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A sem to look forward to. November 26, 2006

Posted by Karan in Personal.

Finally. The crappy subjects like SnS, Maths and EC are out of the way. It’s into ‘real stuff’ now, especially that all our subject codes begin with the letter ‘C’. Needless to mention, it’s been a fabulous first week. It’s been quite some time since we’ve had decent technical profs… when we looked forward to classes. But this sem’s surely got a lot to look forward to. I was grabbed by Dbms and Kamal sir. His first lecture instilled in the gut feeling that Databases is probably my future. I was not surprised to find that many of my friends felt the same. It’s often the case that your liking for a particular subject hinges a lot on how impressive the professor is.

Algorithms seemed to be an equally interesting course. Graphics seemed quite fine, though must confess that PJN sir scared the hell out of me by stating his ‘preferred prerequisites’ for the class. 3D geometry… Am no good at it, and as for ‘creativity’… well forget it! ToC was good too, but I didn’t really enjoy AI. However, by the look of it, it’s quite an important subject and I gotta get used to it. And yeah, must mention here that I happened to attend one of the Computational Geometry classes. And guess what I thought after the class? That this was my future 😉


1. Turbo - November 26, 2006

I guess the reason you are attracted to DBMS is coz of Prof. Kamal saying that a DBMS specialist gets some $$$$$$$$$ job. I bet he said about the money more than once ;;)

2. summu - November 26, 2006

Welcome to the sem when you have to make a choice.

I tossed a coin 😉 !!

3. mythalez - November 26, 2006

yeah 4th sem is one of the best .. most enjoyable too 😉
and u cant decide ur future by what the prof says .. u shud decide by what u feel when u r dealing with the subj … (now why am givin this unasked for, useless gyan? :-s) .. rocky/rocking days ahead 😉

4. Himank - November 27, 2006

Well this sure promises to be an interesting sem and finally we are done with EC subjects….But i should say i liked AI the most.. 🙂

5. rohith - November 27, 2006

“How dare he declares those subjects to be crappy??? He has to apologize right NOW……. If he wants he can call the profs whatever he wants but NOT THE SUBJECTS….” – Rohith on Karan’s claim that ECE subjects are crappy

6. prateekgv - November 27, 2006

@Rohit – I completely agree with you.
@Karan – You cant claim the subjects to be crappy if you feel its tough or not understandable.

7. Vivek - November 28, 2006

@mythalez: Whatever, but stop ur pedantic crap :p
@karan: The best sem is 8th :D, when u are almost done with the academics part 🙂

8. Karan - November 30, 2006

@ turbo.. 😀 maybe, but guess kamal’s style of teaching has grabbed me
@ summu :O
@ mythalez. U Rock!!
@ Himank.. Finally! Himank’s arrived. so u’r gonna blast away the sem 😉
@ rohith n prateek.. guys no offence meant. well, frankly speaking, i liked EC, and worked my ass off for it. However, the grades I recieved were outrageously terrible. I was broken. And hence, this attitude.
@ vivek.. haha, but it’s the time when u’ll b departing frm this wonderful life and be preparing for the ardous times ahead 😦

9. rohith - December 1, 2006

hey that was supposed to be a casual comment..nothing serious 🙂 …
smileys really help alot ….. .

10. Kritika - December 3, 2006

So buddy .. now wud u believe my words .. you wud never knw and u wud be into an honours and that too by your very own choice .. gud .. 🙂 .. this one is really the best semester 😀

11. gautam - December 22, 2006

nice work….really interesting to go through..
keep doing…..

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