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Why this Hypocrisy? October 17, 2006

Posted by Karan in General.

I pity the denizens of Pyangyong. The United Nations sanctions imposed on the country is the latest in the series of adversities they have been facing for a long time now. It all started with Japan’s conquest in the early 20th century. One of the causalities of the long standing acrimony between the two world super powers, Korea was divided into two. This was a major turning point. Thanks to the virtual control of the USSR and the USA in North and South Korea respectively, the two countries have never been at ease. It even led to the Korean war (often called the ‘Forgotten war’) between 1950-53 (a part of the cold war) Millions of civilians lost their lives on either side. Then followed the terrible and oppressive communist regime in Pyangyong. Famines and murders were rampant. And now the sanctions coming as a consequence of the nuclear test. (North Korea became the 8th country in the world to go nuclear on the 9th of this month.)


            The question I want to ask is why are the Americans and others displaying this level of hypocrisy? Isn’t it natural that a country which is constantly being threatened by world’s only super power (for no reason… for any doubts, refer Iraq) will only try to defend itself? Isn’t it obvious that the tests were a reaction to America’s reactions after 9/11, branding North Korea as one of the axes of evil, along with Iraq and Iran. The fuel added to the fire was the uncalled for action against Iraq, which is now facing widespread condemnation across the world. And now, the world puts Pyangyong further in distress by imposing acrid sanctions. Just having recovered from a hoarse and prolonged famine, this measure is bound to anger North Korea further. And India… why is India so strongly condemning the nuclear tests. Did they not conduct similar tests in 1998? Have they forgotten the reactions from our side, when the world belittled us in a similar fashion? And why should the poor Koreans suffer further? Sometimes, I just can’t understand the world and so-called ‘leaders’.


1. Namrata - October 17, 2006

Well written post but what can you expect from a nation that voted someone like George Bush for a second term.It sounds so void when the American leaders talk about peace and unity among nations while someone from their own contingent would be plotting wars.They gave Iraq weapons and then fished out dollars for Iran too.Rightfully said they are nasty hypocrites and I guess they are making a huge issue out of the Korean nuclear test.The UN is a dummy organisation now that is more or less a puppet in the hands of superpowers like USA and UK.My vote to the Koreans for maintaining their stand and vindicating it so well.To hell with what others (esp UN) says about this.

2. Sleeper - October 17, 2006

we too faced sanctions didnt we ?
its only fair they face them too 😐

3. Apocalypse - October 17, 2006

well, 3 things –

1. hypocrisy? india has a billion people, and will (hopefully) soon join the developed nations. one sixth of the world populace cant just defend itself with conventional armaments.

2. by all accounts – india is a responsible nation. can you say the same about korea? you compare just the event, not WHERE the event has occured. faulty analysis, im afraid.

3.about india’s reactions – what do you think we should do when a small nation with a (potentialy) unstable political system goes nuclear? the only thing we CAN do – express shock, condemn the nation, and impose as severe sanctions as we can on them. if this continues, every single terrorist group would have access to nuclear weapons.

PS : dont reply to comments, do you? a tad weird, wouldnt you think? 😛

4. Sleeper - October 17, 2006

it wud only angry india when the supplier of missiles to pakistan goes nuclear

5. Sleeper - October 17, 2006

it wud only anger *

6. marutiborker - October 17, 2006

I agree with you totally … i wud say lets all ( i mean all countries ) form an army and kick the hell outta usa 😉 wat say ???

7. Himank Sharma - October 17, 2006

Well dude i for sure would support N. Korea, when they have a country like USA labelling them the axis of evil and all and the imminent fear of US attack on them ,they were forced to take some action like this , now atleast US will think ten times before attacking N Korea…

8. Chand - October 17, 2006

I don’t see any problem in UN security council members sactioning NKorea…..
now first why India went against korea ?
There has been many differences between the two countries…
Korea is the major arms supplier to Pakistan and Indian Intelligence believes dat it was pakistan which provided the nuclear technology in exchange for missiles.
The gauri missile is same as the North Korean taepo-dong.
this Korean move poses threat to the neighbouring countries especially South Korea
and already the Nkorean foreign minister has warned US of physical retaliation…
Its just lik giving knife to a child …
and don’t thnk that Nkorean army was handicapped b4
It has the most sophosticated weaponry …..nuke has just made its defence stronger.It ranks fourth in army size….
So I feel this action is justified …..
newayz it was ur opinion but I felt that it should have been more factual….u just showed ur anger on USA ……

9. mythalez - October 17, 2006

North Korea tested or claimed to have tested nukes coz thats the best protection it cud give itself against belligerant US. So it took actions best for its interest.
US imposes sanctions as the northkorea action was against US interest
India condemns .. obviously .. wat is India’s best interest . to side with the ‘rational world’ or the ‘axis of evil’ ??
every country acts and should act according to its best interest 😀

10. aniketsharma - October 18, 2006

Look, I beg to differ from you, Karan, and you, too, Namrata.
The sanctions on NK are justified, because
1. North Korea is not a politically ‘stable’ country. It is under distatorship rule of the son of the funder of the country, Kim Jong II, who has refused to take help from, and did not even bother to make his country a memeber, of the UN. He’s suspected of being mentally unsound. When WMDs fall in the arms of such a regime, anything can be expected. And the fears turned out to be well-founded, when the Korean regime very childishly threatened to use its ‘nuclear’ power on the USA.

2.North Korea is a cash strapped country. Its ‘denizens’, as you put it, are starving, and deaf as the regime may be, it may sooner resort to trading its WMDs with some terrorist organisations, in return for money, which it badly needs. There’s no reason why it can’t do so, since it’s been unofficially proven beyond doubt, that it was North Korea, which sold to Pakistan its Ghoris and Ghaznis. What will the world come to, then?

3.Although its their intrenal matter, yet when its people are starving, is it ethical for a regime to develop nukes?

4.As far as India is concerned, I think we must cooperate with the superpowers for 2 reasons.
a) The irresponsibility and untrustworthiness of the North korean regime.
b) Its the same country that has supplied missiles to Pakistan, remember?

PS: Not answering to comments to your posts, especially ones like these, does not make you a good blogger, does it?

11. Karan - October 18, 2006

@ apocalypse, chand, mythalez n aniket: Imposing sanctions is not the solution ( accordin to me ). Yeah, agreed that this regime is a draconian one, but look at who is behind it all? Who was the one who lead to the division of Korea. Plus, imposing sanctions is going to make them all the more angry and proactive. Infact, Pyangyong has stated today that they have taken the ” imposition of sanctions” as a decleration of war. War with a nuclear power is always dangerous!

PS: M sorry for not havin replied earlier 😐

12. Dahaka - October 20, 2006

I see a bond movie again with a NKorean enemy in the making 😀

Sorry If i have deviated from the topic 😛

13. Aditya - October 26, 2006

since chand and aniket have beautifully countered pro-North Korea (or rather anti-US) beliefs which u and some others have, i don’t have much to say here….i wud like to iterate that india’s and NK’s nucleur programmes/tests can never be held in the same light…any analysis on such a sensitivfe should be more factual rather than being emotion-driven…a gud topic neways..:)

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