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PREZ FOR MA ARTICLE :) August 26, 2006

Posted by Karan in Personal.

Its an amazing feeling! When I was in Delhi a couple of years back, entering the Rashtrapati Bhavan felt like a king ( courtesy my uncle, who happens to be an MP ). However, this was different, coming along the same lines though. Last year, Aniket and I happened to conduct a survey among the UG2K5 batch on Jeevan Vidya, also writing an article on the same for the IIIT mag, “Echoes”. Never did we think that the article and the survey would one day be in the hands of none less than the President of India himself! Yeah, its quite amazing and true, and thanks to Prof.Sangal and Prof.Bagaria, our article reached one of my idols in life, Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. Here is the transcript of the mail sent by Dr.Sangal, stating the same:


Dr Kalam learnt about the Jeevan Vidya experiment at IIIT and sent a
message through Shri Arun Tiwari (his co-author of Wings of Fire) that he
wanted to know more about it in February 2006. I along with Shri Ganesh
Bagaria and Pawan Gupta met him in April 2006 in Rashtrapati Bhavan. He
listened to the content of Jeevan Vidya keenly, and asked many probing
questions. We told him about the role it can play in value education in
engineering. He mentioned that he had seen the student survey on IIIT
web-site (conducted by Karan Maroo and Aniket of ug2 on Jeevan Vidya). He
wanted to know how it can be incorporated earlier in school education.
Shri Pawan Gupta briefed him about the possibilities.”


I nurture ambitions of being a journalist one day, and this gives a good boost to it,.. but on second thoughts I realize that the article only reached the prez due to the topic it was written on- JV!! 😦



1. Himank - August 26, 2006

Well congrats dude!! It is huge your article reaching the Prez…. N ya i thought you aspired to be a Manager never knew you wished to be a Journalist…

N ya one thing tujhe kya lagta hai ki Prez read your article coz u write wello r sum other stuff..u just suck 🙂 …Its just coz of Jeevan Vidya that he read it..:) 🙂 🙂 🙂

2. mythalez - August 26, 2006

President reads ur articles and ur uncle’s an MP !!
i never knew u had such connections 😉 .. i wud hav been more careful and servile with u. 😛

3. karanmaroo - August 26, 2006

@ himank-> saale voh to mein likha hi aakhri para mein 🙂

@ mythalez.. u were good enuf already.. crisly v miss u nd ur tutorship 😀

4. abhijeet - August 26, 2006

dude……u’v rocked dis time , and rocked big mann.U’v braught honours 2 ur luvd once.


5. Subhashis Chand - August 26, 2006

first of all congrats for making it to president’s desk
though it cud be bcos of JV… WTF who cares….
u wrote it…and u desrerve all the accolade for ur work let it be directly or indirectly….

6. varun - August 27, 2006

ur uncles a MP => uv just bcome my new bestest friend.. 😛

7. Sowmya - August 27, 2006

Thats a great thing to know. Keep going.

8. pankaj saini - August 30, 2006

=)) =)) it really made me roll of ma seat when u r seeing the dream of ur life cuming true thru…JV…really amazing…how much did we loath this thing and this has brought you..wonders…but gr8 work done…next time not the president i want ur report to be in the hands of the secretary general….of UN…all the best…

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