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Carpediem.. An account of the fest September 10, 2006

Posted by Karan in General.

This is a chronological account of our visit to the CBIT fest- Carpediem (have I got the spelling right?) yesterday. The account is purely my point of view 😀


It was last week, when I told Abhijeet about the impending visit of the Pakistani band JAL to the CBIT College. We immediately decided to go for it, considering that our last outing at such a concert was a major success (read: KK at GRIET). Contacting my friend Haritha @ CBIT, we got hold of the tickets too. And not just us, a lot of students from other batches too joined in, and believe-it-or-not, there were more than forty students from the present UG1. (This UG1 batch seems to have the “x” factor.. come on, there were never more than 10 of us in any fest last year!).


So yesterday, with the tensions of assignments behind us, we left for CBIT at about 2:30 P.M. At Mehdipatnam, we were joined by our batch girls! Singing and chatting throughout the journey, we reached CBIT by 3:45. And immediately, we sensed the excitement and the mood in the air. The college had a nice campus, and the crowd at the fest- it was awesome! The guys were smartly dressed and the gals- maan… They had the ‘Omphhh’ factor about them! It was as if CBIT was the most happening place in town on that day and most of you-know-who collegians (and others) had descended onto Gandipet! Be it couples moving around in the campus, or groups of guys or gals freaking out, everyone had this sense of happiness wrought large on their faces… This looked like a proper fest! It also brought about a sense of Déjà vu in us. Anyways, the rock show was on, and we immediately joined in! Head banging was in full flow and the heat was on- both literally and figuratively! (Unfortunately, we missed a major part of the show!) Later in the day, we had the winners performing again. And know what, they played our favorite numbers, Chop Suey and Toxic City. At this point, we really were in the flow, and even had this ‘virtual confrontation’ (the ones you see in rock shows). The people around us were wondering what had happened! Luckily enough, no on except Chand was hefty, and we downed him too!


Anyways, after the rock show, it was the turn of ‘DJ Suketo’ (who was present only for a few minutes … wonder how much he was paid for it). Anyways, what mattered was the music and the ‘girl in red’ who was on the stage 😀 😉 -> she was extremely hot. A word on the arrangements at this point… they were pathetic! There was hardly any space to shake a leg or two and the shamianas only added to the confusion! How ever, when it comes to having some major fun and being in the limelight, how can IIITians stay far behind? Six of us formed a circle on the road and started dancing- initially, there were just Aditya,Chirag, Abhijeet, Piyush, Sambhav, Raman,Himank, and me. Then Joy joined us, and a lot of UG3 and UG2 students joined in. And once the juniors came in, it was as it was IIIT’s fest and not CBIT’s! There was the trademark IIIT dance step – Makarena and a lot of cheering and jeering too. Slogans on IIIT adorned the air and there was no doubt, that this was the best part of the day for us! People all around us were looking at us in awe and astonishment. It was quite overwhelming! Cheers to IIIT!


How ever, after all this, we were quite tired and worn out already. It felt like having a nap over there. And the food, it was fucking shit costly! A few rates:


Baskin’s cone -> Rs 50 ( normally.. its 28 )

Dahi Chat -> Rs 25 (There were hardly 5 pieces of ‘papri’ )

Patsry -> Rs 30 (Those bastards! )

Dosa -> Rs 20 (The same ones which we get in our canteen for 7 bucks!)


Blah blah blah…….


With our minds and bodies shut out, we weren’t in much of a mood to swing anymore. We entered the main ground, and Lo! The Rs 100 ticket (which we were holding) was just too far away from the stage! I mean, we were not even able to make out the number of people on stage, forget about seeing the star performers! This was another glitch on the part of the management, what was the big fun in leaving out so many empty spaces? How ever, when it comes to innovation, how can IIITians stay behind? With the help of some juniors (who happened to be holding the Rs 250 ticket ), nearly all of us were able to enter the Rs 250 section!!! (with the support of just four bands which held nearly sixty of us in stealth! ) How ever, as luck would have it, I got caught in the act and was kicked out of the arena 😦 How ever, the next time, we just broke the barricades and entered the 250 section, as the guards could only watch helplessly 😀 . After all what can two unarmed guards do against the power of so many students! Now, there was absolutely no difference between the 100 and 250 sections! The people who had taken the pains to shell out 250 bucks must have had their asses on fire 😀 :)) 😛 . (Some of them.. like Himank, Raman, PK, Gupta, Rishi and others.. even managed to get into the 600 section, and Himank and Raman as far as the VIP section, using the same trick!) It was much better now! IIITians got together again to dance to the tunes of Karunya and Jal. Some of us were just too tired too move much and were just enjoying the music. Karunya was OK and Jal was quite good. They envisaged Indo-Pak peace too (as most of the cross-border artistes do!) . For Karunya, it was a first time in a technical ( or for that matter.. any ) college. Finally, at about 12 P.M, we left the place. We reached college and after a visit to the canteen, it was a straight forward destination sleep. And am writing this after getting up and having had the pathetic OBH breakfast. K


All in all, a day to remember and record!


A few things regarding the fest which people should take note of:

1) Thanks to just one big performer, Jal, Sponsors like Channel V (yes, you heard it right!), Prasads, CCD and a host of other big brands pooled in a lot of money, plus there must have been at least 5 lakhs collected from the audience. This made a huge difference to the overall fest-> Compare this to Felicity!


2) The performing artistes also attracted a lot of good crowd, and this if implemented, would surely attract a lot of talent in Felicity too! I can say it confidently, that very few of us would have gone for the fest, had it not been having the star attractions (Example-> The Muffakamjah fest which was being held on the same day.. no one I know of attended it, plainly because of the fact that they didn’t have any star attraction!)


