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Clean Bowled! January 27, 2007

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric, Personal.

The situation: UG2 11 reeling at 37/5 in the inter house cricket tournament. Karan comes in to bat, for the first time at no.7. A golden opportunity to settle himself in the side and prove his credentials with the bat. On the previous day, he had been knocking around the balls confidently. The bowler on the other end was the UG3 captain, Gaurav Ruhela. He was spitting venom, having taken a couple of wickets already. Before Karan could take his customary leg stump guard, Varun (at first slip) and Kochar (wicket keeper) jeered him with comments like “the tail has started”. Ruhela came in fast and furious. The ball pitched on a good length outside the offstump and Karan put a foot forward to let the ball go. Instead, the ball zooted and hit the lower part of his bat as their were cries of “Oohs” and “Aahs” all around. A close shave. Next ball around, Ruhela swung the ball in. Karan was rapped on the pads, they all went up and surrounded the umpire like a pack of vultures looking for their prey. Not out. End of the over.


            In the next over, bowled by Rahul, Karan was at the striker’s end in the fourth ball. Varun was like, “Kya baat hai, This guy is acting like a stylish batsman. Running onto the pitch, leaving balls in style” even as Rahul bowled a wide. So much for sarcasm. Next ball, rapped on the pads once again, a huge appeal. Not out, said Ravi. There were lewd comments being made like “umpire and UG2 are playing the match together”. The pressure was immense. The next ball, Karan decided to move a foot down the pitch to cover for the swing. Rejuvenated, Rahul charged in again. Karan put a step forward but was hit high on the pads. “Howzatt”, even Joy came running in from deep point. After a considerable delay, the dreaded finger went up. Karan was out and UG2 was reeling at 42/6. He had screwed up one more opportunity of proving his mettle and was probably out of the next match too.


The other end of the spectrum: UG3’s best batsman, Gaurav Ruhela was on strike. They were definitely favorites to win this match after UG2 were bowled out for 96. Abhijeet Pagare was the new ball bowler. In a peach of a delivery, he swung the ball in. Ruhela put his step forward and the ball zinged past the bat and pad and a fast bowler’s delight… the timber was rattled.

            After a couple of overs, the feared Varun who had once powered Aakash house to a target of 180+ in 20 overs was facing Pagare. Swing and a miss. Big appeal the next ball. Sledging on in full flow and a face off between Kranthi and Varun. In a masterstroke, Pagare placed two slips for the next ball. Varun was probably looking for the outswinger, but Pagare bowled an absolutely lethal in swinging delivery to knock the middle stump out of the ground. The batsman was made to look like a tail ender. Pagare was over the moon, and his little ‘Sreesanth act’ on the ground was absolutely justified. UG2 had lost their sixth wicket for a score of 22. Pagare had captured his fourth wicket in an amazing spell of fast bowling.


PS: UG2 crushed UG3 by 30 runs on 26th January, 2007.



That 50th Post January 24, 2007

Posted by Karan in Personal.

Finally! My 50th post. Ever since Himank had written his, my fingers were itching to do the same, but must say it’s taken quite sometime for me to reach the figure. I had started blogging in April 2006 on blogger.com . On Maruti’s insistence, I moved over to WordPress in August, and must say the move’s really paid off. WordPress rocks, it has amazing features like the number of hits you’ve had, from where the hits have come etc. I say this at the risk of sounding haughty, but I have come a long way. I have more than 425 comments, making it nearly 9 comments a post. The number of hits is decent too, the highest in a day coming to 201. In fact, the joy which I receive when I see a new comment on my blog is immense. Also, being at the top of google search terms like “best places to hang out in Hyderabad”, “Movies of the decade”, “Sathya Sai Baba” etc makes me feel good. My other achievements are coming in the list of 100 fastest growing blogs (in WordPress at position 73rd and 77th) twice, having one of my entries posted in iiitbuzz etc. I don’t know for how long I am going to continue, but I am sure enjoying it.


Guess I have talked enough about myself, and now I urge my readers to go ahead and read my favorite posts:


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PS: The title is inspired by That 70s Show, The BESTEST TV show I’ve ever come across… If you haven’t seen it as yet, then what are you waiting for?

Hairy problem January 18, 2007

Posted by Karan in Personal.

One of the new year wishes I’ve made this time around is to get back some of the lost hair.. on my HEAD! Yes.. its been happening for quite some time, hair loss is something which I am having to live with. 😦 Right from the forehead to the back, I have been loosing hair in huge tufts. My hair now represents the fields of JhumriTalayiya where long ‘kuccha’ roads pass through the fields. Last time, when I visited Vizag, the doctor said that it was hereditary. Hereditary… balls; he’s got to be kidding. My dad’s got hair as dense as the porcupine’s skin (forgive the simile :P). I mean his hair is really nice and soft. Even my mom’s blessed with god hair… for that matter most in my family are. Why is it that only I am left to suffer X-(


            The irony of the fact is that I’ve got a lot of hair on my face, hands, legs etc. Wish I could cut and paste some of it! A few months back, I tried switching over to spiked to cover for my baldness, but it’s made the skin even more visible. Strands of hair standing leaves a lot of space to be covered and hence the problem. Loss of hair also leads to another potential problem. I have to get married soon, so that I get a decent looking girl, before I end up with a tonsured head!


If anyone has a solution to my problem, please reply back as soon as possible.


PS: I am using Vatika now… should I switch over to something else?

And yeah people… please stop calling me ‘Ganja’

Don’t miss them.. January 11, 2007

Posted by Karan in General.

Karan’s bestseller’s list


1) Artemis Fowl -> The only children’s book which has impressed me more than the Harry Potter series.

2) The Harry Potter series -> Of course.

3) Tell me your dreams -> Sidney Sheldon, he’s undoubtedly the master of suspense. Thrill, blood, sex, he’s got it all.

4) The Pelican Brief -> John Grisham… the master of pieces on law.

5) First Among Equals -> Jeffrey Archer. British to the T.

6) The Janson Directive-> Robert Ludlam. A perfect page turner.

7) Why men lie and women cry? -> I always had this problem of how to communicate with gals, how and why they think etc until I came across this. An amazing piece.

8) Five Point Someone -> Chetan Bhagat. Do I need to say anything??

9) Airport-> Arthur Hailey. What’s special about him is the additional information he gives besides the main plot.

10) Angels and Demons-> Dan Brown. He’s awesome maan.. read it to believe it

11) Who Moved My Cheese-> Dr.Spencer Johnson. My perception towards a lot of things changed with this 50-page book.


PS: The books are in no particular order.

New Year Resolutions January 1, 2007

Posted by Karan in General.

This is how a set of new year resolutions for IIITians (and other ‘future technos’) could look like:


1)      To realize that studying is also a part of engineering and at least have a look at  books.

2)      To get up in time so as to watch at least one sunrise a month.

3)      Not to spend more than four hours (hmm… lets make it six :P) a day on orkut and messenger.

4)      To have bath at least once a week.

5)      To get rid of the ‘aargh’ smell in my room.

6)      To reduce my generosity towards others and make sure that the music I play is only for myself and not for the entire hostel.

7)      To spare my dear friends of the ruthless kicks I shower upon them for no reason.

8)      To promise myself not to watch more than fifteen movies a month.

9)      Not to send more than 100 SMSes a day.


Wish you all a very happy and successful 2007 – the year with the maximum number of Sundays and non-Sunday public holidays.