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My experiences with Sathya Sai Baba -1 September 16, 2006

Posted by Karan in Personal.

He walked in when the world walked out.


What joy.. what joy I get when I see the orange robe entering the Darshan Hall.

What serenity.. what serenity do I find on the faces of thousands of devotees upon having a glimpse of His form.

What love.. what love does He impart to the lacks of devotees across the world.


He is an embodiment of love and compassion. He never will refuse a devotee or His child in need. In short, for me, He is God. Now God is not just one who does miracles to save the world. God is the sole comforting voice in distress. He is the one, who brings tears to your eyes when you feel his love. His love is unconditional and ever lasting. His is the guiding hand, which has shown me the way throughout my life. Without Him, I would have been nowhere, been a nothing.


I spent two years of my life in Puttaparthi, and let me state this. They where without any doubts, the best two years of my life. However, they were the two years, about which hardly any of my friends are aware, save Dushyant. Henceforth, I will write a series of posts to let my friends know about my life there, and about Sathya Sai Baba in general.


Sathya Sai Baba is the CEO (if you can call it… in the modern lingo) of Puttaparthi. He has converted the most backward village of India into a modern ashram single handedly. And this is not just another ashram, it has the best super specialty hospital in Andhra Pradesh ( which treats patients for free ), a top-10-UGC accredited deemed university, schools and colleges which provide education absolutely free of cost, provides hygienic food and accommodation facilities to the thousands of devotees who are present in the ashram at any time and crores who throng Puttaparthi every year, has good a huge library, book stalls , planetarium , a huge stadium, the first music college in India.. And what not! All this, without a single pie from the government. If this is not a miracle, what is? If this is not pure and unconditional love, then what is? He never takes the credit for what he has done. His devotees include people like Sachin tendulkar, Vajpayee, Chandrababu Naidu, Sanath Jayasuriya, Sunil gavaskar, Ashok Singhal, Vilasrao deshmukh, A.P.J Abdul Kalam, the list is massive. (I have myself seen all of them in during my stay in parthi) . What are we when compared to his majestic love! In spite of all that, he comes down to our level, and talks to us. It’s such a sight to see Him interacting with the primary school kids. It brought tears to my eyes, when once a kid came crying told Him that he was missing his mother. Then Swami, with all his compassion, wiped the boy’s tears with his robe, and stated. “I am your everything- father, mother and God. Why fear when I am here? “. Such a huge figure, coming and saying this to a little kid? If this is not compassion at his highest form, then what is?


A personal incident. My grandfather was on his deathbed. That was when I decided to write a letter to Him. He came in the darshan lines, and luckily took my letter. I told Him about my grandfather. He said, don’t worry, and gave me some vibhuti (sacred ash, which he creates…). And lo, believe it or not, my grandfather recovered, when all hope was lost. He is very much alive and kicking today.


Now, that I have left parthi, I really miss His physical presence. I have spent nights and nights crying on my bed after coming here. I miss Him a lot, I really do. He was everything to me. He has brought me out of all my problems; He has never let a prayer down. However, I have disappointed Him on an occasion too many. I keep forgetting His teachings, but He, with all His compassion keeps forgiving me.


I love you Swami! Please give me the strength to follow and spread your teachings.



(To be continued…)


1. viks - September 16, 2006

nice post maroo & a very beautiful topic to write….
thanx 2 u for telling so much abt Sathya Sai Baba as i was unaware abt his works & principles…….
keep bloggin..I’m eagerly waitin 4 ur next post hopin it will be smthin more on Sai baba..

2. Karthik - September 16, 2006

Not all visitors to puttaparthi are his “devotees”. They could just be admirers.

3. albatrosss - September 18, 2006

This post shows a different side of your character. The compassion and the the feeeling of faith it casts is tremendous…. I dont think i beleive much in god,but the post almost made me feel IT….

Expecting more on sathya sai Baba….

4. agastyabhrata - September 19, 2006

Waiting for a post on Satya Sai Bhajan programs. I have always had a great feeling listening to the “Ganga jataadhara gowri shankara” bhajan sung by Sri Satya Sai Baba.

5. Ben - October 2, 2006

your site is great, so are your words……….

very inspiring & for sure a fantastic contribution to spread swami-s
love & teachings …….

you really got it & i feel the same after staying with swami for
the last 15 months , now i-m back in my country and all i can
say , you said it perfectly already …….it-s the time of life………

ThankS for your the inspiration


6. My experiences with Sathya Sai Baba -2 « This is ma life.. - October 5, 2006

[…] This is continuation on my previous post on Baba: […]

7. saisudha.p.s - October 12, 2006

iam very much inspired by saibaba.He is the supreme power.Because of him i have got so much of success.infact i was named as saisudha by this lord.I owe to him my happy life.I cant return anything to him in this life probably not in any bith of mine.i love swami very much

8. arvind - December 21, 2006

your letter brings tears in my eyes. you are so lucky to have dasrshan of shree sathyasaibaba . please pray for me . also to give me a chance to visit puttaparathy and have darshan of shree sai and take blessing. your admirer arvind.

9. Karan - December 22, 2006

@arvind. am actually moved that my experiences have been able to move someone. I am sure that Swami will bless you, just keep the devotion going. Am actually really missing Puttaprthi now that I have left the place.
If Swami wills, you will surely get a chance to visit Parthi.

10. Renu - December 25, 2006

Simply beautiful..very touching..:)

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