This is food for thought, and I am sure we would like to think about this, and probably bring this point to the faculty!


Finally, Well done CBITians, inspite of the glitches, it was a well managed affair, Congratulations!


1. haritha - September 10, 2006

hey that was an awesome post…this willl be the best one of ur posts coz its all about the one and only cbit ;-)))….but , coz there was such a huge crowd things did go worse smetimes but still i think that was a gud job by ma coll mates ,any ways thatnks for coming and lol u seem to have enjoyed a lot because of the hot chicks around at cbit…any ways haafun ennjoy dude

2. Himank - September 10, 2006

Well.. good post dude…………

The fest..should say was a good one…but the performances barring the “jal” were pretty ordinary….but there again IIIT left its mark and showed the ppl out there that you can publicise your college remaining in the limits of decency..unlike what the “CBIT guys” did sometime back in our college….

3. varun - September 10, 2006

nice post…informative and useful for felicity..anyways clearing those last 2 points of urs:
a)most if not all the sponsors of the fest were somehow or the other related to the college. some1’s dad, some1’s uncle and the sorts. if ur ready to shell out 5 lakhs or more for a engg seat then u obviously are pretty well off. also the management and board of cbit has quite a few ppl who r influential in hyd. so its not really clear how much jal influenced the sponsorships. further, even if they did influence the sponsorships, they cost 4 lakhs (cant exactly rmr the no.) in all. as i see it, they prob used all if not more then the money they raised.
b)as for crowds in comparison to felicity; cbit has a strength of 3k+, even if half of em turn up and another 500-1000 from outside u have a great crowd.
c)it wasnt a technical fest.
d)really pissed with the organization as quite a few cars were vandalized including removing of the bumpers of some of the cars (teja’s car included).
e)what the hell!! forget the technicalities, you had a ball and thats what matters 😛 Cheers!

4. Chirag - September 10, 2006

i got up @ 6 p.m. today aft an xiting day in CBIT yestede & d 1st thing i did is reading dis post by karan ….. i know dat its really too tuf to decribe othrs wht v saw & how v njoid d othr day thru dis post but den 2 a gr8 attempt 2 giv othrs an account of d rockin fest !!!
d description of “IIIT – Circle” while DJ Suketu was playin is worth reading . As karan wrote it appeard as tho it was IIITs fest showd othrs dat v IIITians r really a class apart !!!!

5. Aditya - September 10, 2006

it seems that the iiitians have made it a habit 2 leav their mark everywhere 🙂 a gud account of the course of events….well i ges its time 2 draw some inspiration (as well as crowd :P) from carpedium to felicity….hey u missd upon somthn…..d reason y u ppl got that late 2 arrive at the fest… :p

6. mythalez - September 11, 2006

The time I went to that fest (either last yr or the year before .. dont remember) .. it totally sucked 😀

7. Namrata - September 12, 2006

I was dissappointed dude coz you write a zillion times better than this (this topic kud have been dealt with more creatively given the fact that you were writing it).It was all so factual and for a person like me who was there it was monotonous.Ok nice post thats abt it!!

Keep bloggin!!

8. Sam - September 12, 2006

Hey nice post!!!
it was a day to remember specially
for the muzic loverz like me.
A happening and tiring day!!

9. agastyabhrata - September 12, 2006

hey Karan, I heard of Balakrishna’s coming to the festival – nothing interesting about it?

10. karanmaroo - September 13, 2006

@ agastyabhrata.. yeah guess he was thr promotin Hyd nawabs.. but v were 2 far off frm da stage @ dat time 2 make out wats goin on 😀
@ namrata well was th meant 2 b a compliment 😀

11. Vikrant - September 13, 2006

Hello Guys,

This is core committee member, Carpe diem 2006.

Just fumbled upon your page while browsing. Nice to see so much of interest in our event. Would like to clarify a few of your queries about sponsors and security and other stuff. Lemme tell u, this event was totally conceptualised, planned and organised by the student body Chaitanya Smruti. Had to go through a lot of pains from the management, mainly protocol problems.

We havent taken a single rupee from the management for this fest. All the sponsors were got from our own efforts and let me tell you, being a part of the sponsor drive for the past 4 months, its not somebody;s uncle aunt sort of thing. We got genuine sponsors, who were genuinely interested in our event. And we broke even on our budget even before we started ticket sales. This is something we can proudly say.

As for the security part of it, I was heading it on the day. We worked so hard for the event and spent sleepless nights trying to get everything in place that we couldnt formulate a proper security and seating plan. I must admit, these were done in a haphazard manner. It will get better next time, dont u worry abt it. The number of last minute hassles we faced will take a long time to explain. But, I must tell u the fact that none of us were part of an event as big as this in our whole life. A first time attempt is what it was. And we did bloody well for a first time even though there were some minor glitches. The bottomline is we didnt have professional help. Next time round you will see a highly professional and clinical approach.

Just for the record,

EVENT BUDGET – Rs 18,00,000/- approx

EVENT PROFIT AFTER TKTS – Rs 10,00,000/- approx

Had to stop ticket sales at around 3 pm cos we had too many ppl in.

Total Attendance – 18,000 approx

Every pie of the profit goes into the CHAITANYA SMRUTI ALUMNI FUND used for funding underpriveleged and backward students.

Vikrant Rao
A Proud CBITian

P.S We apologise for the inconvenience during campaign to IIIT. It was the result of a bunch of maniacs who r in no way related to Carpe Diem trying to get some limelight

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