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A WALK TO REMEMBER.. September 29, 2006

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

Evenings in the campus are convivial. Strolling around at this time, one finds that it’s the most common activity- taking a walk! Be it friends, couples, professors or individuals, a tread around the campus is something which everyone likes and undertakes quite often. The library road, the smokers point- they are all hot walking spots!

People walk for different reasons. It could just act as a stress buster. Or it could be the means to have a nice and emotional talk with your pal. Walking in a group could be a lot of fun, with laughter and frolic filling the air. For a socialite, it’s a nice way to catch up with different people in the environs of the college. It could also just be a way to reach your labs and library! Whatever various reasons are for walking, there is no denying the fact that the campus seems to be buzzing in the evenings primarily because of the number of people choosing to move around on foot.

For me, these walks are extremely special. Whenever I am down and out and the world seems to be the most cruel place to live on, I just put on my shoes and move out of the hostel. Those lonely appointments with myself is something I consider very important. I have always believed that spending time alone with oneself (I mean with nothing to do, but think … or maybe hog :D) is very important. These walks give me the best opportunities, to sit back (not literally) and analyze myself, to spend time with my own self, to be able to face myself. (I hope it all makes sense to you!!) Invariably, when I am in a fix, I find a solution or answer to my dilemma during these walks. A whiff of natural air always freshens me up. A walk is also a platform to have a nice and long talk with your close friends (And this is something which really makes me happy 🙂). A lot of my friends have become closer to me during such walks. I especially recollect with fondness the strolls I have had with Himank, Aditya, PK, Abhijeet, Harshita etc. And of course, we friends freak out a lot together during such walks. A walk after dinner is when we guys get to meet up and really have a ball.

Happy walking!

My first short story September 19, 2006

Posted by Karan in Fiction.

Well here I go.. This is the first short story I have ever written, courstey Mr.Marathe. I have a feeling that it’s quite pathetic 😛 . However, if you have nothing better to do and are loaded with oodles of patience, do read it and tell me where I need to improve, so that I can do better in my future assignments.




29th May, 1999. Moin-e-jaz village, Drass sector. Sepoy Ram Singh was unable to push himself to sleep throughout the night. He had a hunch that this would not be just another day. It had been more than eight days since he had been stationed here, and fifteen days since he had last heard from his family. Fifteen days! Two years ago, he had fallen in love. After a breezy courtship, he got married last year. The marriage was held against the girl’s parents’ wishes. However, Ram promised to take care of Aparna always, come what may. But now, with his wife having entered the seventh month of pregnancy, he could not be with her at this time of need. Ram’s parents were old and in desperate need of the support of their only son. He felt a pang of pain and guilt in his heart. He had applied for a leave a week back, but he wondered if it would be passed. His more affluent friends had treated the officials to a sumpeqtous sum of money, but he could ill afford to spend so much. His parents were continuously suffering. The corrupt officials in his father’s office had stopped his pension. He needed money for them. He had dreams for his future child. He needed money for his growth. Life had not been easy for him. He had wanted to be another babu, someone who would come back home everyday into the arms of his waiting wife, someone with a decent pay and a comfortable life, but…


“Ram! Wake up! The enemy has is marching ahead at a frightening pace, and is alarmingly close to us now.” He was awoken to reality by the voice of Sepoy Rajesh Naik. Rajesh was one of Ram’s closest friends. They had known each other right from school days, but had grown to become the best of friends only after joining the NDA. The tough conditions at the camps only brought them closer together. So much so, that they knew each other inside out. Unlike Ram, Rajesh was unmarried and not weighed down by the burden of responsibilities. He was doing this just for the love for his motherland. Ram always rebuked him on this issue, saying that he was a man of obsolete thoughts, that there was nothing like patriotism in today’s cat race.


