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Posted by Karan in General.

This is a small description of the movies of the decade (according to me… that is).

1)Dil Chahta Hai(2001): It defines new age Indian Cinema. Sleek, smart, stylish, humorous and yet filled with different sensibilities. Had tears in my eyes when Aamir Khan hugs Akshay Khanna towards the end of the movie.


2)Munnabhai Mbbs(2003): One of the best comedies of recent times! Munnabhai MBBS is replete with laughter and emotions without being soppy. Rajkumar Hirani(director) has beautifully entwined the fun-filled scenes with teary moments. Performance of a career by Sanjay Dutt.

3)Sarkar(2005): Modelled on Godfather, this movie has the Bacchans-> Amitabh and Abhishek at their best. A film on how a person follows his heart, not giving a damn to the system. Ram Gopal Verma is in his elements while directing the movie.

4)Kal Ho Na Ho(2003): Emotional Hindi cinema at its best.. one of the very few movies, which reduced me to tears! Nikhil Advani deserves all praises for telling the story without making it mushy and yet not compromising on the emotional quotient at the same time.

5)Lagaan (2001): A movie credited with changing the face of Indian cinema. The movie that made it to the Oscars! A movie which is very dear to my heart. Set in a pre-independence Indian village, it is about the victory of a village over its rulers – through guts and determination. An absolute must watch

6)No Entry(2005): A total laugh riot. This sex comedy ensures that you will not have a single dull moment in the entire three hours. Of course, not a movie you can watch with your parents 😀

7)Rang de Basanti(2006): Inspirational cinema at its best! The after affects of RDB still remain, and youth have actually changed their attitude after RDB. Set in the modern era, it is about how four young guys change their callous attitude and fight against the system for justice, and a nobel cause. It is rare that such a well-crafted and beautifully told story is seen in Hindi cinema.

8)Page Three(2005): In spite of being made on a small budget, this one makes you think, to think about issues which are never raised. Bhandarkar deservaes a pat on the back for doing this

9)Swades(2004): I cant believe that this movie was a flop at the box office. Strange are ways of the people. It was rejected in spite of havin Shah Rukh-Gowariker, in spite of being filled with inspiration and desh bhakti, in spite of talking about an NRI Indian and in spite of wonderful music!

10) Iqbal(2005): Kukonno’s off beat movie strikes an instant chord with the audience! It is about the rise of an underdog, and not being in the limelite, don’t we love seeing that ourselves. The movie tells the story of a deaf-mute boy who harbors a dream of making to the Indian Cricket team as a pace bowler. Besides having Cricket – which is more than a sport for the Indians (despite our team’s repeated dismal performances) – as the common thread that runs through the entire movie, ‘Iqbal’ is the story of a deprived boy’s grit, determination, hardwork and unending passion for becoming a pace bowler in the national team.


11)HERA PHERI(2000): How could I have missed this? Unbashedly funny, the trio of Rawal, Kumar and Shetty are etched in the minds of people. So much so, that when the second part released this year, it was bound to make record money!


Movies which were close but missed out:


The legend of Bhagat Singh


Hum Tum


1. Himank - August 31, 2006

How can u forget Hera Pheri if u talk abt comedy movies…. N ya glad that u included swades….coz it ws a rocking movie..jus dunno wy it flopped……
And somehow feel that Legend of Bhagat Singh ought to come in top 10 (dont know at whose cost)…we think almost the same way…
N ya i dont think No Entry is a movie to be in top 10,agreed it was a laugh riot but not a movie which ppl will remember after some yrs..

2. sumanth - September 1, 2006

Iqbal would be the best among the lot ! A really good movie. 🙂

3. michael - September 1, 2006

such lists are allways very personal and discussable.

Rahul - December 10, 2009

Abey michal jackson, chup reh bey

4. abhijeet - September 1, 2006

‘no entry’ found entry in your top 10……strange yarr……..other den dat..nice selection.

5. kopos - September 2, 2006

to be frank sir, your decade just spanned four years! and its very unfair to title yours as a decade best bollywood films?

6. sneha - September 2, 2006

no entry does’nt deserve a mention………hum tum was much better…..other dan dat d selection is good

7. anon - September 4, 2006

kal ho na ho and no entry, dude you are sick >:P

Rahul - December 10, 2009

Yes, he is a sick person.

8. karanmaroo - September 5, 2006

@ all those who didnt like no entry.. movies r more abt entertainmen than nethin else.. nd i guess no entry was one of d most entertainin films of d yr ( d box office proves dat )

9. pankaj saini - September 8, 2006

bollywood movies….hands off…with rare exceptions…i really can’t say abt others…as very seldom i watch them….

10. KIRAN - September 20, 2006


11. karanmaroo - September 21, 2006

@ kiran.. m doin good.. but who d heck r ya?

12. Anshul - June 20, 2007

i more or less agree with u but how did u leave ‘Black’!!!!
i thnk it deserved to be in top-5. 😀

13. utsav - May 21, 2008

kal ho na ho no entry ? what about satya ? black friday ? no smoking ?

14. Aryan Maharaj - May 2, 2009

Hey dude you’re so totally off track come on man where da heck is Kuch Kuch and damn bru Tere Naam has to be da best by far 🙂

aaryan maharj - February 9, 2010

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15. Rahul - December 10, 2009

Who the hell are you to decide, bas time paas karne k liye kuch bhi blog likh do.
You are waste

16. rupashi - December 17, 2009

where is wanted and ghajini they r the best of bollywood

17. Ken - January 9, 2010

Here’s the list of Hindi movies based on User & Critic ratings… it’s the top 250 Hindi movies of the decade. movieken.weebly.com/

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