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Its all about money… Honey November 17, 2006

Posted by Karan in General.

I have a confession to make, ladies and gentlemen. If you have not realized by now, I am a major hypocrite. Throughout my life, I have heard phrases like “do not be corrupt”, “don’t lose your integrity for anything in the world”, blah blah… I subscribe to these feelings and at every opportunity I find, I preach the same. But only the other day, I paid a sum of Rs 300 to the expectant passport officer, for fear of not having my passport sanctioned in time. What else could I have done? A couple of years back, when the traffic policemen caught me for violating rules, I happily bribed him with a crisp 50 rupee note. It’s happened in the train too. Having to share half the seat with a man double your size is never a happy situation in the crimpy seat of the train. The solution is easy… treat the TT to a sumptuous sum of money (don’t bribe him).


            I finally decided to get rid of it. I decided to follow the Mahatma’s path. The next time in the train, I only requested the TT for a seat. The officer gave me the ‘you are an outcast… fuck your ticket’ look. The gentlemen sitting on the seats next to ours were given the seats, courtesy the notes with the Mahatma enticed on them. I had a very uncomfortable night. It made me wonder, whether what I did was justified. Wouldn’t I have been better off had I paid the TT that night? Or is there still something about not following the path engraved in the marsh, and fighting the system?


1. summu - November 17, 2006

An interesting n good thought there ! 🙂

2. Papa - November 18, 2006

It is really a dilemma. We have a sincere urge to follow what we had been taught from childhood and what even our great men preach including the President . When we start practicing it in our day to day life- don’t bribe, don’t lie etc. – we face peculiar situations. Sometimes we may be looked down as a fool – an alien . Corruption has been so deep rooted in Indian society that nowadays nobody has a guilt in paying bribes. People who accept bribes still are a very small percentage as compared to people who give bribe- now as a matter of routine people pay to T.T.E. a handsome amount when allotted a berth in train. Who is to be blamed? This is a forum which requires mass awareness and discussion . After all the country is ours and we are going to decide about its future. I have hope as long as people at least discuss about this there would be some change . Once , we stop talking about it – it would become a deep-rooted evil ( not that it is not so now) which when dug would shake the country.
The younger generation should take more to politics – if we have better people at the right place- the governance would be better. Right now we have worst quality of people deciding the fate of our country GIGO- Garbage in Garbage Out.

3. mythalez - November 18, 2006

I think it depends on how far u r willing to go for the ‘principles’.

btw .. the rate seems ot have increased? earlier they were askin jus 100 Rs.. 😛

4. Devansh Mittal - November 18, 2006

Really a nice post!!
Even I have always been in a great dilemma about it ..
here are some of my experiences
When Passport officer asked me for money,
Passport Officer: “Ab hamara kaam to ho gaya ab aapka kaam baaki hai”
Me : “Kaun saa kaam”
Officer : “Meri fees”
Me : “Kaun si fees”
I showed him the instructions mentioned on the website and told him to figure out his fees in the instructions and even in the complete passport website, which he obviously couldn’t !!
Then he was left with no argument and asked me to leave, but I left after some time and did not let others too, to give the money.
I got my passport in the specified time!!

Actually in this passport case ppl are just giving money bcoz of fear, even the officer who comes here does not have autority to keep passports for a long time with him and since we are from IIIT which is a recognized place so he can not even say “Person not found” 😀

OK, if we keep the example aside and just talk about the concept, then yes, most of us are nothing but hypocrites. I did not give money in this case but I myself know many such incidents where I did not do what I feel is correct, but what is convinient !!

I have been analyzing this topic since a long time found few things, but still if you start an argument then I might be on the weaker side.
There are two things,
1.Being partner of the corruption and
2. Being victim of the corruption.
What I feel is most of us are honest, if we are replaced with those corrupt officers then we will never ask for a bribe, but when a police officer asks us for it and if we do not refuse then there may be 3 reasons under my knowledge
1. Fear
2. There is no other option (Bcoz that offier has the obsolute power)
3. Convinience (It will save the time)

If you are giving money just bcoz of convinience then you are being partner of the corruption. If you are giving money bcoz there is no other option or bcoz of fear then you are being victim. I also feel that if it is only bcoz of fear then you can deal with it with time.

Above the law of legality there are laws of humanity. If you feel that if you are giving money and are depriving a more deserving one who can not give money then you shdn’t.

Still the debate is on !!
I would like to have more views on it and a correction is most welcome if what I said is found wrong or rediculus !!

5. Devansh Mittal - November 19, 2006

There are certain laws which we can use to stop bribery
like Right to Information act 2005.
You can find more information about it on
Please read it fully.
Kindly inform me whenever next time Passport Officer is coming to the institute. I will take care of the rest.

6. dark knight - November 20, 2006

The path of rightneousness has never been easy but its worth trying but most of us are not brave enough to do so . I am glad that u tried . now u have started just keep walking !

7. Karan - November 20, 2006

@summu.. thanx 🙂
@papa. yeah, but the younger generation is hardly inclined towards politics. it b’comes all the more difficult when u have lucrative jobs like engineering waitin for u. of course, u have things like the reservation issue which brings yongsters onto the field, but there isin’t much to it apart from that. The real breakthrough can only when the realization and a will to do something comes from inside
@mythalez.. 100, u guys were lucky 😉
@ devansh. i think u have a very valid point, the three reasons u have given. interesting, when i think about it. it sure is valid in a lot of cases. often curroption is to speed up things.. very true. but it’s often that u have delays on the part of government officers, wherein a few quick bucks wud help. wat do the victims do in such situations.. its quite dicey.
the RTI is extremely usefu *thanx for the link* but it still needs to be implemented succesfully.
thanx for your ideas, they are really useful.
@darkknight. 🙂

8. IeriWinner_82 - December 15, 2006


HI! I’ve have similar topic at my blog! Please check it..


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