“Oh, My God!” was all that ram had to offer. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the clock. 5 A.M. “Those bastards!” The next set of supplies wasn’t due till 10 A.M that day. And that too was unreliable most of the times. Ram started getting ready for the arduous day ahead. Breakfasting on stale bread and tea, he grabbed his outdated LM-35 and the reached the strategy tent along with Rajesh. Hardly had they taken their seats, when Dev ran in excitedly. “Hey Gopal! Know what, I have been given my leave. Finally, I can go home now. My Goa trip is waiting for me…” Ram could only curse his luck. Why did life play such games only with him? When he had wanted to study for engineering, he was forced to opt out due to his father’s failing health. When he wanted to marry, he had to face stiff opposition. And now, he was unable to face the harshities if life. He turned around and looked at the serene face of Rajesh. Rajesh… He was the only silver lining in his life and a constant source of hope and support. Rajesh had done so much for him. He had unfailingly stood rock steady with him. Rajesh never let him down, and acted like his brother during extreme adversities. He was thankful to God for giving him such a good friend. “I wish I could express my feelings about what I feel about him. I wish I could do something in return for him. However, my responsibilities have tied me down.” “Gentlemen!” Ram was back to the real world again when Sq.Ldr Sandeep Kumar came forward to address them. “The time we have all been waiting for is here. The enemy has come too close for our comfort, and we need to act now. And remember one thing; this village is the most crucial one for Drass sector. If we allow them to move any further, we will surely lose Drass. Hence, we have to remain extra vigilant. The onus and attention of the nation is on us. We need to get our act together and put up the stiffest possible resistance. And yes, I do not want anyone backing out from the battle. Or else… So are you guys ready”. “Yes sir!” went the chorus. Ram couldn’t help noticing the irony. He wondered how many people were saying yes wholeheartedly. 20, maybe 30. He thought about it. And why would they say yes? In spite of braving such difficulties, their pay was miniscule, and conditions horrible. Neither were they ever given any credit for anything. Respect? That was out of the question.


“Jai Hind!” Soldiers rushed out in the formation and started with their drills. After the exercises and invoking the name of the Devi (whose temple was located nearby), the sepoys took their positions behind the curved ‘war wall’, which they had specially constructed for fighting purposes. Hardly had they settled in, when message came in that the Pakistanis had 600 soldiers with the specially designed AK-47s and 50 tanks. The enemy had proven to be doubly clever, and had somehow come to know of the Indian plans. “What! But we are just 350, and that too with our LM-35s”. “Brothers”, went Rajesh. “This is the time of reckoning. So what if we are just 350? We have the spirit and the blessing of the Devi! Let’s give it our best shot”. The soldiers then changed positions. Deserting the war wall, they spread over different positions, according to Plan B. Ram and Rajesh settled in towards the left hand side of the hill. “Rajesh! I have thought of it, and I have this feeling that staying here any longer may cost us our lives. Let’s just leave the battlefield and run away”. “What are you saying Ram!”, went Rajesh. “Hasn’t this country given us so much? Isn’t it our duty to stay on and fight the enemy? Besides, nothing will happen to us, don’t worry about that!” . Ram did not reply back.


“Whoosh”. The battle had started and Ram could feel it as the bullet zoomed past him. It was amazing as to how the apparently peaceful village had been transformed into a war zone. As time passed, casualties galored the Indian side. It was a terrible sight to see bodies thrown allowed and a mixture of snow white, blood red and dust brown. At a couple of hundred meters away from the two, an enemy tank was moving menacingly ahead. This tank had particularly caused problems to the Indian side. Rajesh couldn’t help noticing that destroying this tank would hold everyone in good stead, and give them control over the south. Meanwhile, a magnetic force was pulling Ram away from the battle zone. He didn’t know what to do. The force was very strong. Suddenly, a fully armed Rajesh rushed towards the enemy tank. In a well planned move, with the help of Shyam, he lured the tank and placed a bomb in its path. This spelt doom for the tank. “Dhisuddd” went the sound, and nearly immediately, out of nowhere, a bullet struck Rajesh’s leg, as Ram watched helplessly. “Ram”, screamed Rajesh. Rajesh needed help, and he needed it before the enemy could reach him. A part of Rajesh was asking him to get away from the scene, but Rajesh knew what to do. He knew that Rajesh was the only good friend he had ever had, a friend who had helped him in every situation possible. He knew that Rajesh was in trouble, and needed him. With all the guts he could summon, Rajesh rushed towards Ram. “Rajesh! Here I come.” “Why did you come here Ram? Its quite risky as the enemy is right under our nose”. Rajesh soon found himself being hoisted up and taken towards the safe post. However, as luck would have it, one of the many bullets struck Ram on his back. Gathering all his strength, Rajesh moved on towards the post. Finally, he managed to reach the post and Shyam took Rajesh into his shoulders, but Ram… Ram was dying. “Why did you do so Ram?”. Said Ram, “Rajesh, Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light. I have realized that for me, you have been such a human.” Tears rolled town Rajesh’s cheeks. “Rajesh, I have never been able to tell this to you. But here I go.. I am extremely grateful to you, for all that you have done for me. And yes, I really love you”. As Ram breathed his last, Rajesh realized what a sacrifice his gem-of-a-friend had made.

