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X-( November 30, 2006

Posted by Karan in Personal.

It gets on to my nerves. How often does it happen that you have to face a few punch lines and questions that irritate the hell out of you? Here, I cover a few of them.


*..* indicates what you wanna say.


1) The situation: You meet an aunt/uncle after quite some time.

“Oh My God! You have grown so big/tall”

“Yeah aunty. Thank you”


*Just go and have a look in the mirror. You have not grown thin yourself. And WTF, I am bound to grow, after all it’s been so many years.*


2) “Hi there, wassup?”

“Am doing well, what about you?”


Wish I could have an auto reply on orkut/yahoo to the following query. Am sick and tired of this question.


3) The situation: Got a new pair of spectacles

“Wow… Are these specs new?”



*Thank Goodness you noticed. I thought I already knew*


4) The situation: Its just a week to the exams, the only time we engineers care to open our books.

“Oh God… Karan. You are studying so much!!! BOND!!! I haven’t even started”


During these times, when you are inundated with such comments, you tend to think that your preparation is along the right lines. BALLS! All those fuckers who pass such comments end up scoring much more that you.


PS: Just wrote this post for fun, no offence meant to anyone 😛




A sem to look forward to. November 26, 2006

Posted by Karan in Personal.

Finally. The crappy subjects like SnS, Maths and EC are out of the way. It’s into ‘real stuff’ now, especially that all our subject codes begin with the letter ‘C’. Needless to mention, it’s been a fabulous first week. It’s been quite some time since we’ve had decent technical profs… when we looked forward to classes. But this sem’s surely got a lot to look forward to. I was grabbed by Dbms and Kamal sir. His first lecture instilled in the gut feeling that Databases is probably my future. I was not surprised to find that many of my friends felt the same. It’s often the case that your liking for a particular subject hinges a lot on how impressive the professor is.

Algorithms seemed to be an equally interesting course. Graphics seemed quite fine, though must confess that PJN sir scared the hell out of me by stating his ‘preferred prerequisites’ for the class. 3D geometry… Am no good at it, and as for ‘creativity’… well forget it! ToC was good too, but I didn’t really enjoy AI. However, by the look of it, it’s quite an important subject and I gotta get used to it. And yeah, must mention here that I happened to attend one of the Computational Geometry classes. And guess what I thought after the class? That this was my future 😉

AWESOME TWOSOME November 20, 2006

Posted by Karan in General.

If Bollywood was asked to pick up the best pairs from the current lot, this would be my choice:


Shah Rukh Khan


Amitabh Bachchan

Hema Malini

Abhishek Bachchan

Rani Mukherjee

Salman Khan

Madhuri Dixit Nene

Aamir Khan

Juhi Chawla

John Abraham

Bipasha Basu

Akshay Kumar

Priyanka Chopra

Hrithik Roshan

Aishwarya Rai

Saif Ali Khan

Preity Zinta

Vivek Oberoi

Kareena Kapoor



Real life offers a fair choice too: (This includes pairs from yesteryears)



Hema Malini

Amitabh Bachchan

Jaya Bachchan

Sunil Dutt

Nargis Dutt (the late couple)

John Abraham

Bipasha Basu

Ajay Devgan


Rishi Kapoor


Dilip Kumar

Saira Bano

Hrithik Roshan

Suzanne Khan

Kareena Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor

Salman Khan

Katrina Kaif


PS: This was done with help of my sis, Sneha.

Its all about money… Honey November 17, 2006

Posted by Karan in General.

I have a confession to make, ladies and gentlemen. If you have not realized by now, I am a major hypocrite. Throughout my life, I have heard phrases like “do not be corrupt”, “don’t lose your integrity for anything in the world”, blah blah… I subscribe to these feelings and at every opportunity I find, I preach the same. But only the other day, I paid a sum of Rs 300 to the expectant passport officer, for fear of not having my passport sanctioned in time. What else could I have done? A couple of years back, when the traffic policemen caught me for violating rules, I happily bribed him with a crisp 50 rupee note. It’s happened in the train too. Having to share half the seat with a man double your size is never a happy situation in the crimpy seat of the train. The solution is easy… treat the TT to a sumptuous sum of money (don’t bribe him).


            I finally decided to get rid of it. I decided to follow the Mahatma’s path. The next time in the train, I only requested the TT for a seat. The officer gave me the ‘you are an outcast… fuck your ticket’ look. The gentlemen sitting on the seats next to ours were given the seats, courtesy the notes with the Mahatma enticed on them. I had a very uncomfortable night. It made me wonder, whether what I did was justified. Wouldn’t I have been better off had I paid the TT that night? Or is there still something about not following the path engraved in the marsh, and fighting the system?

Monsoon 2006: A sem to remember November 13, 2006

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

Whoa! What a semester it has been. In more ways than one it’s been the most happening one we’ve had so far. Personally, it was a roller coaster ride.


            It all started with the DISCO. Accused of ragging, four of UG3 and ten of UG2 students faced the much maligned DISCO (Disciplinary committee). Action was initiated against three UG3 students and five of our batch, including me. Let me state this categorically, the DISCO was the most traumatic events I have ever faced in my life. Never before was I put under such magnitude of mental pressure, and needless to say, I broke down within fifteen minutes of the hour long ordeal. Three of the most vibrant and active students of UG3 were sent packing for a Human values course in Mussorie. Of course, action was taken against us too, but it was never implemented. In retrospect, wonder if the action really helped? All of us know about the guy in UG1 who ‘complained’ of ragging… how he’s being treated by his own batch mates now! Was the DISCO itself justified, having no student representatives in it?


