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2 to Tango? No thank u.. August 13, 2006

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

WTF? This is what I first uttered when I heard the news that we would be sharing rooms again in the NBH! Before joining this place, we were told that we would have to share rooms for a year , and would surely be getting our individiual rooms the next time around. However, the faculty had other plans.. throughout the first year, the wrirting on the wall was clear, and it became absolutely lucid towards the end, we werent goin to get individual rooms. In the month of March, when one of my friends pointed this out to me, I got up and took note. The construction of a proposed new hostel had’nt even started! I had imagined that things would be smooth and work done on time in private colleges(apart from promises being kept.. this was a promise broken by the Director Himself). After all, to whom is the administration accountable apart from the students( who obviously are in for the hostel ) ? As for funds, it really shudn’t have been a problem, thanx to the astronomical fee which is collected from us! Plus, this is something which the students were not responsible for. Now why are they suffering? I seriously wonder what reasons held the faculty back from showing the green flag to the proposal!

Now let me come to the problems of living in such a stifled state ( the words not an exhaggeration ) . The closest my imagination can take me is.. compare it to travelling by RAC in a train.. yeah thats what it is. It is just that its difficult for two people to adjust in a room meant for one! Theres barely space enough for two beds, a table and a chair to fit in. And now, having to manage it with two laptops on a single table(thats not all.. most of us have gone in for external hardware devices like keyboard, mouse and speakers), stifled is the perfect word to describe our state. Does that leave space on the table to study? Its as if we are being encouraged to sit on our beds and study, which is precisely what is discouraged in all other decent hostels! Sitting on the bed and studying ( or working on the laptop for that matter ) only leads to back pains, and takes us into a sleepy state. Now what does the faculty have to say on this? Or is this still a part of ‘group learning’. And then take the net connection.. the already screwed up wireless LAN is in a patheic state with two laptops in a single room. It only leads to frustartion! And finally, maintaing such a room in a clean state is a major pain in the ass.. let me tell you that most of second year rooms are pretty dirty!

Of course, I have nothing against two people staying in a room.. but considering the disadvantages, they way outnumber the advantages. I hope that something is done about it soon, and the work on the new hostel speendens up, so that they can be ready for use by the next semester. Otherwise, I hope something is done by the students!
Is the Faculty listening???


1. Manish - August 13, 2006

Hey,i’m sure dat d faculty z definitely not listenin dis thing.Just copy n mail it 2 d life@st…. Of course,I do agree vid vtever u hv said in dis article bt it z not goin 2 serve its prpos until ar mangement reads it.So,think abt it

2. abhijeet - August 13, 2006

hey dude……u remember v discussed the same stuff , plus the thing regarding the price-hike over the net.
I guess v really got do sumthing about it.The time has come baby…..lets rock.

3. Vipul - August 13, 2006

cmmon dude….don’t be so upset 2 have got double occupancy rooms…..but i agree wid manish & i think its useless until the admin underatsnd r probs…..in havin a room wid a partner

4. anonymous - August 13, 2006

Welcome to IIIT.

5. Cmdr Buzz - August 14, 2006

Just buzzed.

6. karanmaroo - August 14, 2006

@ cmdrbuzz.. thanx 🙂

7. Himank - August 14, 2006

Yaar its high time that somebody out there realises something. I wont say more onthis matter coz i mnot in good books of the authorities here…

8. pankajsaini - August 14, 2006

i think u have brought a very critical issue to light…sharing rooms..with so many things at hand…two lappys…speakers….bed…everything counts….but u know i wud still prefer a shared room…because…i am a hell lot talktive…and my roomie is a patient listener of all my shit, crap and fantasies…i was a kinda home sick when i came here…and he was my support…so…i don’t find any problem in sharing room…i have adjusted well…while cuming to IIIT after vacations i thought there wud be problem but i didn’t find any…
…but still gus that u opened up this issue..to all of us….

9. dark-knight - August 15, 2006

Thank you for raising the issue , It was long due
I am the facukty listens it and we can have single rooms next sem

10. Maruti - August 16, 2006

Hmmm .. i used 2 av a single rum in d 1st yr .. But know i av a roomie … I wud say .. my single room experince was way better than wat i am experincing now 😉 ..

11. pramodh8 - August 22, 2006

they are constructing obh extended blocks .. and its finishing date is somewhere near December.. i think you guys have to wait till then..

btw single rooms rock.. you can keep your things whereever you want..

12. lolz - August 31, 2006

item itemer itemest

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