My experiences with Sathya Sai Baba -1 September 16, 2006

Posted by Karan in Personal.

He walked in when the world walked out.


What joy.. what joy I get when I see the orange robe entering the Darshan Hall.

What serenity.. what serenity do I find on the faces of thousands of devotees upon having a glimpse of His form.

What love.. what love does He impart to the lacks of devotees across the world.


He is an embodiment of love and compassion. He never will refuse a devotee or His child in need. In short, for me, He is God. Now God is not just one who does miracles to save the world. God is the sole comforting voice in distress. He is the one, who brings tears to your eyes when you feel his love. His love is unconditional and ever lasting. His is the guiding hand, which has shown me the way throughout my life. Without Him, I would have been nowhere, been a nothing.


I spent two years of my life in Puttaparthi, and let me state this. They where without any doubts, the best two years of my life. However, they were the two years, about which hardly any of my friends are aware, save Dushyant. Henceforth, I will write a series of posts to let my friends know about my life there, and about Sathya Sai Baba in general.


Sathya Sai Baba is the CEO (if you can call it… in the modern lingo) of Puttaparthi. He has converted the most backward village of India into a modern ashram single handedly. And this is not just another ashram, it has the best super specialty hospital in Andhra Pradesh ( which treats patients for free ), a top-10-UGC accredited deemed university, schools and colleges which provide education absolutely free of cost, provides hygienic food and accommodation facilities to the thousands of devotees who are present in the ashram at any time and crores who throng Puttaparthi every year, has good a huge library, book stalls , planetarium , a huge stadium, the first music college in India.. And what not! All this, without a single pie from the government. If this is not a miracle, what is? If this is not pure and unconditional love, then what is? He never takes the credit for what he has done. His devotees include people like Sachin tendulkar, Vajpayee, Chandrababu Naidu, Sanath Jayasuriya, Sunil gavaskar, Ashok Singhal, Vilasrao deshmukh, A.P.J Abdul Kalam, the list is massive. (I have myself seen all of them in during my stay in parthi) . What are we when compared to his majestic love! In spite of all that, he comes down to our level, and talks to us. It’s such a sight to see Him interacting with the primary school kids. It brought tears to my eyes, when once a kid came crying told Him that he was missing his mother. Then Swami, with all his compassion, wiped the boy’s tears with his robe, and stated. “I am your everything- father, mother and God. Why fear when I am here? “. Such a huge figure, coming and saying this to a little kid? If this is not compassion at his highest form, then what is?


A personal incident. My grandfather was on his deathbed. That was when I decided to write a letter to Him. He came in the darshan lines, and luckily took my letter. I told Him about my grandfather. He said, don’t worry, and gave me some vibhuti (sacred ash, which he creates…). And lo, believe it or not, my grandfather recovered, when all hope was lost. He is very much alive and kicking today.


Now, that I have left parthi, I really miss His physical presence. I have spent nights and nights crying on my bed after coming here. I miss Him a lot, I really do. He was everything to me. He has brought me out of all my problems; He has never let a prayer down. However, I have disappointed Him on an occasion too many. I keep forgetting His teachings, but He, with all His compassion keeps forgiving me.


I love you Swami! Please give me the strength to follow and spread your teachings.



(To be continued…)

Back with a bang! September 14, 2006

Posted by Karan in General.

He’s back! For all those bastards who dared to question his abilities, there couldn’t have been a more fitting reply. His 148-ball 141 was studded with five huge sixes. Sachin Tendulkar, the greatest sportsperson to have ever set foot on this hungry-cricket nation, God for many Indian cricket fans (including me), nightmare for geniuses like Shane Warne, an inspiration for an entire generation, an embodiment of humility is back… and how!! His fantabulous innings, his 40th LOI century has made my day!