            The action against the 3rd years led to a strange feeling of dissent and hopelessness among the students. Personally, I had considered the institute as a family. All such feelings had vanished now. Bad blood had developed between batches… the UG3 students had even resorted to ‘boycotting’ the freshmen. Of course, I did feel that this act was not justified, but then such reactions are often expected that given the fact that you have lost three of your friends for an entire semester. However, kudos to the 2nd years, who came forward and took the our responsibility. In this regard, I must also mention that the entire Fresher’s day event managed to break the ice between most 2nd years and the juniors. The event, in spite of being boycotted by some of our illustrious seniors, was a major success.


            This was also a semester where a lot of activities have been going around in the campus. IIIT has been a very vibrant place this monsoon. Credit must go to the third years for this. In spite of the glitches, they have been very enthusiastic and successful in conducting most of the conventional events on time; besides initiating new and successful events like the Sunday Carnival. The Carnival was a popular hit on both the occasions. I have no doubts that this year’s Felicity is in safe hands, and have really high expectations from it.


            Trouble, however seemed to be my second name this time around. On the Independence day, the first year’s showcased a play showing their views against reservation. Apparently, this irked some of our professors, and an angry P.K.Reddy shot off a mail lamenting the stand against reservation. Being one of the organizers, I immediately responded it with a ‘sorry mail’, but asserted that this was the stand of a section of the students. Within a couple of hours, came another replied addressed to me (carbon copied to all the students) stating that we were 100% irresponsible. I was dejected. It was only when some of my friends came over and cheered me up, that I felt better. In this regard, I wonder what stand the faculty has taken. In fact, if Mr Reddy bothers to do a reality check and conduct a survey or an opinion poll about how many students in IIIT are against affirmative action, he’ll be in for a surprise.


            Academically, the sem was just about OK. In one of the OS assignments, I was placed in a list of ‘weak/copied’ students. I was shocked, to say the least. It was an assignment which I had done on my own, taking the help of one of my friends for just a section of the code. In fact, I even mentioned this fact to our dear tutor, who instantly put my name in the weak students list (wonder why he ignored other people who confessed to lifting the code).


            Of course, I had a reasonable extra curricular semester, with out teams ending up 2nd in the quiz, 3rd in DumbC and managing to scrape through to the finals of ‘What’s the good word?’. And finally, Aakash managed to win the cricket tournament. I almost forgot, IIIT did really well in the ICFAI sports tournament too.


            There were a lot of other small things, but most of them tend to get very personal. I lost some friends, and made new ones. Worked out, and freaked out a lot too. Enjoyed working on the ITWS project. Blogged and orkutted heavily.  And of course, failed in my futile efforts to get a girlfriend 😀


Overall, a semester to remember, for both the right and wrong reasons.

The English Literature Course November 8, 2006

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

At the start of the 3rd semester, I had a decision to take, an HSSM course to choose. Acting on my seniors’ advice, I filled in choices like Human Desires, Industry blah blah… and English Literature as the last choice. As luck would have it, I landed up with English. Apparently, whosoever filled in Literature as any of the choices was given the course, irrespective of the time and order of filling. Finally, there were only nine survivors in the course (All UG2 students… doesn’t it speak something about them).

Is the course all that bad? The answer, at least for most of us who’ve taken this course would be a big “NO”. In fact, I am happy that I was not allotted Human Desires or the other HSSM courses… It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Mr.Marathe undoubtedly is one of the most impressive professors I have ever come across. It’s a treat (both literally and figuratively :P) to listen to him. His classes were the silver lining in a boring semester. His passion is inordinate and his knowledge, expansive. He can talk about any subject under the sky (or above it, for that matter). He has no qualms about discussing the so called ‘taboo’ topics. He can surprise you with the vast depth of knowledge he possesses in various fields. Besides, he is a passionate teacher of his subject, and the course gives you a deep in sight into literature. In fact, I’ve even written two short stories as part of the assignments he’s given us. The second one’s a 6500 long 16 page story. Am actually proud of my work… so what if it’s a tad shabby… It’s the first time I’ve ever attempted writing one and have received reasonable reports for them too. Never before had I imagined that I had it in me to do a complete story. All credit to Mr.Marathe for it.


On the negative side is a very crucial factor- the grades he awards. It’s said that he’s just given a single A so far- to Kiran Satish of UG2K2 (and one more A-… to Arun of UG2K3). In fact, I wrote the final exam today, and must say that the paper was quite unexpected and ardous. However, this is probably the only negative factor. As per what I perceive, losing a couple of grades for a course like this is worth it!

So I’ll say that guys, if think you can do reasonably well and can put in the effort to narrate a story, go ahead and take the course!


PS: Varun, I’ll suggest you go ahead with the course 😀

Kudos Mom November 4, 2006

Posted by Karan in Personal.

Right from my childhood, I remember my mom as a very creative person. She has always been very impressive doing stuff like painting, stain glass painting, making rakhis blah blah.. (To think of it, I am pathetic at all such stuff, though had won a clay modelling competition in 8th :P) . In fact, she’s been holding these exhibitions for quite sometime now, and it’s been a major success in Vizag. Today, when I read Papa’s forward regarding the article the Hindu published on her, I was overwhelmed. It’s so nice to see that her efforts have been recognized. Apparently, ‘The Hindu’ guys saw her work at many places, and came to our house for an interview.

