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X-( November 30, 2006

Posted by Karan in Personal.

It gets on to my nerves. How often does it happen that you have to face a few punch lines and questions that irritate the hell out of you? Here, I cover a few of them.


*..* indicates what you wanna say.


1) The situation: You meet an aunt/uncle after quite some time.

“Oh My God! You have grown so big/tall”

“Yeah aunty. Thank you”


*Just go and have a look in the mirror. You have not grown thin yourself. And WTF, I am bound to grow, after all it’s been so many years.*


2) “Hi there, wassup?”

“Am doing well, what about you?”


Wish I could have an auto reply on orkut/yahoo to the following query. Am sick and tired of this question.


3) The situation: Got a new pair of spectacles

“Wow… Are these specs new?”



*Thank Goodness you noticed. I thought I already knew*


4) The situation: Its just a week to the exams, the only time we engineers care to open our books.

“Oh God… Karan. You are studying so much!!! BOND!!! I haven’t even started”


During these times, when you are inundated with such comments, you tend to think that your preparation is along the right lines. BALLS! All those fuckers who pass such comments end up scoring much more that you.


PS: Just wrote this post for fun, no offence meant to anyone 😛





1. Aditi - November 30, 2006

hmm..all these so called “questions” are nothing but starters. That is how a conversation starts and i don’t think a reply like “Yeah aunty. Thank you” is really intended,a “grin” is more than enough.
well, u have every right to feel otherwise while u grin:P
For the 2nd Q that u face umpteen times a day(assuming that u meet so many of them) why is it that u r tired?? It is only to know how your mood is like and to ensure that it is perfectly safe to have a conversation with u then, ppl start off like that!!
Lastly, i totally agree with what u said in the 4th situation!!

2. mythalez - December 2, 2006

Hi, there … wassup?


3. Himank Sharma - December 2, 2006

Agree with the first three but not with the fourth point…ur such an ass….these are college exams after all whats the need of studying so much in these exams???? Look at me and enjoy life 🙂

4. Kritika - December 3, 2006

Hehe .. himank has left ends untied .. ur on dangerous grounds .. do rephrase your last sentence 😀

5. Rakesh - December 4, 2006

Totally agree with the 4th point …

6. Namrata - December 4, 2006

I have heard pathetic answers to the question ‘ Wassup’ and couldnt agree more with you on that point.The Bond part well….like I always say either you are too modest to accept the fact or you want to dig deeper into books.Pick whats suits you the most.Looking forward to more such posts.

7. Karan - December 5, 2006

@Aditi.. The point in the first question was that people explaim about how big we’ve grown when they should have expected the same.
@mythalez.. lol 😛
@Himank.. look who’s tokin.. who’s the one studying in the fourth sem??? 😉
@Kritika.. 😀 finally, u did read my blog
@Rakesh. 🙂
@Namrata.. c’mon Namrata.. who’s the Bond?? 😉

8. Himank - December 7, 2006

As if you are not spending all your days and nights in the reading room and library and i studied just coz of the quizes of TOC n DB…and now stop maligning my image “X-(” u ass….

9. abbulu - December 8, 2006

Welcome to IIIT.This is only a sample my frnd. Learn to live with it 🙂

10. abbulu_sucks - December 14, 2006

Thank god we are leaving the college this year. Our profs have gone mad and they are spoiling everything. Sorry for ur ill fortune.

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