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The Ghost is Back.. August 23, 2006

Posted by Karan in General.

It was seemingly inevitable, till students and doctors across the country stepped in! They managed to extract a promise from the government, that the issue would be looked into and reconsidered.. but nah, as always, politics of vendatta rules. The issue is reservation for OBCs. Yesturday, the government hammered one more nail into the coffin , by clearing the reservation proposal and ruling out seperating the creamy layer. The only concession(seemingly so) they have given is that the present number of seats for the general category remain untouched.

With the proposal, the government has virtually made the protesting people and deserving students eat shit! Where are those empty promises made during the strikes? What the fuck.. how are they saying that the students will not be affected! Many universities have categorically stated that they would need a minimum of three years to even build the basic infrastructure. Where is the land, the resources going to come from? Why can’t those resources be used for other purposes, like uplifting OBCs by providing them basic education. The government have simply chosen to ignore all these uestions by proposing complete reservations of all central universities from 2007-08 itself. And why have they decided to exclude some ‘strategically important’ universities? Why these double standards?

To the people in my own college, the IIIT vehemently supporting reservations, ( One particular prof even screwed the hell out of us for just expressing our views.. guess everyone knows who it is) and accusing us of not knowing the facts and figures, I would like them to note a couple of things. The Knowledge commison, which has been appointed to look into all national issues of importance( nine fields) have opposed reservations on the basis of caste( by a vote.. 6 of the 8 members votes against reservation). Now dont try pulling wool over our eyes by saying that the KC has not got its facts and figures right! They have spent all the time on it and have come to the conclusion(a logical one) only after taking all the facts into consideration. (They are supposed to be extremely well educated and informed, and are old horses in their fields). Sam Pitroda, its chairman(also an OBC member) has gone on record opposing reservations. Why has the government simply chosen to criticise them, yes the very own government which appointed them! So much for the double standards. Major industrialists have made their positions on reservations clear, they are totally against it. Now dont tell me, that these gentlemen haven’t taken things into consideration.. They are surely much more experienced and wiser than most of us.

If we have to do something, now is the time! Delhi is burning, and so should the rest of India. Before the bill is intoduced in the parliament, or the President gets the law in a raw form, Indian democrasy should shake with our protests!


1. Namrata - August 23, 2006

There could not have been a better time for this blog.We all need to pick a leaf from the students in Delhi who are moving heaven and earth for a cause which deserves more attention and support.Good blog dude!

PS:Karan puhhleezz steer clear of controversies (ref:One particular prof even screwed the hell out of us for just expressing our views.. guess everyone knows who it is)

2. Himank - August 23, 2006

Well can’t agree with you more on the issue….
You may call me a loser but i have lost the heart of fighting against the authorities(saw it in our coll..) But i for sure would like to do something in this regard if someone else initiates…..

3. Maruti - August 24, 2006

Hmm .. i agree wid ma roomie , considering the recent events happenin in IIIT , I have lost hope and i dont av d heart to fight against our Totally-Corrupt Government



4. Abhishek Sainani - August 24, 2006

Hey Karan !! you are right yaar. The government does things only for it’s own survival. The biggest problem in increasing seats, i think would be faculty and teachers, which even presently are either limited or short in number. And of course, directly bringing students to college level, most of whom don’t even know their basics well, is the height of politics and stupidity. And by reserving seats for them, they are not bringing them at par with the general category, as they very fondly say, they rather increase the differences between them and normal category. Actually same thing happened before India got it’s independence, Pakistan fought for it’s independence just because of British Government, and now our Indian government is doing the same thing. I just hope that history doesn’t repeat itself !!
I really feel bad for those students appearing for medicine, they have to suffer the most, i think so !!

5. karanmaroo - August 25, 2006

join in d protest march @ cyber pearl.. 25th August.. 6:30 P.M

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