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Monsoon 2006: A sem to remember November 13, 2006

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

Whoa! What a semester it has been. In more ways than one it’s been the most happening one we’ve had so far. Personally, it was a roller coaster ride.


            It all started with the DISCO. Accused of ragging, four of UG3 and ten of UG2 students faced the much maligned DISCO (Disciplinary committee). Action was initiated against three UG3 students and five of our batch, including me. Let me state this categorically, the DISCO was the most traumatic events I have ever faced in my life. Never before was I put under such magnitude of mental pressure, and needless to say, I broke down within fifteen minutes of the hour long ordeal. Three of the most vibrant and active students of UG3 were sent packing for a Human values course in Mussorie. Of course, action was taken against us too, but it was never implemented. In retrospect, wonder if the action really helped? All of us know about the guy in UG1 who ‘complained’ of ragging… how he’s being treated by his own batch mates now! Was the DISCO itself justified, having no student representatives in it?


            The action against the 3rd years led to a strange feeling of dissent and hopelessness among the students. Personally, I had considered the institute as a family. All such feelings had vanished now. Bad blood had developed between batches… the UG3 students had even resorted to ‘boycotting’ the freshmen. Of course, I did feel that this act was not justified, but then such reactions are often expected that given the fact that you have lost three of your friends for an entire semester. However, kudos to the 2nd years, who came forward and took the our responsibility. In this regard, I must also mention that the entire Fresher’s day event managed to break the ice between most 2nd years and the juniors. The event, in spite of being boycotted by some of our illustrious seniors, was a major success.


            This was also a semester where a lot of activities have been going around in the campus. IIIT has been a very vibrant place this monsoon. Credit must go to the third years for this. In spite of the glitches, they have been very enthusiastic and successful in conducting most of the conventional events on time; besides initiating new and successful events like the Sunday Carnival. The Carnival was a popular hit on both the occasions. I have no doubts that this year’s Felicity is in safe hands, and have really high expectations from it.


            Trouble, however seemed to be my second name this time around. On the Independence day, the first year’s showcased a play showing their views against reservation. Apparently, this irked some of our professors, and an angry P.K.Reddy shot off a mail lamenting the stand against reservation. Being one of the organizers, I immediately responded it with a ‘sorry mail’, but asserted that this was the stand of a section of the students. Within a couple of hours, came another replied addressed to me (carbon copied to all the students) stating that we were 100% irresponsible. I was dejected. It was only when some of my friends came over and cheered me up, that I felt better. In this regard, I wonder what stand the faculty has taken. In fact, if Mr Reddy bothers to do a reality check and conduct a survey or an opinion poll about how many students in IIIT are against affirmative action, he’ll be in for a surprise.


            Academically, the sem was just about OK. In one of the OS assignments, I was placed in a list of ‘weak/copied’ students. I was shocked, to say the least. It was an assignment which I had done on my own, taking the help of one of my friends for just a section of the code. In fact, I even mentioned this fact to our dear tutor, who instantly put my name in the weak students list (wonder why he ignored other people who confessed to lifting the code).


            Of course, I had a reasonable extra curricular semester, with out teams ending up 2nd in the quiz, 3rd in DumbC and managing to scrape through to the finals of ‘What’s the good word?’. And finally, Aakash managed to win the cricket tournament. I almost forgot, IIIT did really well in the ICFAI sports tournament too.


            There were a lot of other small things, but most of them tend to get very personal. I lost some friends, and made new ones. Worked out, and freaked out a lot too. Enjoyed working on the ITWS project. Blogged and orkutted heavily.  And of course, failed in my futile efforts to get a girlfriend 😀


Overall, a semester to remember, for both the right and wrong reasons.


1. Himank - November 13, 2006

Hey dude you failed in maintaining a relation with a girl friend…And this sem you were sort of leader of the ug2 it was just like u were the head of every organising committe Cheers to ya!!!

And ya ass read my new post i have tagged you and given you a chane to write a new post and come near me in terms of no of blogs!!!!

2. varun - November 13, 2006

a sem which i think you came to your own….still laugh when i remember your face when u walked out of the disco…suppose after 2 discos its stopped bothering me 😛 bloody hell!! shouldnt talk too fast 😀 think i came to trust you after that incident for some reason…brothers in arms maybe…. and the independence day thing, well….”listen to music without sound” 😛 and the gf thing….remember supriya sharma? 😛 cheers. have a gr8 4th sem.

3. mythalez - November 13, 2006

well .. its life 🙂

@himank … they r called posts .. the whole thing in total is a blog

4. sumanth - November 13, 2006

Well.. moments that you would cherish much later in ur life 😉

Its been just 3 months out of iiit and already am missing it .. good or bad !!

5. Kunal - November 14, 2006

dude did you just say Aakash won the cricket tournament!!! I never knew our cricket team could win this coveted cup! cool!!

and man, don’t worry about so many setbacks.. they are part and parcel of college life.. If you start taking to heart whatever everyone says, you won’t be able to enjoy college life!

and yeah seems you are missing a major part of life@IIIT by not gaming… trust me, I have been out of college for one & half years and till now whenever we friends meet, it is one of the most discussed topics… the bonding we developed during gaming is still really strong…

6. Karan - November 15, 2006

@ himank.. hey, thanx a lot 🙂 it feels real good when some1 appreciates u .. especially u’r close pals
@ varun.. dude, i knew all along that it was some prankster.. y else wud pagare have said all that shit 😉
and yeah, thanx 4 all the support this time arnd! Cheers!
@mythalez.. yeah, it sure is
@sumanth.. yeah, cant imagine the time when i’ll be without all this 🙂
@kunal. aakash is ruling the collee right now, we’re ahead at everything 😀
gamin.. hmmm, aint tried it as of yet.. let’s c…..

7. varun - November 15, 2006

yeahhh….suuurree…..no wonder u fought with pagare….. 😛

8. Himank - November 15, 2006

@ mythalez : ya i know it just a slip of tongue….

9. Deepti - December 31, 2006

Loved readin this post karan….Needless to say,the 3rd sem must have been very dramatic for you… Soory for readin your post afer all most one and a half month 😦

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