Click here to view the article.

I am proud of you Mom. Keep going!

DOUBLE WHAMMY November 2, 2006

Posted by Karan in Fiction.

Hey everyone,

I’ve written this story as a part of my English work under Mr.Marathe. It carries 20 marks. If you guys have any spare time, do go through the story and drop in your suggestions to improve the story. Anyways, here I go…

26th March, 2004, Saturday. London


The atmosphere was electrifying. Over two lakh people were eagerly waiting at the Wembley stadium. Thousands more were trying their best to find a way in. It was stuff that could give nightmares to any police service in the world. Save the world cup, London police had probably never had the experience of controlling such a huge, excited, and unruly crowd. Hotels had been jam packed right from Wednesday. Restaurants, sponsors and the others were having a field weekend. Airports and stations were clogged. Traffic jams were the order of the day in most of the roads leading to Wembley. In fact, all roads led to the Wembley on that day. After all, it was the first time Schizoid Groupie (SG) was performing in London.


For millions of people across the world, SG was synonymous with rock. If it was thrash metal, it had to be SG. Unlike many other recent bands, SG had managed to stay in the ‘traditional category’, not falling to the lures of the ‘nu metal’ genre. And hadn’t it paid big time? Fans loved the raw violence and energy in the music of SG. So much so, that the band protagonist, founder, lead singer and scripter, Danny Johnson had achieved cult status in the Americas and across the planet. Ben Holding (the guitarist), Kurt Hilton (the bassist) and Charles Best (the drummer) were also hugely popular. Right from the band’s inception in 1997, the foursome had been together, facing the ups and downs they had to encounter. Success came after a lot of effort. It took them many a sleepless night to find a producer for their album. But once their first album, ‘Intoxicated’ hit the market; they became an instant hit with the masses. Thereafter, followed another album ‘Transition’, which was also highly celebrated. In fact, the group had sold a record 50 million albums in just four years! In no time, did the SG become the most widely followed band in the world, overtaking others like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park; beating veterans like Metallica and U2.



“Bennnnnn, make it fast… its time already”, said the blonde and unabashedly handsome Danny.

“Yeah dude, coming!” responded Ben.

Just then Jim Dark, a short albino walked in.

“Oh, its you… Have you got the stuff?” went Danny.

“Yeah”, said Dark.

“Ok, that’s good. How much do I pay you?” asked Danny.

“A thousand”.

“A thousand!!”, Danny exclaimed.

“Yeah, the market’s down and I need my profits too”.

Danny went thoughtful, but finally gave in.

“Ok, bastard, here you go!” and Danny handed him a bundle of notes.

“Did you have to give the compliment?” smirked Dark.

“Whatever… Stay in touch with John”, went Danny.

“Yeah, I’ll see you around”.


Danny opened the packet and took the brown powder with visible glee in his eyes. He mixed some of it with the glass of lemon juice which was lying on the table and quickly gulped it down. It felt real good. He had a feeling of warmth and well-being within. He was ready for the concert.


Just then Kurt and Charles entered the green room.

“Where on earth is Ben?”

“I’m here”, came the booming voice from the bathroom.

“Jesus!” exclaimed Kurt. “What are you still doing over there?”

There was a screech and John Bond rushed into the room.

“Everything’s set guys! The stadium’s full, the security’s in place, the instruments tested and its 8’o clock.” John was the SG’s personal manager. Kurt had advocated the need for one in 2002, once the band had reached the top league. John turned out to be a perfect foil for the busy stars as he juggled concerts, interviews, albums, sponsors and companies in an ideal way. However, his brash manner sometimes did land him into trouble. In spite of it all, the Schizoids and Bond kept going.

“Yeah, we are ready too, it’s just Ben who’s holding us back”.

“Am here!” announced Ben.

“Jesus Christ!” exclaimed Charles. “What the heck have you done to your hair?”

“Oh Charles, it’s just a specially made green gel that I have used.” replied Ben.

“God save you!”

“OK guys”, Danny interrupted them. “This is the moment. The D-Day’s here. Let’s go out there and give it our best shot.”

“Yeah! Cheers to the group”


As Danny authoritatively walked onto the stage, the exited crowd erupted. For most rock fans in the world, this was a dream moment. Watching their favorite rock stars live in action was something they always fantasized. And today, the dream was coming true. Danny, especially, enjoyed unparallel reputation. In a recent poll by the ‘Time’, Danny stood top at the list of the “No.1 Idol” survey, beating heavyweights like David Beckham, Bill Clinton, Madonna and others. For a rock singer to attain such unsurpassed popularity and fame at the age of twenty seven was stuff that dreams were made of. Guys admired him for his attitude and talent and the girls loved his looks. In fact, Danny’s marriage to Denzel Johnson in 2002 lead to the breaking of many a heart. In spite of it, he was still considered the heartthrob of teen girls.


“Here I come…”, went the first song. The crowd was now in raptures. Danny’s enthusiasm blew one’s mind away, as Kurt egged him on. Ben, Kurt and Charles were flawless with their instruments, but it was Danny who received the maximum attention from the fans. His stage presence was awesome, his interaction with the crowd amazing!


“How many of you are hardcore Schizoid Groupie fans?”

“Yeah”, went a collective roar from the audience.

