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New Year Resolutions January 1, 2007

Posted by Karan in General.

This is how a set of new year resolutions for IIITians (and other ‘future technos’) could look like:


1)      To realize that studying is also a part of engineering and at least have a look at  books.

2)      To get up in time so as to watch at least one sunrise a month.

3)      Not to spend more than four hours (hmm… lets make it six :P) a day on orkut and messenger.

4)      To have bath at least once a week.

5)      To get rid of the ‘aargh’ smell in my room.

6)      To reduce my generosity towards others and make sure that the music I play is only for myself and not for the entire hostel.

7)      To spare my dear friends of the ruthless kicks I shower upon them for no reason.

8)      To promise myself not to watch more than fifteen movies a month.

9)      Not to send more than 100 SMSes a day.


Wish you all a very happy and successful 2007 – the year with the maximum number of Sundays and non-Sunday public holidays.


1. Maruti - January 1, 2007

he he .. nice resolutions 😀 .. by the way u are already followin most of em 😛

2. Deepti - January 1, 2007

lol….Really nice one Karan…Well I dont think you need to make the first resolution 😛 You do follow most of dem right?? Arent they part of you TIME TABLE 😛 Sorry jus kidding 🙂

3. Himank Sharma - January 1, 2007

Hey buddy… 1st,4th and 8 th points are utterly useless for you…. How can Raju timetable make such resoulitons …. You bloody Raju timetable… 😉
Waise Happy New Year buddy!!! 🙂

4. summu - January 5, 2007

hehe.. Sunrise is easyyy.. do a night out.. watch the sunrise.. we used to do that always at IIIT. They go damn well together 😉 The rest are a lil tough ones though !

5. Aditya - January 5, 2007

u shud follow these in the following order…3, 9 nd 5….:P
the othrs u alredy follow more or less…
nd u missed a point which wud be the first on a similar list of mine….
*** to avoid getting glued to firefox just surfing some useless crap for hours

6. abhijeet - January 5, 2007

do whatever mann……but dont forget to follow number 5:d

7. mythalez - January 11, 2007

100 smses a day… dont the fingers and the keys of the mobile get worn out !! 😛

8. CHAND - January 11, 2007

num 5th shud get the highest priorty for u …
sahi mein bahut baas marta hai….
rest of the thngs u wrote r in ctrl…
for me I m bettr off widout any resolutions…

9. paridhi - January 11, 2007

hehe ,, cool resolutions , would love to follow them too ..but I guess m bette off without any resolutions;).. newaz keep bloggin..its fun to read ur stuffs:)

10. Karan - January 11, 2007

folks.. looks like we’re all blind. I had mentioned at the beginnig that this is what a list of nu yr resolutions for iiitians cud look like.. so i hope that puts a lotta things into perspective 😀

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