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Follow your heart.. September 6, 2006

Posted by Karan in General, IIIT centric.

Statutory warning: This is a completely philosophical post, and do not blame me for boring you. For people looking for sheer entertainment, there are some of my other posts.


This one just got my grey cells going. It’s as if I had been taught some things, I had realized that these are important in my life, but somehow, for one reason or the other (call it my incompetence), I just never paid enough attention to it. But in the couple of years of stay at the IIIT, its hit me again and again, and hit me hard!


It’s a very simple concept. Seemingly easy and lucid. Perceptions and pre-assumptions about JV didn’t allow me to really pay attention to it. Nor did I really introspect on it every morning when I remember Him. Ignoring it probably has even landed me in trouble, trouble on my relationships front. However, today, after watching “Lage raho Munnabhai” and their entertaining antics, I could not ignore it anymore. The concept is simple -> It just says “ Before doing anything in life, before taking any step in life, however insignificant it may be, just do one small thing. Thing about whatever you are doing, thing with your heart and you will get the answer from within, whether you are right or wrong. After that, its easy, just follow your heart ”.


However much we may have rebuked Jeevan Vidya, there has to be something to it which has made even the President of India mention it in is speech. However much you may hate Gandhi (I am not his ardent follower myself), you cannot help but admire this man, and you cannot ignore some of his teachings. And one thing which I have learnt, and have realized is very important for one is the above stated!


For all the readers who have had the patience to read thus far, I urge you to think about this! Nothing wrong in that, right? And I firmly believe that this will work, because there is a God in each and every one of us. God-> nothing but an embodiment of truth, peace, love and duty! The answer will come from within. No one is even asking you to listen to some one, views are not being imposed on you, its just that one should follow his heart, follow him self! There couldn’t be a more accommodating view than this!


PS: I hope you are not totally bored, and if you are not, do think about what I have written.

I really thank you Mr Rajkumar Hirani, for having made such a beautiful movie… This is something which is bound to make people think.

I really do hope that Sanjay Dutt gets away Scot free (his verdict on the 92 blast case is going to be announced soon)

I am sorry Mr. Gandhi, I had never respected your views. I shouldn’t have abused you as I did.



1. Abhishek Sainani - September 6, 2006

Hey Karan, I also felt the same thing when I watched the movie last sunday. It has a strong message to give. And yes, we should follow our heart.
Actually we are not really wrong in not being able to understand JV, and this movie got your grey cells working because everything in it was shown in a very realistic manner and so following Gandhiji’s teachings looked possible while watching the movie.
And yes thanks again to Mr. Hirani for making such a wonderful movie, it was totally inspiring.:)

2. mythalez - September 7, 2006

and i thought the movie is supposed to be a lighthearted comedy :-s (havent watched it yet )

3. Aditya - September 7, 2006

though its a gud idea 2 follow ur heart n4 performing ne deed….somtimes u may not b abl 2 judge a situation well…i mean ther’s alwas a thin boundary bitvin right nd rong…so evn aftr following ur heart u may end up taking a wrong decision….i supoz this topic needs more discussion nd this coment space isnt a plas gud enuf 2 do all of it….lets c how u implement watevr u ve riten here….

4. swetha(VNR) - September 8, 2006

heyy…i yet 2 watch the movie but then i gt the idea wat u tried invoking in2 pple…..i actually dont agree 2 it totally…..cos BRAIN sometimes plays very much imp role in ur decision making rather than heart….well evryone has their own views…no offense pls..neways i appreciate once again for the perception u have for the thngs dat going around u….it ws a gud topic 2 c in ur blogg..

5. haritha - September 10, 2006

hey karan ,that was amazing.and the moment i saw a new post in ur blog abt LAGE RAHO MUNNA BHAI-i was somehow thrilled and was really enthu to read this post but was wondering if it was al abt the story and it seemed to be quite differnt .. even i was nt an ardent follower of gandhi but may be even i wud love this movie .. because of the gr8 ideas he had and think we gotta accept …and even me waiting to watch this movie soon ,gud job any ways keep blogging

6. smaran - September 14, 2006

hi, karan
wow this blog thing is really good.. i never felt one could share feelings in this electronic media at this proportions..i read others comments.. you do have a good followin..thats great.
so the movie is an excellent piece of work from the stable of vidhu vinodh chopra..i was actually scared of the consequences the movie would have when i learnt mahatma was made a character in it.
he has brought comedy in an art film to say..the movie is a lesson to everyone who has a heart.mahatma and is principles though sound rugged and lost in the dusty pages of history should make a great difference to one atleast after watchin this movie..
hats off to vinodh and you too for this wonderful blog

7. IeriWinner_23 - December 15, 2006


HI! I’ve have similar topic at my blog! Please check it..


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