“Ok, the next song… we’re going to make it nice and heavy for you guys at the pit.”

The fans cheer and jeer.


“I hate myself…” It was one of the SG’s best singles. Fans could be seen head banging and pitting heavily. It was picture perfect. The reaction was the best a rock star could hope for. As a matter of fact, everything seemed utopian. Meanwhile, Danny was feeling loose, out of the world. The Heroin seemed to be taking its toll…


All this while there was one person who did not seem all that happy. Charles Best always despised the fact that it was Danny who received all the attention. As the stage performance went on, a pang of jealousy hit his heart. However, he reassured himself. This injustice was going to end soon, very soon…


29th March, 2004, Monday. New York city

8 A.M


“Trring…” went the alarm clock. Susan lazily turned the alarm clock off and made way to the kitchen. After picking up a cup of coffee, she headed to the TV room. As she was walking back to her room, she dropped the coffee cup. “JESUS CHRIST! Danny Johnson dead!!”. “What”, came Pamela running. “Yeah, just watch this”



8:30 A.M. Texas



“Officer Lewis, what do you have to comment upon the death of Mr.Johnson?”

“Was it a suicide, officer?”

“Has a suicide note been found as yet?”

“What was the motive, officer?”

“Was it a drug overdose case, officer?”


The scene outside Danny Johnson’s apartment was chaotic, to say the least. The tower was inundated with reporters who had their ears open to any bit of information they could gather. After all, this was a high-profile death, and the stakes were high. Who would have imagined that the toast of the nation would be found dead two days after such a successful concert? That too, a suicide? It somehow did not add up.


All that officer Lewis and had to offer was “No comments”.


Denzel Johnson, the high profile wife of Danny seemed to be devastated. Lewis tried consoling her, but to no avail. She pointed to the suicide note lying on the floor. Lewis read the note.


“My dearest Denzel,

I have had enough. I have spoken to you enough about the problems I have been facing, and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Hence, I have decided to leave. Do take care of Courtney.


This world would be better of without me”


Signed, Danny



Back at the office, Lewis had the body sent for post mortem. He sent the gun and other little pieces for forensic tests. Meanwhile, the news of Danny’s death was spreading like wild fire. The media had a field day reporting the suicide.



10:40 A.M, Denzel Johnson’s place


The phone didn’t stop ringing. The SMSs kept coming in. And then Steve called.

“Hi Denzel.”

“Oh Steve, I am so glad you called”, broke down Denzel.

“Denzel… Denzel… It’s Ok, don’t worry. Everything will be all right!”

“It’s all over, Steve”.

“Denzel… Just be there. I’ll reach your apartment once the reports come in.”

Click. Steve had hung up.



11:45 A.M


“Congratulations alpha, the job has been done.”

“Oh! That’s great.”

“But there’s a problem! Investigators are suspicious that it may have not been a suicide.”

“That’s Ok. We now shift to Plan B. A few more days, and then all the wealth is mine… plus I would have had my sweet revenge”.

“Aye, aye.”




2:30 P.M, Jon Lewis’ office


Knock, knock.

“Come in”, said Lewis.

The door opened and a pensive Steve Watson entered the room.

“Good afternoon, sir”.

“Take a seat”, offered Lewis.” “Are the reports out?”

“Yes sir”, replied Watson.

“Ok, What do we have?”, enquired Lewis.

“Sir, the initial reports have shocked me, to say the least. There seems to be some foul play involved here. Just have a look at this suicide note.”, said Watson handing over the suicide note.

Lewis took the note and tried observing it.

“Sir, most of the stuff seems to have been written by Danny. However, just have a look at the last line”.

The last line read:


“This world would be better of without me”


“This particular line seems to be added as an afterthought.”

“Hmm…”, Lewis was thoughtful.

“And the bad news is that handwriting experts have confirmed that the writing in the initial parts of the letter and the latter parts are different.”

“What!!”, a visibly shocked Lewis exclaimed.

“Yes sir, shocking as it may sound, it’s quite true.

The next result is quite interesting too. Having spoken to a few close friends of Danny, it seemed that he was a heroin addict. ”

“Yeah, I have heard of it too.”, Lewis replied.

“The interesting thing to note here is the blood samples of Danny. It shows that the heroin level in his blood was at a level of 1.52 mgs per liter. This would require a minimum injection of 225 mgs of heroin, even for a hardcore heroin addict!”

“Hmm… so Danny had an overdose?”

“Overdose… of course. An unbelievably high level of overdose But looking at the extreme morphine levels… Could a person like Danny have had three injections on his own? Besides, in such an intoxicated state, could he have lifted the shotgun, and used it on himself?” said Watson raising his voice.

Lewis was deep in thought.

“Experts have confirmed that in such a state, Danny would have been extremely capable of doing absolutely anything but lying on his back. Shooting himself is out of the question.

Besides sir, Danny was found to be lying on a chair with a bullet on his left forehead. However, the gun was lying below his right hand. Now how on earth can that happen? How can a guy shoot himself on the left and transfer the gun to the right… that too, a guy who is claimed to have killed himself? Why the heck will he do it?”

“What are you trying to suggest, Watson”, enquired Lewis.

“Sir, I am quite convinced that what happened with Danny was not suicide, but a case of a BRUTAL HOMICIDE.” Watson had said the last couple of words with unmistakable emphasis.

