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Wish I were.. October 3, 2006

Posted by Karan in Personal.

Chester Bennington: Good luck to everyone of you guys man. We were on the other side of the barricade a few years ago, man. Coming to these shows, seeing our favorite bands and having the dreams. Just persevere, believe in yourself. One day you’ll be up here with us. Or Metallica or Limp Bizkit, Deftones, Mudvayne


(Audience jeers and cheers!)


2003, Texas. The Live Linkin Park concert. An unbelievable and electrifying atmosphere. Over 200000 people jumping up and down, head banging and pitting to the beats of Crawling. Chester, Shinoda and the others being looked upto ( both literally, and figuratively ) with Chester’s energy blowing one’s mind away. His enthusiasm was infectious, his stage presence, awe-inspiring. For me, it was an amazing experience.


Maybe, because this was the for the first time, that I was seeing a concert (so what if just on my laptop). Maybe, because I am a hard-core fan of LP, and Chester. Maybe, because I am nascent to the world of rock.


It’s now that I understand the term, ‘rock star status’. For most teenagers and youngsters across America and the world, the top rock stars enjoy a God-like status. Respect, money, power… they have it all. What else could they have asked from a career? It makes me wish, that I were a rock star 😀 . For popularity is something that I really cherish. And rock stars are not just popular, they are iconic.




Do watch the LP live in Texas video, if you haven’t as yet.

And yeah, do suggest more such concerts to me.

Wish one of these top rock bands visit India, that would set the atmosphere on fire.

Thank you Aditya, for introducing me to rock!


1. Maruti - October 3, 2006

its not easy to become a rockstar , every local college has a rock band in India . None of em av any future …. but yeah even i wud love to be chester ..

2. Rishi - October 3, 2006

Maroo, u r a * , and ofcourse u rocks.

3. Aditya - October 3, 2006

u almost expressd my craving by wishing to become a rockstar…indeed man… i bliv thtthses rokstars are made of sum mysterios stuff which gets them the energy they possess….i m desperately waitin 4 one of these bands 2 show up in india….

4. mythalez - October 3, 2006

“For popularity is something that I really cherish. ” ;)) .. why so?
So r u makin any efforts to be popular in iiit? 😛 or maybe u already r?
and dude .. reply to the comments 😀

5. pankajsaini - October 4, 2006

rock concert watching video…..yeah can say…as i m not a die hard fan ….i prefer soft and modern rock…creed kinda…give it a try….but for popularity i agree with u……these guys do rock harder than anyone else…..

6. GeeKay - October 4, 2006

“….Thank you Aditya, for introducing me to rock!”
Call it deja vu, but I’ve read (or seen) that line somewhere…..

7. karanmaroo - October 5, 2006

@ maruti.. yeah, chester’s the best
@ rishi .. thanks so much
@ aditya.. yeah, wish they come ova’ here.. we’ll rock then
@ mythalez..yeah.. m lookin 4 popualrity 😛 but not @ the iiit 😀
@ pankaj thanks
@ GeeKay.. well i tried chkin it out @ adi’s blog 2 , but cudn’t find it newhere 😦 wud b greatful if u find it out 4 me 😀

8. Aparna - October 11, 2006

i think m d 1s gal 2 comment on dis blog….as m also a die hard fan of rock…..n ven it cms 2 LP i jus cnt resist myself…i think dis is d only rock band whose evry single song i luv…..but bad luck fr me as m nt avin dis live concert of LP…..neways all d bes 2 u..it wud b fabulus ,seein indian guys(rockstars) on international stage 🙂

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