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Kudos Mom November 4, 2006

Posted by Karan in Personal.

Right from my childhood, I remember my mom as a very creative person. She has always been very impressive doing stuff like painting, stain glass painting, making rakhis blah blah.. (To think of it, I am pathetic at all such stuff, though had won a clay modelling competition in 8th :P) . In fact, she’s been holding these exhibitions for quite sometime now, and it’s been a major success in Vizag. Today, when I read Papa’s forward regarding the article the Hindu published on her, I was overwhelmed. It’s so nice to see that her efforts have been recognized. Apparently, ‘The Hindu’ guys saw her work at many places, and came to our house for an interview.

Click here to view the article.

I am proud of you Mom. Keep going!


1. Himank - November 4, 2006

Congrats to aunty from my side and now dude now where is the party????

2. abbulu - November 6, 2006

Hmm ..and you too glorifying ur mom in our own way 🙂 ..NICE !!

3. Kunal - November 6, 2006

thats cool 🙂 I had my elder bro in the front page of a newspaper some days back and it felt great on seeing his pic 🙂

4. Karan - November 8, 2006

@himank.. sure, but first ur paty 4 hitting 10000 visits 😛
@abbulu.. its not my own way dood
@kunal. wow, front page! that must av been crisly awesome!

5. hudzie - November 8, 2006

Hey … dtz soooo kewllll… mah congrtz 2 aunttt…boyy… me cn nva b so creativee… bt cn js admire it….. n m js wonderin hw kewl dose creative bells wil b… hw u knw whtt… i dunno y, bt me js so happpy aftr readin abt ya’ mom, so cn imagine hw ya feeeelin… a jhappi frm me 2 aunt >:D

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