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ThE BaSkEtBaLl CoUrT September 13, 2006

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

Now this was Sambhav’s idea, but since he doesn’t blog, I am taking the privilege of writing on it! 😀



When one sits and jots down a list of the best places to hang out in the IIIT campus, I don’t have too many doubts about the spot which would win hands down- the basketball court! Yeah people, it’s neither the coffee shop, nor the canteen, nor the smokers’ point which seems to be the most popular. The court’s not just about basketball, it’s about a plethora of many other activities.


Owing to lack of other spaces at the IIIT, its next best purpose after basketball itself is that it serves as a really good meeting ground. Be it a batch meet for organizing fresher party, or a dissent meet ( hope the faculty’s not reading this 😉 ), bb courts always the first place that comes to one’s mind! Celebration is synonymous with the bb court. Birthday parties, carnival dances, teachers’ day function, cultural performances… The courts’ seen it all! Of late, the UG2K5 batch seems to have made cricket a hot activity on court! The flat ‘pitch’ and the bright lights provide ample reason for it to be used for a short game of night cricket! Well, the court’s also famous for the so many brawls its seen, acting as a start for the so many popular college rivalries ( would not like to mention examples in public! 😀 )


So what makes the court so popular among students? Well, the reasons are not too far to seek! Firstly, owing to the lack of a proper hall as such, it’s become a hotspot for things like meetings and functions! Secondly, the sparkling lights add to the charm of the basketball court. Nighttime is the most popular time among IIITians, and owing to lack of lights, many other spots are ruled out of contention of being used for various activities. Thirdly, the easy accessibility of the court makes it a very popular spot. No keys, no permissions hence, and hassle free use of the court! Besides, it’s the nearest spot to the hostels, especially the NBH, GHEB and the GH. And finally, the immense popularity of the game itself among IIITians draws people to the court! ( Btw, there is one more factor.. its proximity to the GH 😉 😛 )


1. Aditya - September 13, 2006

absolutely no doubts abt d basketball court being the prime place for almost every activity….tho nevr gave a thot abt the proximity thingy..:P…i ges its high time for ar coleg to come up with an auditorium….

2. Sam - September 13, 2006

hey its nice (after all its my baby 😉 ). The very point of the success is its
open source character ( no keys no permission just do it its all urs).Lets
try and to implement the light factor to football grnd too as we’ll be
fathers when ther’ll be an AUDI in IIIT 😀

3. albatrosss - September 13, 2006

Tht was nice yaar…. Well written …no flaws…just like my roomie !!!

This post tells us what sir conan doyle meant when he said
“We see but do not observe”

We see and use the court evryday… but do not realise its importance..it needs a post like this to do it.

4. manisharora - September 13, 2006

Hey,r u sure dat it’s proximity 2 d GH z also 1 of d reasons.(Soch samagh kar likha kar yaar).Btw,dis post clearly indicates d presence of an auditorium in IIIT

5. Randeep - September 13, 2006

i completely agree wid d fact of bb court being d most popular place among IIITians….but d proximity to d gh ???…neways we do need another place tht is meant 2 serve d purpose bb court is doing(obviously except bb)….

6. Chirag,,,,,..... - September 14, 2006

gud 2 c u mentioin all dose points v discussed d othr de near coffee shop in ur post abt d most happening place in IIIT !!!!!
but yaar i never thot of d proximity factor while playin BB & pehaps none of othrs vud hav who kum 2 play dere daliy ……… (u shud hav given a thot 2 d last line b4 mentionin it here ).

7. Himank - September 14, 2006

Well agree with you that BB court hosts a plethora of activities but for me even then the kewlest place would be the coffee shop where you can idle away your time doing BC…. But even then it is the only place when a large mass of ppl is involved..

Btw can’t agree fully with the last line…

8. viks - September 14, 2006

nice one yaar….but i want to know haow is it tha belace to hang around..& which is the smoker’s point….but i agree that its the most happening place in IIIT as it is the place whr i have shown my talent 4 da first time in IIIT

9. karanmaroo - September 15, 2006

@adi, sambhav.. yeah.. i do agree dat v need an auditorim.. but ven the can come up a fuckin hostel in so much time.. wonder ven d audi’ll come
@viks. d smokers point comes ven v go frm motrola towards obh along d more deserted road
@ all odrs.. thanx 4 ur valuable suggestion regardin d reasons 😀

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