An uneasy silence engulfed the room. A chill went through Lewis’s body, the air condition was only adding to the effect. He looked from Watson to the suicide note and back again.

“Watson… Are you sure? With the kind of security Danny had, could this have happened?”

“I am confident sir, but I need to work on it. There is no credible evidence as yet to prove either of it, but my instincts point towards a murder.”

Lewis went thoughtful again.

“Watson, having taken the lead, I think you are the best man to investigate this case. Tie up all the loose ends, and get as much evidence to support your theory as possible. You may use as much manpower and resources as you need, but get the results. However, we are not to reveal all this to media, not being sure of it ourselves. If the news spreads around, we can expect a backlash. Go about your job silently, and we shall present a strong case before the court. And yeah, keep reporting the developments to me.”

“Yes sir”, came the firm reply from Watson.

“Sir, just one more thing”.


“Can I reveal my suspicions to Ms.Johnson?”



7 years back, The main basketball court, Harvard (1997), 3:30 P.M

“Watson, Watsonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” went the cheers in the crowd.

Harvard trailed the Washington University(WU) 72-74 in the final of the IUC basketball tourney. This was big. It was the final minute of the fourth quarter. The stakes were big.

Cheesy passed it to Ron who was menacingly being blocked by the WUs. Ron quickly passed over to Cheesy who saw Watson from the back of his eye. In an unbelievable show of coordination, he passed to Watson… Watson with one-two-three… three bounces moved to the pole, and there it was! Watson had won the match for Harvard with an awesome dunk!! Harvard had done it once again, and Steve Watson was the undoubtable hero.

“Watson, Watsonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn”

“Boy Watson, you were amazing today.”

“Yeah man, you did it! Once again, for Harvard.”

“Thanks guys”, a visibly pleased Watson replied back.

“Excuse me, Steve”, said Denzel Linchon.

“Oh, hi!” replied Watson who was evidently blushing.

“Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh”, went the other guys.

“You were amazing today”, complemented Denzel.

“Hey, thanks a lot. So, what’s up with you?”, asked Watson.

“Nothing much really.”

“So, how about coffee tonight?” asked Watson.

“Yeah sure, why not?” replied Denzel.

“Ok then, I’ll pick you up at 7. Let’s go to Mocha’s”.

“Yeah sure, that would be good”

“Ok then, see you around.”

“Bye and take care.”



Later that night



“Ha ha, you are sooo funny!” , Denzel was really cheerful.

“As they say, Wham, bham and Thank you m’am!”

“Hey, why don’t we hit the disc tonight”, asked Steve casually.

“Yeah, sure. Why not?”


After a couple of hours of non-stop dancing, the twosome entered the empty rest room.

“That was amazing, wasn’t it”, enquired Denzel.

“Yeah, it sure was”, with Steve’s hands moving over Denzel’s. “You are looking stunning today.”

“Oh really, thanks a lot”, Denzel said, blushing.

For a few moments there were no words exchanged. Steve moved over ever so closer to Denzel. She looked deep into his eyes, while his eyes gradually moved downwards. His hands now held her back, and in a moment of magic, their lips met…


Back to present (Monday), 5:30 P.M

“Who’s there butler”, asked Denzel.

“An officer wanting to see you madam. He calls himself Steve Watson.”, replied the butler.

“Yeah, send him in”, answered back Denzel.


“Hi Denzel, how are you?”


As Denzel saw Steve, mixed emotions came flooding into her mind. Here was the man whom she had first dated and made love to, and she was meeting him after a gap of five years. What an irony, that they had to meet on the day her husband flew his kite! Steve and Denzel were ‘the pair’ in Harvard. However, after graduation, they moved on to different things in life, and differences cropped up. Steve specialized in crime management; while Denzel worked for a few years before marrying Danny Johnson, whom she met at a concert party. Steve meanwhile remained single. On his department’s insistence, he had moved to Texas a couple of years back. Denzel and Steve did know what was going on in each others’ lives, but never did they meet.

“Hi Steve. Come, have a seat.”

“I am really sorry about your husband, Denzel. I mean the tragedy at such a young age… But this is the time when you must stay calm and collected.” offered Steve.

“Yes Steve, but it’s not that easy. I can’t believe that life’s been so cruel to me. It’s like… the worst thing which could have ever happened.”

“By the way, Denzel, I have been given the charge of investigating your husband’s death.”

“Oh, that’s great.”

As they broke into conversation, Denzel’s hands slowly moved towards Steve’s. Steve realized it, but he let it go as this was a time when Denzel needed support and comfort. After Denzel broke up with him, he had vowed to forget her. But as hard as he tried, he could not do so. Deep inside his heart, he still had feelings for Denzel.



Tuesday, midnight


“Did you manage to manipulate the reports?”

“Yeah alpha, I did so.”

“Everything according to the plan?”

“Absolutely. Be there at the funeral tomorrow.”

“Sure thing.”



Wednesday, 9:00 A.M , Funeral Service of Danny Johnson


“Mr. Holding, who would be the head of the band now?”

“Are you auditioning for a new singer?”

“Is the group going to stay intact now?”


Ever since the news of Johnson’s death came in, Ben Holding, Kurt Hilton and Charles Best were devastated. They had been friends right from their college days, and Johnson was like the head of SG. They always looked up to him. This was the most unexpected tragedy, especially after such a successful concert.


Roger Morrison, their personal guard was there with the artistes too, and he whisked them away. The media was left disappointed.