He is genius redefined. Even in spate of being at the receiving end of the most ardent criticism one could face, or the lavishest praises one could have been showered upon, he holds his head high and does not let it get inside his brain. A couple of years back, when it seemed as if the entire world was after his ass, when anyone could have succumbed, he remained steady. When, after the 1998 Sharjah tournament, after conquering Australia, and reaching the peak of his powers, he was being compared to the best in the game and was worshiped like never before, he remained steady. When challenge or sledged at, he never gets intimated. He lets his MRF do the talking… and it just doesn’t talk.. it screams with the most fervor passion. “Passion” -> that’s what he has for the game. 75 centuries, maximum runs, God-like status.. 17 years in international cricket, best in the World Cup… what still keeps him going? It’s his undiminishing passion for the game… its something everyone has to learn from.


The imminent question.. now what? Well, aint it simple.. he will go on as long as his mind allows him to.. fuck the critics! The way he has come back from various injuries time and again, brushing away criticism and helping his team reach peaks is indeed commendable. He is, without a second thought, India’s backbone for WC 2007.


To God, this is a prayer straight from the heart-> let Sachin go on and help India lift the World Cup (his unfulfilled ambition).


You are the best Sachin, may you go on and score a 100 international centuries

ThE BaSkEtBaLl CoUrT September 13, 2006

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Now this was Sambhav’s idea, but since he doesn’t blog, I am taking the privilege of writing on it! 😀



When one sits and jots down a list of the best places to hang out in the IIIT campus, I don’t have too many doubts about the spot which would win hands down- the basketball court! Yeah people, it’s neither the coffee shop, nor the canteen, nor the smokers’ point which seems to be the most popular. The court’s not just about basketball, it’s about a plethora of many other activities.


Owing to lack of other spaces at the IIIT, its next best purpose after basketball itself is that it serves as a really good meeting ground. Be it a batch meet for organizing fresher party, or a dissent meet ( hope the faculty’s not reading this 😉 ), bb courts always the first place that comes to one’s mind! Celebration is synonymous with the bb court. Birthday parties, carnival dances, teachers’ day function, cultural performances… The courts’ seen it all! Of late, the UG2K5 batch seems to have made cricket a hot activity on court! The flat ‘pitch’ and the bright lights provide ample reason for it to be used for a short game of night cricket! Well, the court’s also famous for the so many brawls its seen, acting as a start for the so many popular college rivalries ( would not like to mention examples in public! 😀 )


So what makes the court so popular among students? Well, the reasons are not too far to seek! Firstly, owing to the lack of a proper hall as such, it’s become a hotspot for things like meetings and functions! Secondly, the sparkling lights add to the charm of the basketball court. Nighttime is the most popular time among IIITians, and owing to lack of lights, many other spots are ruled out of contention of being used for various activities. Thirdly, the easy accessibility of the court makes it a very popular spot. No keys, no permissions hence, and hassle free use of the court! Besides, it’s the nearest spot to the hostels, especially the NBH, GHEB and the GH. And finally, the immense popularity of the game itself among IIITians draws people to the court! ( Btw, there is one more factor.. its proximity to the GH 😉 😛 )

Carpediem.. An account of the fest September 10, 2006

Posted by Karan in General.

This is a chronological account of our visit to the CBIT fest- Carpediem (have I got the spelling right?) yesterday. The account is purely my point of view 😀


It was last week, when I told Abhijeet about the impending visit of the Pakistani band JAL to the CBIT College. We immediately decided to go for it, considering that our last outing at such a concert was a major success (read: KK at GRIET). Contacting my friend Haritha @ CBIT, we got hold of the tickets too. And not just us, a lot of students from other batches too joined in, and believe-it-or-not, there were more than forty students from the present UG1. (This UG1 batch seems to have the “x” factor.. come on, there were never more than 10 of us in any fest last year!).


So yesterday, with the tensions of assignments behind us, we left for CBIT at about 2:30 P.M. At Mehdipatnam, we were joined by our batch girls! Singing and chatting throughout the journey, we reached CBIT by 3:45. And immediately, we sensed the excitement and the mood in the air. The college had a nice campus, and the crowd at the fest- it was awesome! The guys were smartly dressed and the gals- maan… They had the ‘Omphhh’ factor about them! It was as if CBIT was the most happening place in town on that day and most of you-know-who collegians (and others) had descended onto Gandipet! Be it couples moving around in the campus, or groups of guys or gals freaking out, everyone had this sense of happiness wrought large on their faces… This looked like a proper fest! It also brought about a sense of Déjà vu in us. Anyways, the rock show was on, and we immediately joined in! Head banging was in full flow and the heat was on- both literally and figuratively! (Unfortunately, we missed a major part of the show!) Later in the day, we had the winners performing again. And know what, they played our favorite numbers, Chop Suey and Toxic City. At this point, we really were in the flow, and even had this ‘virtual confrontation’ (the ones you see in rock shows). The people around us were wondering what had happened! Luckily enough, no on except Chand was hefty, and we downed him too!


