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A Random Post. October 26, 2006

Posted by Karan in Personal.

We had a meeting with Prof.PJN today. It was absorbing, he spoke in general about the B.Tech(Hons) program. It sounded interesting, and has actually left me in a dilemma. Earlier, I was bent on doing my MBA after graduation, but on second thoughts, management studies would probably be a better option after a couple of years of a job. Or will it not? I don’t know, I am quite perplexed about this. Guess have to make up mind quickly, because the time is not far off when I’ll have to decide about taking an Honors degree.


End sems are fast approaching and I haven’t done anything about it 😦 . Well actually, after screwing up my second sem, I had made up my mind on doing well in this one. But it’s hardly gone my way. And look at the number of things to distract me.. there’s yahoo messenger, orkut, movies, blogging.. pah! The list can just go on and on. ( By the way, DO go and watch DON. It’s quite good, fuck the experts’ reviews! ). There’s also the Goa trip to discuss.. Ah! We thought of holidaying at Goa in November.. Wonder if it’s a good idea?


I hope India finishes on the winning side today. Holy shit! I have to submit the Maths assignment in an hour. Have to go and find a copy from someone, and have to write down the whole thing after that. It’ll take some time, the whole process. 😛



PS: This is the first ARP ( so to say ) I have tried, it seems to be the season of such posts!


1. Maruti - October 26, 2006


2. mythalez - October 26, 2006

u can both take honours and write CAT 😛

3. Himank - October 26, 2006

Well dude me too in same dilemma am not sure what to do now…Until some time back i was damn sure about taking honours but a few days ago i started thinking about MBA so am a bit confused now…;)

4. Aditya - October 27, 2006

hey dude!!! when didya start writing such diary posts??? 😕
as far as doing an honours prog is concerned i feel that MBA is what suits ur personality the most…i don thnk it’ll dat tuf be a decision 4 u!!! 🙂

5. Namrata - October 27, 2006

It may be the season of ARP’s or whatever but puhhleezzz you are better off than this.As far as your predicament is concerned I agree with Aditya.You are having second thoughts about “MBA”.Gosh! I thought you had it all sorted out – and take my word for it you would do great doing something like MBA.

6. BITS - October 27, 2006

Hey I told u b4 that its gud to do MBA after having sum work exp but Bhalu thinks that he can’t study after getting a job I hope its not the same wid u.
nice change from the posts on controversial issues to ARP…..
neways doing an honours proj … won’t affect ur CAT prep.
u r the best in managing things ….

7. abhijeet - October 27, 2006

not ur types dude!!!!!!!!

8. vibhor - October 30, 2006

nothing to comment…
like ur post my visit is also random..
take care..

9. Karan - November 2, 2006

@ maruti.. wat on earth did u mean?
@mythalez.. isint that supposed to b way 2 hectic?
@Himank. lets prepare for cat together 😛
@aditya,namrata,abhijeet.. Oops! will try n avoid such posts frm now on 🙂
@Chand, thanx 4 flattering me 🙂
@vibhor thanx.. but may i noe who u r?

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