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The English Literature Course November 8, 2006

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

At the start of the 3rd semester, I had a decision to take, an HSSM course to choose. Acting on my seniors’ advice, I filled in choices like Human Desires, Industry blah blah… and English Literature as the last choice. As luck would have it, I landed up with English. Apparently, whosoever filled in Literature as any of the choices was given the course, irrespective of the time and order of filling. Finally, there were only nine survivors in the course (All UG2 students… doesn’t it speak something about them).

Is the course all that bad? The answer, at least for most of us who’ve taken this course would be a big “NO”. In fact, I am happy that I was not allotted Human Desires or the other HSSM courses… It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Mr.Marathe undoubtedly is one of the most impressive professors I have ever come across. It’s a treat (both literally and figuratively :P) to listen to him. His classes were the silver lining in a boring semester. His passion is inordinate and his knowledge, expansive. He can talk about any subject under the sky (or above it, for that matter). He has no qualms about discussing the so called ‘taboo’ topics. He can surprise you with the vast depth of knowledge he possesses in various fields. Besides, he is a passionate teacher of his subject, and the course gives you a deep in sight into literature. In fact, I’ve even written two short stories as part of the assignments he’s given us. The second one’s a 6500 long 16 page story. Am actually proud of my work… so what if it’s a tad shabby… It’s the first time I’ve ever attempted writing one and have received reasonable reports for them too. Never before had I imagined that I had it in me to do a complete story. All credit to Mr.Marathe for it.


On the negative side is a very crucial factor- the grades he awards. It’s said that he’s just given a single A so far- to Kiran Satish of UG2K2 (and one more A-… to Arun of UG2K3). In fact, I wrote the final exam today, and must say that the paper was quite unexpected and ardous. However, this is probably the only negative factor. As per what I perceive, losing a couple of grades for a course like this is worth it!

So I’ll say that guys, if think you can do reasonably well and can put in the effort to narrate a story, go ahead and take the course!


PS: Varun, I’ll suggest you go ahead with the course 😀


1. varun - November 9, 2006

haha…..hmm…..hamlet: to be or not to be…to do or not to do…

2. mythalez - November 9, 2006

yeah man .. the course was decent .. but the grading awful 🙂

3. Rakesh - November 9, 2006

well the course is good … but for grades .. you need to make your presence felt in the classroom.

4. Kunal - November 9, 2006

I did not take the course, but you are right – just being taught by the Marathes (Mr. or Mrs., it does not matter) is an experience in itself…

5. karanmaroo - November 13, 2006

@varun 😀
@ mythalez. rakesh.. lets c how v fare
@ kunal.. cudnt agree more 🙂

6. Gaurav.Kharkwal - November 14, 2006

I agree about the “losing grade for a course like this” part…..

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