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A Marwari Diwali October 23, 2006

Posted by Karan in General, Personal.

I still remember the days when I was a kid. October-November was a time when I licked in anticipation, cos this was Diwali time. Diwali.. the mention of it alone brings a smile onto my face. For me, it was the best time of the year. For us, Diwali is real big, preparations for it are made quite a few days in advance.

Diwali is a Hindu festival that also significant for Jains and Sikhs ( I think…). Known as the “Festival of Lights”, it symbolizes the victory of good over evil. In our custom, its celebrated over five days, with Diwali the main falling exactly twenty days after Dussera.

Day 1: Dhan Teras- This day falls on the 13th day of the Lunar month. A single diya is lit on this day, followed by Puja. It is a very auspicious day for shopping. In our house, we always buy something valuable on this day.. it may range from jewellery to simple silver coins, but purchasing something is a must.

Day 2: Chhoti Diwali- On this day, we light 11 diyas. All the Diwali cleaning up is supposed to be completed by this day and preparations are made for the big day.

Day 3: Diwali- The D-day. The house is decorated like a bride. Puja ( which goes on for 4-5 hours) is offered to ‘Ganesha’ and ‘Laxmi’ devi with fervor and passion. 21 diyas are lit and then the crackers! I just love the sound and smell of it all. Fireworks go on well into the night, and the entire nation is united in celebrating Diwali. I just love the food prepared on Diwali days.. with stuff like Kanji vada and sweets being made. In the olden days, all account books are updated ( Of course, in the IT age, it is different 🙂 ).

Day 4: Padwa or Buddha Diwali – A day when people visit each other. I remember the monotonic stuff, with we having to visit different houses, and repeat the routine of saying “Namaste aunty” or “ Happy Diwali” over and over again. Of course, we got to hog a lot 😉 , but then it became boring after a certain extend. By the way, I love the dry fruits, kaju, kismis and pista which are served nearly everywhere. And yeah, 11 diyas are lit on this day.

Day 5: Bhai Duj – A day when brothers and sisters meet each other and display their love and affection for each other 😀

I haven’t celebrated a Diwali at home for the past five years, and as Himank mentioned, am missing the same! The new clothes, the wonderful goodies, the get togethers… I miss it all.


1. Himank Sharma - October 23, 2006

Well dude each and every guy away from home misses home on diwali but what can we do except just going on with our usual routine and enjoy the life with the friends we have got…..

2. ahem - October 23, 2006

Well, all of us have read, mugged and puked this Diwali essay for Hindi, English, Telugu, etc. exams in school.

I found it really boring. Anyway, your blog, your wish! I don’t care. But you should, you lost a reader today.

3. karanmaroo - October 26, 2006

@ himank.. looks like only we both comment on each others’ blogs.. 😀 jobless we 😛
@ ahem.. sorry boss! happens once in while.. nd plz do continue readin.. nd yeah.. gimme ideas if u have ne 🙂 ( for writing on.. )

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