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Women.. September 3, 2006

Posted by Karan in General.


Saw this poster in my sister’s bedroom and couldn’t resist putting it up on my blog.

A woman should..

Be a feminist during her college days,

Be career minded and care oriented,

Play the game of hide and seek with her suitor,

Dare to stay happily unmarried all her life,

Love being a woman,

Buy flowers for herself,

Feel the wind on her face

Go camping, trekking,

Be shy, be bold,

Trust men occasionally,

Give that second chance to everyone,

Be a romantic,

Get emotionally hyped over nothing and cool down suddenly,

Go on a diet, yet eat chocolates and ice-creams,

Get ‘high n stay high on life, love her man and her reflection,

Learn to love herself,

Kiss herself good night in the mirror,

Get wild, tame her tears,

Break rules- lead the dances,

Drive her man’s car,

Run his bank account,

Manage his business, wear his clothes,

Yet know that he’s the man and she’s the woman,

Get flattered,

Wear latest fashion and fine diamonds

For no special reason

Lay down principles in her life,

Go out for window shopping all alone,

Know the way to her man’s heart,

Never forget the girl within.

PS: No copyright issues, I state clearly that I have picked this up from an Archies poster.

I invite everyone to think on this ( gals and guys included ) and probably start a discussion.

I love you Mom, and just can’t live without you.. I know words are not enough but I say Thanks for all that you have done for me.


1. Kritika - September 3, 2006

Nice words .. well chosen .. believe that what makes Archies what it is. The strength of any individual lies in his/her respecting him/her self and believing in himself. So these words apply to the females and males equally. Individuality matters. At the same time the underliying fact is that, in mathematical language mutually exclusive and exhaustive sets. 😀
Its not about dedicating lines, its about imbibing them. Its just not about appreciating thought provoking words, its about the constant conciousness. Whenever you are about to make a decision that could possibly affect a girl/guy whom you respect, you should be willing to think it from the others’ point of view.
Hey what about you coming up with Guys’ Version of these words.??

2. Himank Sharma - September 3, 2006

Well i cant write wrds as gud as KT Ma’am but fully agree with whatever she has written…
Whoever is the person who has written the matter of this poster is a genius and a good reader of the minds of the people….

3. harshita - September 5, 2006

hey …..nice one 🙂

4. Namrata - September 5, 2006

This one will sure earn you some brownie points a gud number of admirers.I was expection that you(and not an Archies poster) had written something about gals but it turns out that even if you had written it wud have been something on these lines.(hum ladkiyaan hoti hi itni achi hai!!).Nice work.

5. harsh - September 5, 2006

i totally agree with KT !!
this is actually not just abt appreciating but its abt feeling the deep meaning of these words !!
haaannnn!! the last line!! we all love our moms
but no one actually expresses it like u did Karan ……
i really liked this !!

6. swetha(VNR) - September 5, 2006

hey KARAN …i loved all the posts in ur blogs especially this one….fine there were topics in the blog which r not my cup of tea or my chunk of bread but they really enhanced my brain……..i aprreciate ur perception for the thngss going around u……

7. varun - September 5, 2006

:)) look into it again…makes up the perfect galfriend. 😛 no issues about going shopping and all together. no issues about driving em around…but still there when the guy needs her. get flattered, buy her own flowers…go trekking..God!! tell u what..uv spoken like a true lazy bf 😛

8. srirang - September 5, 2006

i dunno who exactly has written d lines but its absolutely true…..
gud work karan

9. Atul - September 5, 2006

good one ..u have used nice eng …”Never forget the girl within.”….:)

10. Gaurav Kharkwal - September 6, 2006


Ya… nice blog… i won’t take that from you…. BUT…. boy, right bout your sex first, wat’s with the women lib thingy we aren’t getting the credit we deserve….AND we deserve a lot…

[ Hey, just joking…. got inspired by the MCP thingy that Zulu mentioned yesterday…. great blog boy

and taking a word from Varun’s vocab….


11. pankaj saini - September 8, 2006

is this an act of flattery for all the girls who read ur blogs…just kidding…but still i have strong objections to some of the issues raised by this archie thingy…..

12. xxxxxx - September 16, 2006

u ass hole fucker….. u pupil always fall back of gals y so?????
y do u pupil build up urselves infront of gals i dont understand. do u think that they get flattered by dat n if so u r wrong….. live like wat u r but dont do overaction infront of gals…
this is for u n also for subhshis chand n sum others tooooooo

13. karanmaroo - September 16, 2006

@ xxxxx.. well firstly, thanx 4 commenting 🙂 neways wat does pupil mean here? guess u need 2 chk vid ur dictionary 😀 nd yeah.. i wud love it if u come out in d open nd point out instances of so calles “overaction” or “building up”. U can actually ask gals if they think so! noe wat.. cos u r saying all this plus u dont have d guts 2 name urself.. i fuckin feel that u either have a very flat ass or r damn frustrated vid life :)) I can only pity u! Wud love it if u come out in d open!

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