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Life and Death December 25, 2006

Posted by Karan in Personal.

It’s been a question which has been haunting me ever since I heard about it- On what basis does God allot time to people on the Earth? Why are so many wonderful people given such a small lifespan?

I have a friend X. Just today, in the obh mess, X was telling me, “I have a beautiful niece who is aged ten. I was among the first one’s to lift her in my arms when she was born. I was the one who had named her. She was such a wonderful kid. However, a couple of days back, she met with a life threatening accident. I don’t even feel like calling and trying to find out about her. What wrong did the kid do? She had hardly seen life.” Then, in a very sad note, he went on, “The last time I met her, I had blasted her for something she had done and sent her out of the room. Wish I could have had another opportunity to meet her… just one more chance to talk to her and give her a hug.”


I had spent a lot of my time in childhood with this cousin of mine, Y. She was undoubtedly, the most beautiful being on earth I had ever seen. In fact, both of us formed a notorious pair, and we were known for our antics. One fine day, Mom gets a call that she’s very serious and in the hospital. The next day, we rushed to Kolkata. That was the first time in living memory that I entered a hospital. She was in such a pitiful condition. That day, I was reduced to tears. After a couple of days, she expired. Never did I cry so much again. In fact, Y’s mom was found consoling me. What had the poor 10-year-old sweet girl done to deserve this? What trauma must have parents have gone through when their only child left at such a young age?


Strange are God’s ways and even stranger is the world.



1. Renu - December 25, 2006

What does it mean to be “here” ? What is the difference between the living and the dead ?
I sometimes wonder if the “dead” are not more present..more “here” than most of the living..
– A confused soul.

2. Himank - December 25, 2006

Well strange are the ways of the person above there..no ordinary mortal can ever understand or compprehend his ways and his thoughts only thing in our hands is to live our lives and leave the rest upto him…

3. abbulu - December 26, 2006

😦 I have no words , God gives you difficulties to make you stronger,thats the way you look at it. The people who passed away will be pleased and at peace to know that there are those who cr for them. Such is the world of man!!

Ok ..ok ..what the $^%$#^$# ??? Now stop this man! You don’t have to cry , at least laugh for those who are still there for you and around you 😀


4. Vivek - December 27, 2006

Well, I guess life aint fair either…..but all the same its beauitiful.
Maybe with all the down moments we learn to appreciate the ones that made/make us happy.
The best thing, it moves on, cannot make it any better [:)]

5. Deepti - December 31, 2006

This post reminded me of my late gandpa..I realised how much I love him only fter he passed away..Then the only thing that I realised at that moment was that there is nothing in our hands.Every thing is predetermined..

6. Aditya - January 5, 2007

i ges the ques is beyond man’s comprehensive powers….

7. Karan - January 6, 2007

@renu.. u’ve confused me furthurmore 😛

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