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A WALK TO REMEMBER.. September 29, 2006

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

Evenings in the campus are convivial. Strolling around at this time, one finds that it’s the most common activity- taking a walk! Be it friends, couples, professors or individuals, a tread around the campus is something which everyone likes and undertakes quite often. The library road, the smokers point- they are all hot walking spots!

People walk for different reasons. It could just act as a stress buster. Or it could be the means to have a nice and emotional talk with your pal. Walking in a group could be a lot of fun, with laughter and frolic filling the air. For a socialite, it’s a nice way to catch up with different people in the environs of the college. It could also just be a way to reach your labs and library! Whatever various reasons are for walking, there is no denying the fact that the campus seems to be buzzing in the evenings primarily because of the number of people choosing to move around on foot.

For me, these walks are extremely special. Whenever I am down and out and the world seems to be the most cruel place to live on, I just put on my shoes and move out of the hostel. Those lonely appointments with myself is something I consider very important. I have always believed that spending time alone with oneself (I mean with nothing to do, but think … or maybe hog :D) is very important. These walks give me the best opportunities, to sit back (not literally) and analyze myself, to spend time with my own self, to be able to face myself. (I hope it all makes sense to you!!) Invariably, when I am in a fix, I find a solution or answer to my dilemma during these walks. A whiff of natural air always freshens me up. A walk is also a platform to have a nice and long talk with your close friends (And this is something which really makes me happy 🙂). A lot of my friends have become closer to me during such walks. I especially recollect with fondness the strolls I have had with Himank, Aditya, PK, Abhijeet, Harshita etc. And of course, we friends freak out a lot together during such walks. A walk after dinner is when we guys get to meet up and really have a ball.

Happy walking!


1. Speed - September 29, 2006

it all makes perfect sense to me …

A Lot can Happen over a Walk :p

2. Speed - September 29, 2006

yeah an frgt to mention ….

I Jst Lv Them … I actually had just returned from a walk 😀

3. mythalez - September 30, 2006

Ever walked early mornings arnd 6 when the rest of the world is sleeping or just waking up?? It is so refreshing that you forget u havent slept all nite 🙂

4. agastyabhrata - September 30, 2006

Nice post. It’s sure a good feeling to see so many people strolling (not just walking 🙂 )across the campus these days.

Keep Walking! (yeah, how long can Johnnie Walker patent this!!)

5. Andy - September 30, 2006

Good one…one of my forthcomig blogs too is pretty similar to this same concept…core concept is pitchd diff. though. Similar Ends I shud say [:D]

6. Sambhav - September 30, 2006

totally agree with u . Its always is a nice time . 🙂 . A chill out specially after a suckin day.

7. VeeR DeorA - October 1, 2006

hmm…gracious thoughts o’er walk….i had very small indefinite count of such walk…bt still it is selfshame authoritative…nd da point u arise {analyse urself }costs to a great extent den ne other ….i cogitate, i should
depart for.. right now……. 🙂
Thanx buddy for delineating those bytes in bits…such a bathetic way…
keep penning..

8. harshita - October 2, 2006

hey karan…..nice post yaar ..i completely agree with you……and thanx for mentioning my name dude 😉

9. Vivek - October 3, 2006

Thanks for reminding my walks arnd the campus 🙂
The ones at 6′ o clock after a nightout particularly. Mythalez did mention it though!

10. prafulla - October 3, 2006

A walk doesn’t need time barriers…i had walks b/w 2 and 4 in the morning!!!
For me, …my usual walk partner is yasovardhan….my walks with him are very very informative…i extract lot of info out of him 😀

the helipad area behind our campus is the best place to walk acc to me…the only sad thing about these morning walks is that they make ppl DAMN hungry

11. ojasvirajpal - October 3, 2006

Nice post

12. Aditya - October 3, 2006

apt description of campus walks fondly termed as ’rounds’…tho i hardly roam alone in the campus…i find them the best means of sharing joys and sorrows wih ur close frens..moving out in big numbers is certainly loads of fun….

13. pankajsaini - October 4, 2006

if u really want to have lonely appointments wid urself…then go out of the hostels at 2 Am and it’s then that u will find what a beauty our campus beholds…..fresh air sprouts fresh thoughts, discarding and dismantling the evil ones….and yeah it’s always gus to spend time wid urself…….a gud theme to write on…..

14. karanmaroo - October 5, 2006

@ speed cudnt agree more.
@ mythalez,vivek n prafulla yeah.. last yr thr were a coupla times when i had my 5:30 walk after a night out.. nd noe wat.. met Zulu then!!!
@agastyabharat , yeah the campus is amazin in the evenings
@ sambhav,andy,ojasvi,adi thanks
@ harshita 😀
@ pankaj yeah maan.. have tried that out.. nd its awesome 😀
@ veer .. great english dude!

15. viks - October 16, 2006

hey nice post…….i never realised the importance of strollin around da campus…..btw thanx 2 u….u have given a solution to my problem…..keep bloggin

16. Deepti - December 31, 2006

Totally agree wid u karan..Spending time wid oneself is I think very very important and is extremli helpful…It has helped me to get over most of my problems and has brought about a lot of change in me and my attitude…..

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