On the way, they encountered Steve Watson.

Roger introduced them to Steve. “Guys, this is Steve Watson, and he will be investigating the case.”

“Hi Steve”, and the trio introduced themselves.

“Of course I know of you people. The Schizoid Groupie… Who hasn’t heard of them? Your songs are amazing.” said Watson.

“That is so very kind of you.”

“Anyways, I have something to share with you guys. And yeah, I need your help in my investigations.”

“Of course officer, we’re always there for any sort of help. Anything for our friend.”

“Ok, here we go. Based on my preliminary reports, I suspect that Danny’s death was not a suicide, but a brutal murder.”

Needless to say, the three and Roger were shocked.

“But the reports…”

“How can that be…?”

“It’s still a theory, but I am pretty confident about it.”, replied Steve with a calm look on his face.

“Jesus Christ. Who could have possibly done it?”

“There are no suspects as yet.” said Steve. “In fact, we have hidden this fact from the media too and would appreciate it if you guys follow suit.”

“Yeah, count us on.”

“Ok guys, I’ll like it if you pay me a visit sometime this week, so that we can discuss the case further.”

“Yes Steve, we’ll be there”, and the gentlemen exchanged cards.


The funeral was a high profile one. Page three personalities, as well as major politicians graced the occasion. People could be found offering condolences to Ms.Johnson, who managed to remain quite composed. Limp Bizkit, Metallica, Linkin Park… they were all there.


As Watson walked around, he noticed something from the corner of his eye, which made him sit straight and take note of. Charles Best was deep in an animated conversation with a short and dark albino. Now where had he noticed this guy… where had he come across this albino? Try as hard as could, he could not come up with the answer. He made up his mind to return to the office and check up the records…


“Did you pay Shane and Rick the money”, enquired Charles Best.

“Yes, don’t worry, I did it.”, replied Jim Dark.

“Ok, that’s great. Watson seemed suspicious, but I’ll handle him. Stay underground for a few days and everything will be fine.”, assured Best.

“Ok. But make sure that my demands are met soon.”

“Don’t worry. The money will soon be in your hands. Alpha has promised that to me.”

“Cool. Let’s get going, even walls have ears.”


Thursday, 5 P.M, Hotel in downtown Texas

“Steve, it was so nice of you to come down here. It was kind of getting suffocating with the recent events. It feels so good to have spent all this quality time with you.” Denzel said while sipping her coffee.

“My pleasure, Denzel.”

There was a brief moment of silence.

“By the way Denzel, I have some highly confidential information to share with you.”

“Yes Steve.”

“Denzel, I know that you will find this hard to believe. But the initial reports into your husband’s case suggest that his death was not a suicide. All the forensic evidence points to a brutal murder.”

Shock. Surprise. Anger. It was all there to see on Denzel’s face. What else could you have expected from a recently widowed woman who has just learned that his husband was murdered?

“I …. I can’t believe……” Denzel broke down.

“Denzel… Denzel… control yourself.”

After some consoling, this is what Denzel had to say.

“Steve, you have been of great help to me already. But today, I am going to ask something from you. Come what may, make sure that my husband’s death is accounted for. Make sure that the culprits are brought to the book.”

“Don’t worry dear, I will do my best.” replied Steve.

Friday, 11 A.M, Jon Lewis’s office


“It’s turning out to be a major whodunit, Sir. Apart from the initial briefing we had given you, there hasn’t been any major breakthrough. The shotgun is devoid of any fingerprint. Now obviously Danny wouldn’t have killed himself with gloves on. So it has to be someone else. As for other footprints, we have just found Ms.Johnson’s and the butler’s footprints.”, a tired Watson said.

“Ok, and what about people coming in and going out?”

“According to reports, the murder happened at around three in the night. At that time, there were absolutely no people coming in and going out of the apartment. The guard confirms this.”

“Hmm… this seems surprising”, said a thoughtful Lewis.

“I know. The lack of clues leaves us all baffled. The killer must be a really wily person.”

“Or it may not have been a murder after all”, added Lewis as an afterthought.


Saturday, 9 P.M, Hotel Dallas

“Denzel, it’s surprising that we haven’t been able to get any other significant clues in the case. In my career, I have seen quite a few murder cases… but a whodunit of this order. Well, I just don’t know what my next step is going to be!” stated Steve.

“It’s ok, Steve. Relax! I’m sure that you will find a way out. One wrong move and the killer will be in your hands.”

“Thanks Denzel. Would you like to have something else?”

“Yes, let’s have a drink please.”

As they discussed matters, Steve realized that in spite of all that which had been going around him, in spite of his failure to come up with something substantial as yet in this case, he felt good. There was an unmistakable feeling of warmth and gaiety in his heart. After he had broken up with Denzel, so involved was he with work and studies that he never found time for a companion. Rather, he never looked for love. Despite all the velvet in life, there was emptiness inside him. However, today he felt blissful. He had spent a couple of hours in Denzel’s company, and these were the best hours in his recent past…


“Steve, what happened?” enquired Denzel.

“Oh, nothing really! Just some archaic memories…” replied back Steve.

Denzel persisted. “Are you sure?”

“Yes dear… it’s nothing really.”

As the evening was coming to an end, Denzel enquired, “Care for coffee?” Steve replied back with a chuckle, “Your place or mine?” And they broke into fits of laughter.

