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Don’t miss them.. January 11, 2007

Posted by Karan in General.

Karan’s bestseller’s list


1) Artemis Fowl -> The only children’s book which has impressed me more than the Harry Potter series.

2) The Harry Potter series -> Of course.

3) Tell me your dreams -> Sidney Sheldon, he’s undoubtedly the master of suspense. Thrill, blood, sex, he’s got it all.

4) The Pelican Brief -> John Grisham… the master of pieces on law.

5) First Among Equals -> Jeffrey Archer. British to the T.

6) The Janson Directive-> Robert Ludlam. A perfect page turner.

7) Why men lie and women cry? -> I always had this problem of how to communicate with gals, how and why they think etc until I came across this. An amazing piece.

8) Five Point Someone -> Chetan Bhagat. Do I need to say anything??

9) Airport-> Arthur Hailey. What’s special about him is the additional information he gives besides the main plot.

10) Angels and Demons-> Dan Brown. He’s awesome maan.. read it to believe it

11) Who Moved My Cheese-> Dr.Spencer Johnson. My perception towards a lot of things changed with this 50-page book.


PS: The books are in no particular order.


1. Aditya - January 11, 2007

well…its nt a comment from the best of buk critics 😀 so i wont get into criticism….. but i’ve been observing tht u’ve been ritin a lot of my fav stuff of late…lukin for some hits huh???

2. Kunal - January 12, 2007

nice collection 🙂
few more suggestions: read Michael Crichton if you are into science fiction. try Samit Basu’s Gameworld Trilogy – amazing stuff …
and of course the whole Sherlock Holmes series ….

3. mythalez - January 12, 2007

a few comments 😛

Jeffrey Archer is british and that book ‘First among equals’ is also abt british parliament .. where did America come in??

Isnt Robert Ludlum’s Bourne Identity better? U read it yet .. if not .. wat u waiting for 😛

and abt ur choice 8. I felt that ‘5. someone’ was one of the worst books that I read 😀 … though not as worse as his next one, the call center thing .. he starts off well enough .. but then plunges into the depths of garbage as the book moves on … 😀

4. varun - January 13, 2007

archer and the book are pure british….not much of a mention of the us of a if i rmr rite….check out some indian authors and woody allen na…ull like em..

5. summu - January 15, 2007

I have read like 6/11 books in your list. My best seller list wud have Shantaram, To kill a mocking bird, Foundation series, the Illiad.. something like that 😀

6. Karan - January 17, 2007

@Aditya.. yeah maan, however.. ever since my yahoo messenger’s got fucked, the no of hits has reduced 😦
@Kunal.. yeah, gotcha try Crichton. As for Sherlock Holmes, yeah.. it was amzing.
well thanx 4 correctin d mistake 🙂
Bourne Identity.. haven’t tried it, will do so soon 🙂
goddam iiit library!!
i can’t believe it.. u mus be the only collegian who hasn’t liked FPS :O
@varun.. well yeah, gotcha try more of Indians.. thanx 🙂 . do suggest some names though
@summu. To kill a mocking bird is one book i need 2 try

7. Gaurav.Kharkwal - January 17, 2007

since I’ve nothing better to do I’ll give you my (top 10) list of my fav books/authors/collections:
1. The Sicilian.
2. Robin Cook.
3. Poirot’s Collection.
4. Holmes’ Collection.
5. Famous Five.
6. The 11th Commandment.
7. Numbered Account.
8. Jeff Archer.
9. Michael Crichton.
10. Issac Asimov.


8. danprolde4u - January 18, 2007

though i haven’t read many books after coming here…. i am at least happy that i read five from your list 🙂

btw i liked your template…. especially the picture of the night sky with full moon in it.

9. Namrata - January 20, 2007

Looks like loads of book lovers in town.I do not really appreciate Chetan Bhagat’s literary works so far but agree with you on Sidney Sheldon.Jeffrey Archer is good too.You should read a few classics though , and please dont miss out Oscar Wilde.His short stories can make anyone an ardent book reader.

10. abhijeet - January 23, 2007

a topic in which i can hardly comment bro coz m not much into “readin stuff”.newaz nice work.
btw am wondering why has himank has not commented as yet??????

11. Himank Sharma - January 25, 2007

@ Ahbijeet: Yaar this post was wriiten in hols so i didnt comment…the truth is i am not a voracious reader..never used to read novels b4 coming here save an exceptional Harry Potter series and a few Sidney Sheldon and out of this list have read only 5 viz artemis fowl,harry potter,5. sumone,airport and ofcourse Sidney Sheldon and shoudl say all of them were kool!! Will try to read the others in the list.. I think If anyone then Pk is the right person to comment.. 🙂

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