4 the first comment 🙂
vaise lemon :O
@turbo, sankalp.. well have u guys done nething?? if yes, plzz do temme 🙂
@everyone.. folks, as himank said, enjoy maruti’s antics 😛
@iGlue. Guess only God can help me now 😛
@Prateek 🙂
@K whoa.. thats quite something to do 😀
@Namrata.. yeah, trying to find the best style to cover my baldness 😛
@Chand ^:)^
@prud.. i thot u had a gf 😛
@Himank. noooooooo.. can’t even think of joining adi n paggu 😛

15. abhijeet - January 23, 2007

@himank : abe asshole i hav recovered nicely now ….now u’l be seeing much more hair on my head.
Now coming to much more serious terms , abe dekh karan ek ozone treatment hota hai…….what it does it ki jo pores hote hain naa skin mein vo ozone treatment se khul jaate hain and it helps in the blood circulation (which obviously has stopped in your case……poor u!!!)……..5-6 sittings lagti hain , each costing around 300 bucks……..to baap ekdum kifaayati deal hai…..go 4 it.
i hope chand and adi read dis!!!!!!!!!

16. deepti - January 26, 2007

lolzz !!! I loved reading the post as well as the comments..Waise ek baat bata…Is this d reason u try out many different hairstyles so that ur baldness is covered?? 😛

17. pankajsaini - January 31, 2007

the only thing i have to say is if you find any solution then do tell my roommate …….:) and there are many like you in our batch so…you shud collectively search for any concrete solution……

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