While Denzel pushed her warm body onto Steve’s, he realized how much he had missed. Thoughts came rushing into his mind. It was simply exhilarating. He felt wonderful. It was a pure and passionate session of love making. At the end of it all, he muttered, “I love you Denzel.” He also heard a mumbling, “I love you too, Steve…”



The next few weeks, Steve was deeply involved with work. Of course, he did find time for Denzel, but as always, work was his priority. There was something really strange about this case, some angle which he was missing out on. He spoke to the members of SG, members of other rock bands etc. However, one fine managed a breakthrough, a breakthrough which startled even Steve Watson.


10 days later, Jon Lewis’ office

“I have done everything in my capacity, sir. I have spoken to the Schizoids, people from rival rock bands, people living in the area, Danny’s managers and friends… nearly everyone. Little did I realize that the solution lay just a striking distance from me. However, before I proceed with my briefing, I would like you to know about something. I want you to listen to my prepared material carefully.”

“Go ahead Steve”, Lewis giving the nod.

“Ok, here I go.”

“This case has a strange and rare twist to it. Let me start with this. In this world today, there are a lot of unbelievable diseases. One of them is the disease of human’s mind, and a split personality is counted as one of the diseases. Not many of people around the world believe that this disease exists, or they rather think that the person is pretending. Split personality is a very rare psychological disorder in which a person has two or more distinct personalities, each with its own thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behavior. The personalities often are direct opposites and dominate at different times, with abrupt transitions triggered by distressful events or memories. Each may be entirely unaware of the other but aware of unexplained gaps in remembered time. The cause of multiple personality is not clearly understood, but the condition seems to be a result of neglect in childhood or abuses of the physical, mental and sexual nature.”

“That’s ok Steve, but why are you telling me all this?” interrupted Lewis.

“What I am going to tell you next may sound unbelievable sir, but it’s quite authentic.”


“I thought I had it all covered. DNA tests, fingerprints, it had all revealed absolutely nothing. The only people who had visited the murder site were the butler and Ms.Johnson, of course. I was trying to cover all possible angles when the solution lay in house!”


“What do you mean?” Lewis questioned.


“Yes sir, I had decided to check on Ms.Johnson and the butler. There were two very important factors to help me out here. Firstly, Danny had been shot from a very close range, in order to make it look like a suicide. There is absolutely no evidence of a struggle, nor any evidence of the usage of gags or ropes. Hence, the killer had to real close to Danny at the time of killing him, without Danny being suspicious about the killer’s intentions. In fact, Danny must have been on great terms with the killer, and must have never suspected this from him/her.

The initial idea provided great impetus. It was then that I started looking at Denzel. And once I started doing that, all the pieces fell into place. Denzel’s also a heroin consumer, and the supply she receives is similar to the samples found in Danny’s blood. We caught Jim Dark, Denzel’s drug supplier, who accepted to supplying twenty times the normal dosage to Denzel on that fateful night. Denzel normally snorted her stuff, but on that day, there were five injections found in Denzel’s drawer.

The biggest clincher of course was this. According to Jim Dark’s statement, he was paid a handsome amount to provide a pure dose of heroin to Danny on the day after his concert. Now even hardcore addicts of Danny never take in pure doses. Pure doses can be extremely harmful, and can even prove fatal. And the person who paid him this amount was none other than Denzel Johnson.

Of course there are other things like Denzel’s credit card showing that she purchased rubber shoes and gloves just a couple of days before the murder, her DNA samples which have actually been found on the spot etc.”


“Jesus Christ! Was it actually Denzel who murdered her husband?” an aghast Lewis managed.

“You can make a small correction there sir. It’s Cindy Johnson who’s involved in the murder and not Denzel.”

Lewis was startled.

“When Denzel had just entered teenage, she had been brutally raped by her own uncle. Thereafter, life was never the same for her. In fact, life took a dramatic turn. Her mind remained perturbed for long periods of time. Some of her college friends, including me confirm this. One of her closest friends, Laura says that her life after college has been intercepted by long periods of amnesia. The reason for this is plain and simple. Denzel Johnson is not just Denzel, she is a combination of split personalities Denzel and Cindy, who are both unaware of each other.”

“Oh my God!” Lewis could not manage anything else.

Steve continued, “Cindy is the evil half and Denzel the righteous one. In fact, you cannot even call Cindy a half, because she doesn’t show herself too often.”

Lewis questioned, “Do you mean to say that Denzel is the predominant character?”

“Exactly! That’s my point.”, replied Steve.

“So when is Denzel Denzel, and when is she Cindy?”

“A good question. Well, there’s no conclusive evidence for it as yet, but an intelligent guess would be that Denzel converts to Cindy under the effect of high doses of heroin. As the effect of the drugs wears out, Denzel’s back to her normal self.”

“Drugs are definitely involved here because Danny had been interjected by high doses of it when he was killed. In fact, the doses alone would have been fatal.”

“And how can you confirm all this?” questioned Lewis.

