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Hostel Life :) October 12, 2006

Posted by Karan in General, Personal.

It was one in the night. Watching a movie from the last couple of hours had made me ravenous. I called up my pals, and asked them to get ready. Together, the four of us had a nice walk and then we headed towards the canteen. Munching on sandwiches and dosas, we gossiped along unto the wee hours of the morning. Hitting the sack at a time when most of us would have been waking up at home, we get up directly at the lunch hour! After a bath and some solid BC, we are off to CCD to spend the evening.


Whoa! Quite a way to spend my day. But this is hostel life, my dear! Where else (except maybe during marriages) can you lead such a carefree life?


I haven’t spent the last four Diwalis (which is the biggest festival for us) at home. Been missing Mummy’s food and care for quite some time. Am bereft of the really long talks I have with papa and Sneha (my sis). Miss those long drives with friends. But know what? Hostel (and campus) life beats it all. Apart from all the fun you have (24*7 with friends. That’s quite good! ), hostel life is also a wonderfully enriching and learning experience. I will go the extend of saying that its one of the most important components of whole-person education. The plethora of things that you get to learn in a hostel is amazing! Acclimation, time management, self administration etc are some of the things you imbibe. A few years in hostel in your late teens is bound to prepare you for the big jungle out there.


Even taking into account the other side of the coin (which is quite dark for many of my friends), I’ll say that boarding is a must for one’s development as a complete human being.



PS: After some disturbing events in the last few days, have really been missing home, feel like running into Mom’s arms right now!


1. Himank Sharma - October 12, 2006

Well dude what more can i say than what you have written in the post but one thing i would sure like to say hostel life is surely great and enjoyable besides learning many important lessons of life…. one thing for sure each and evryone should for some period of time live in college. It sure is a great experience

2. namrataalltheway - October 15, 2006

The last line should have been elaborated for the benefit of friends!!!Nice post and am pretty much with you on the fact that staying in a hostel is essential for a person not just to gauge the mentality of other people but also to gauge his own.Its often when one is on his/her own that one starts taking responsibilities for actions and realises what substance he is really made up of.I wouldnt trade this life of mine for nething ordinary.

3. sneha - October 16, 2006

wat r those disturbing events bhaiya?

4. viks - October 16, 2006

i completely agree wid u……hostel life is such a great experience that u learn so many things here……i have cm out of my home frm the first time…..& really its a wonderful experience 4 me……..i wud like to say that everyone should experience hostel life atleast once….

5. Maruti - October 16, 2006

yeah dude .. u spoke the truth . I used to luv hostel life till 1st yr ..but now after gettin himank as my roomie ..i av started hatin it ..lol .. jokes apart … i am really in lve with hostel life , i guess we shud be in a hostel right frm 11th std ( with better mess 😉 )

6. Vivek - October 17, 2006

Very fine post….
Very true indeed

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