Anyways, after the rock show, it was the turn of ‘DJ Suketo’ (who was present only for a few minutes … wonder how much he was paid for it). Anyways, what mattered was the music and the ‘girl in red’ who was on the stage 😀 😉 -> she was extremely hot. A word on the arrangements at this point… they were pathetic! There was hardly any space to shake a leg or two and the shamianas only added to the confusion! How ever, when it comes to having some major fun and being in the limelight, how can IIITians stay far behind? Six of us formed a circle on the road and started dancing- initially, there were just Aditya,Chirag, Abhijeet, Piyush, Sambhav, Raman,Himank, and me. Then Joy joined us, and a lot of UG3 and UG2 students joined in. And once the juniors came in, it was as it was IIIT’s fest and not CBIT’s! There was the trademark IIIT dance step – Makarena and a lot of cheering and jeering too. Slogans on IIIT adorned the air and there was no doubt, that this was the best part of the day for us! People all around us were looking at us in awe and astonishment. It was quite overwhelming! Cheers to IIIT!


How ever, after all this, we were quite tired and worn out already. It felt like having a nap over there. And the food, it was fucking shit costly! A few rates:


Baskin’s cone -> Rs 50 ( normally.. its 28 )

Dahi Chat -> Rs 25 (There were hardly 5 pieces of ‘papri’ )

Patsry -> Rs 30 (Those bastards! )

Dosa -> Rs 20 (The same ones which we get in our canteen for 7 bucks!)


Blah blah blah…….


With our minds and bodies shut out, we weren’t in much of a mood to swing anymore. We entered the main ground, and Lo! The Rs 100 ticket (which we were holding) was just too far away from the stage! I mean, we were not even able to make out the number of people on stage, forget about seeing the star performers! This was another glitch on the part of the management, what was the big fun in leaving out so many empty spaces? How ever, when it comes to innovation, how can IIITians stay behind? With the help of some juniors (who happened to be holding the Rs 250 ticket ), nearly all of us were able to enter the Rs 250 section!!! (with the support of just four bands which held nearly sixty of us in stealth! ) How ever, as luck would have it, I got caught in the act and was kicked out of the arena 😦 How ever, the next time, we just broke the barricades and entered the 250 section, as the guards could only watch helplessly 😀 . After all what can two unarmed guards do against the power of so many students! Now, there was absolutely no difference between the 100 and 250 sections! The people who had taken the pains to shell out 250 bucks must have had their asses on fire 😀 :)) 😛 . (Some of them.. like Himank, Raman, PK, Gupta, Rishi and others.. even managed to get into the 600 section, and Himank and Raman as far as the VIP section, using the same trick!) It was much better now! IIITians got together again to dance to the tunes of Karunya and Jal. Some of us were just too tired too move much and were just enjoying the music. Karunya was OK and Jal was quite good. They envisaged Indo-Pak peace too (as most of the cross-border artistes do!) . For Karunya, it was a first time in a technical ( or for that matter.. any ) college. Finally, at about 12 P.M, we left the place. We reached college and after a visit to the canteen, it was a straight forward destination sleep. And am writing this after getting up and having had the pathetic OBH breakfast. K


All in all, a day to remember and record!


A few things regarding the fest which people should take note of:

1) Thanks to just one big performer, Jal, Sponsors like Channel V (yes, you heard it right!), Prasads, CCD and a host of other big brands pooled in a lot of money, plus there must have been at least 5 lakhs collected from the audience. This made a huge difference to the overall fest-> Compare this to Felicity!


2) The performing artistes also attracted a lot of good crowd, and this if implemented, would surely attract a lot of talent in Felicity too! I can say it confidently, that very few of us would have gone for the fest, had it not been having the star attractions (Example-> The Muffakamjah fest which was being held on the same day.. no one I know of attended it, plainly because of the fact that they didn’t have any star attraction!)


This is food for thought, and I am sure we would like to think about this, and probably bring this point to the faculty!


Finally, Well done CBITians, inspite of the glitches, it was a well managed affair, Congratulations!

Dream cricket team September 7, 2006

Posted by Karan in General.