“Danny and Denzel dealt with a common narcotics dealer. He’s already been blacklisted in our records and is an albino called Jim Dark. Our men have arrested him and he has confirmed the extra supply of heroin on the 27th of March to Denzel. As for the split personality fact, I’ve had a long talk with Mr.Stuart Jordan, renowned psychiatrist who also happens to be a good friend of Ms.Johnson. Conclusive tests have been conducted. In fact, it would be great it you could meet up sometime with him and talk about Ms.Johnson. Ms.Johnson has never been normal and was having psychological problems long before this. On my insistence, she was kept under observation for long hours, and her behavior was recorded under various circumstances. It was found that she turned into a violent and destructive Cindy Johnson when heroin began to set in. Cindy was unaware of Denzel and vice versa. Now Cindy wanted to murder Danny because she suspected him of having an affair with one of his innumerable female fans called Susan. Hence she hatched the wicked plan and executed it. Cindy has infact accepted to the killing gleefully and has stated the reasons for doing the same. Mr.Jordan and the videotapes can prove this. This piece is probably the most important evidence.”

“Gosh! All this sounds like a novel! If it’s all true, we will have a hard time facing the court.” noted Lewis.

“Don’t worry sir, that will not really be a problem. Since its Denzel’s split half involved, she will get away with it. There is no conclusive law prescribed for such an extraordinary case, but precedences have shown that the ‘culprit’ is let off with a prescription for rehabilitation. The let-off is only to the mental traumas the culprit has been going through” said Steve.

There was a brief pause.

“The real problem now is breaking this news to Denzel, and convincing her to fight the case…”





Six month’s later, Texas High Court

“On the basis of the evidence received, we pronounce Ms.Johnson guilty of murdering her husband. However, considering the extraordinary nature of the case, we do not award any punishment to the accused due to the mental problems she’s been facing. We direct her to undergo rehabilitation to suppress the other side of her ‘multiple personality’, so that such a crime is not repeated.

Thank You.”


As the judge pronounced his verdict, the courtroom broke into applause and Steve, Denzel and her lawyer, Shane Morrison into celebration. It was a sweet victory for them after six month’s of a hard work.


“We did it…” Steve at the top of his voice.

“Shane, you were amazing. The case was meticulously prepared, and you left no scope for doubts in the judge’s mind.” said Denzel in a tone full of gratitude.

“Thanks, but all credit to Denzel. After such tragedy and devastation, it required immense character and audacity on her part, to accept the facts and go ahead with the case. It’s a victory for truth, and for the people who stand by it.”, replied a relieved and gay looking Morrison.

Steve came up to Shane, and gave him a tight hug.

“Thanks Shane, we owe you a lot.”

“Oh come on Steve, I was just doing my duty. Besides, you guys were amazing. It’s been a pleasure working together. ”, replied Shane.

As Shane pushed away, Denzel looked into Steve’s eyes and gave him a warm hug.

“Finally, Steve… its over”

“Yeah Denzel, its ALL over…”











Two months later, New York City, 8 A.M

“Susan… Susan”.

“Yeah Pamela, Am coming…”

“Just read this report. First the Danny Johnson murder, and now this.”





In a sensational twist to the Danny Johnson case, Denzel Johnson Watson was found murdered in her home today. Her husband, Steve Watson is absconding. Police are clueless about this new twist to the case. Questioning is on. Readers may recall that Denzel was the former wife of Danny Johnson, who was murdered a few months ago. Denzel and Steve fought a long battle in the court to prove that the murder had been committed by the ‘split personality’ of Mrs.Denzel. Two weeks back, Denzel was let off by the court and the twosome married three days later. Police suspect the hand of Steve in the murder, saying that he might have been after Denzel’s property, which was to go to Steve according to her will. However, there are many questions which remain unanswered. Meanwhile, opposition parties have demanded the setting up a separate enquiry panel to investigate the murders of the Johnson’s.


“Jesus Christ!!!”



Sydney Airport

“I had never imagined that it was you who was Alpha!” said Charles Best.

“Ha Ha”, replied Steve Watson.

“You were amazing man. It was a masterstroke to come up with the idea of a split personality and get the bitch Denzel to believe it.”

“Tell me something I don’t know”, snapped Steve.

“But why on Earth did you do it?”

The smile on Steve’s face turned into an evil grimace.

“My friend, you wanted to kill Danny because you felt insulted, you felt left out in the band. However, I had a different reason altogether. I had loved Denzel with all my heart in my younger days. I had loved her more than anything else. However, when she left me, I was broke and life had no meaning. I tried to forget it and get on with life, but my mind wouldn’t allow me to do so. It was then that I decided that I needed revenge. I could not possible live life with my former lover’s husband reaching heights of popularity. I decided to kill them both… they had betrayed me… they had left my love void.

I had to have a master plan. Using my contacts, I got my self posted in Texas. It was then that I hatched the plan with the help of the butler in Johnson’s house. Then you came in, and made Jim Dark supply the undiluted heroin to Danny. Just to make sure that he died, I also made the butler to shoot him, of course with the silencer on it. The suicide plot was conceived so that I was portrayed as an honest and sincere officer. After that, it was all smooth sailing. Convincing Lewis and Denzel was pretty easy, as Denzel did have psychological problems. The amnesia part was again taken care by the butler, who’s been with them for quite some time; and kept mixing stuff with Denzel’s eatables and drinks. The psychologist, the lawyer… all fell into the lure of money. The tape was doctored. Jim Dark was a farce. It’s amazing what money can do.

Of course I covered it all by marrying Denzel and withdrawing enough money from her account. In fact, she’s even made a will in my name, but I’m afraid the accounts would have been blocked by the police. I had to execute my plans a couple of months earlier as Denzel had become suspicious of my activities, and was questioning me three days back. But it’s OK. You win some, and lose others. What matters is that I’ve had my revenge”


Saying this, Steve and Best walked away into the setting sun…