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Chicken Soup For The Mind, Body And Soul! December 15, 2006

Posted by Karan in Personal.

It’s not just hard core partying which may make we youngsters feel great. Simple things in life can lift up sagging spirits and bring a smile onto your face.


1)      Having a nice and emotional talk with a close friend

2)      Hundred bucks of petrol, a rusty old scooter/bike and a breeze filled evening

3)      Rain on the roof, pakoras from mom’s hands and friends joining in the ‘party’.

4)      Being immersed in the thoughts of the stunning and sweet girl you managed to look at just once. Imagining that you are holding her hands.

5)      Fifteen friends packing themselves in a 10*8 room and gossiping the night off.

6)      Watching ‘Golmaal’ and ‘Chupke Chupke’ with Mom and Dad. Even after so many years, these movies never fail to make you laugh your heart out.

7)      3 old friends (now in different cities) meeting over the messenger.

8)      Dancing your heart out in the hostel wing.

9)      A winter evening, stuff yourself in the quilt, get together with the entire family and engage in a game of antakshari.

10)  An open bus ride at 4 A.M (refer Himank)

11)  Bursting a ripper in front of the guy’s room you hate.


Guys and gals, life’s short and tough. While at it, enjoy every little moment you can and find pleasures at the littlest of things. You will find that life suddenly changes from a gloomy winter evening to a bright and sunny morning.


“Little drops of water make the mighty ocean, little grains of sand make the coast”.


1. Himank - December 15, 2006

Right said Fred..
Waise whats goin on ??? Theme changed…Tag line changed times are a changing!!!

2. sumanth - December 16, 2006


12) A smile of a friend

3. Vivek - December 16, 2006

13) Getting a very nice comment on your piece of writing (Like this one 🙂 )

4. Maruti - December 17, 2006

Guess u have discoverd a new smiley 8) great goin da 🙂 😀 😛 😡 😦

5. Viva Las Vegas « Always a kid ! - December 18, 2006

[…] Its like arnd 2:30 AM California Time and I wanted to write only the first 3 initially. This post kinda made me write ‘em all ! […]

6. Rishi - December 18, 2006

Its really nice Karan,
I recognized 9 different events in my life after reading it.
And, of course I’m LAUGHING.

7. abbulu - December 20, 2006

@ karan :
I guess the song goes more like ..”Little drops of water , little grains of sand … make the mighty ocean and the beautiful land ..”

Just a lil’ correction though the implication might be the same 😀

hmm…what comes next ..oh yeah!I guess it goes like .
.”…though God made the Universe… he stays behind the scenes ..God’s specializes in using lil’ things ..” 😉

8. Karan - December 21, 2006

@Himank.. haan yaar, got bored of the ol one.. vaise bhi, variety is the spice of life 😛
@sumanth.. thanx for the pingback 🙂
@vivek 🙂
@maruti 8) 😀
@rishi.. thanx a lot
@abbulu. oh yes, thanx a ton for remindin me of the good ol’ poem. jus escaped mah memory.

9. Deepti - December 22, 2006

very very well said karan….I agreee wid u totalli….These little things in life wich people soo often forget and keep brooding juss one or two things wich have gone wrong…..

10. David Emmanuel - February 20, 2007

“though God made the Universe… he stays behind the scenes ..God’s specializes in using lil’ things”

Can any one pls lemme know where can i get the audio of the album which has the above mentioned lines. I remember the album name is “Little Things” I love this album, but lost it a few years ago.

11. Viva Las Vegas : Keep It Simple! - March 28, 2013

[…] like arnd 2:30 AM California Time and I wanted to write only the first 3 initially. This post kinda made me write ‘em all […]

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