If maritans would land on earth today and challenge us to a cricket match , this would be my dream team:

LOI: (In the same order)
1) Sachin Tendulkar

2) Adam Gilchrist(w)

3) Ricky Ponting(c)

4) Brian Lara

5) Kevin Pietersen

6) Inzamam-ul-Haq(vc)

7) Andrew Flintoff

8) Anil Kumble

9) Shane Bond

10) Glenn McGrath

11) Mutiah Muralitharana

12) Brett Lee(12th man)

Test Matches:

1) Virender Sehwag

2) Matthew Hayden

3) Ricky Ponting (c)

4) Sachin Tendulkar

5) Rahul Dravid(vc)

6) Andrew Flintoff

7) Adam Gilchrist(w)

8) Shane Warne

9) Glenn McGrath

10) Mutaih Muralitahrana

11) Mohommad Asif

12) Jacques Kallis (12th man)

Follow your heart.. September 6, 2006

Posted by Karan in General, IIIT centric.

Statutory warning: This is a completely philosophical post, and do not blame me for boring you. For people looking for sheer entertainment, there are some of my other posts.


This one just got my grey cells going. It’s as if I had been taught some things, I had realized that these are important in my life, but somehow, for one reason or the other (call it my incompetence), I just never paid enough attention to it. But in the couple of years of stay at the IIIT, its hit me again and again, and hit me hard!


It’s a very simple concept. Seemingly easy and lucid. Perceptions and pre-assumptions about JV didn’t allow me to really pay attention to it. Nor did I really introspect on it every morning when I remember Him. Ignoring it probably has even landed me in trouble, trouble on my relationships front. However, today, after watching “Lage raho Munnabhai” and their entertaining antics, I could not ignore it anymore. The concept is simple -> It just says “ Before doing anything in life, before taking any step in life, however insignificant it may be, just do one small thing. Thing about whatever you are doing, thing with your heart and you will get the answer from within, whether you are right or wrong. After that, its easy, just follow your heart ”.


However much we may have rebuked Jeevan Vidya, there has to be something to it which has made even the President of India mention it in is speech. However much you may hate Gandhi (I am not his ardent follower myself), you cannot help but admire this man, and you cannot ignore some of his teachings. And one thing which I have learnt, and have realized is very important for one is the above stated!


For all the readers who have had the patience to read thus far, I urge you to think about this! Nothing wrong in that, right? And I firmly believe that this will work, because there is a God in each and every one of us. God-> nothing but an embodiment of truth, peace, love and duty! The answer will come from within. No one is even asking you to listen to some one, views are not being imposed on you, its just that one should follow his heart, follow him self! There couldn’t be a more accommodating view than this!


PS: I hope you are not totally bored, and if you are not, do think about what I have written.

I really thank you Mr Rajkumar Hirani, for having made such a beautiful movie… This is something which is bound to make people think.

I really do hope that Sanjay Dutt gets away Scot free (his verdict on the 92 blast case is going to be announced soon)

I am sorry Mr. Gandhi, I had never respected your views. I shouldn’t have abused you as I did.


Women.. September 3, 2006

Posted by Karan in General.


Saw this poster in my sister’s bedroom and couldn’t resist putting it up on my blog.

A woman should..

Be a feminist during her college days,

Be career minded and care oriented,

Play the game of hide and seek with her suitor,

Dare to stay happily unmarried all her life,

Love being a woman,

Buy flowers for herself,

Feel the wind on her face

Go camping, trekking,

Be shy, be bold,

Trust men occasionally,

Give that second chance to everyone,

Be a romantic,

Get emotionally hyped over nothing and cool down suddenly,

Go on a diet, yet eat chocolates and ice-creams,

Get ‘high n stay high on life, love her man and her reflection,

Learn to love herself,

Kiss herself good night in the mirror,

Get wild, tame her tears,

Break rules- lead the dances,

Drive her man’s car,

Run his bank account,

Manage his business, wear his clothes,

Yet know that he’s the man and she’s the woman,

Get flattered,

Wear latest fashion and fine diamonds

For no special reason

Lay down principles in her life,

Go out for window shopping all alone,

Know the way to her man’s heart,

Never forget the girl within.

PS: No copyright issues, I state clearly that I have picked this up from an Archies poster.

I invite everyone to think on this ( gals and guys included ) and probably start a discussion.

I love you Mom, and just can’t live without you.. I know words are not enough but I say Thanks for all that you have done for me.