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Posted by Karan in General, IIIT centric.

This is something I have been contemplating on for quite soemtime now. How can people manage to juggle acads, sports, organising events etc and still find time for that coffe with their friends? Well, its all about time management, my dear! This, is one skill which I believe every succesful person needs to develop.. be it a poltician, a software professional or a doctor.

In today’s stress- filled world, relationships often go for a dive. After working for 12 hours a day, who has the time for anything else? This is where time management steps in. Everything can be juggled well, provided we plan out and use our time effectively. My policy is to utilize every extra-half hour you get. That doesnt mean that you stop chatting with your friends or don’t maintain a social life.. nah that is extremely important. Its just that you should know when to do what; for this setting of priorities is very important. And this, cannot be defined by anyone, it has to come from within yourself. Once your priorities are set, things will get going automatically. You will know for yourself what you ought to do and what not. For this, you have to think out for yourselves.. Think about every activity and the time you allot it. The answer will surely come from within; you just need to think a little. Once you do that, I am sure that you fill find time for anything you want to do, you just need to allot the correct amount of time and space to it.
I have been trying a few things for the past few years, and they have worked quite well. In our batch, I find great time managers in Gaurav Kharkwal, Sambhav Jain and Subhashis Chand . They often manage to juggle things, and most importantly, they have their priorities set. They can be a major inspiration too!


1. mythalez - August 8, 2006

i gues there r two ways to juggle many things:
first one is have a time table and allocate time blah blah and so on
the second would be doing everything spontaneously as per ur likings and not stay idle ..
second one’s better rite? 😀

2. marutiborker - August 8, 2006

hmm … i think u also manage ur time propr\erly

3. lifeizlikethat - August 8, 2006

Well i cant read a blog like this….I all seems blah…blah… to me .Come out with some other topic. Waise i am the greatest time manager

4. abhijeet - August 8, 2006

agreed 2 u cent percent…….but 1 serious drawback
of dis strategy can b curbin ur passions nd interests…….if u can cope up vid dat nicely……den u’r on dude…u rock!!!!

5. karanmaroo - August 8, 2006

@mythalez.. well depends on persone 2 person.. neways thanx 4 ur comments.. 🙂
@maruti 😀
@life…. i guess ur entitled 2 ur opinion.. nd neways i had warned every1 earlier dat dis is a philosophical post
@ abhijeet.. dats d whole thingy.. ask ur heart if ur ready 4 followin ur passions.. nd if d ans is yes.. do it! u will get time 4 it!

6. dark-knight - August 8, 2006

well nice post , I will look forward to more tips

7. piyush - August 8, 2006

So. Mr. Time table … dats how u “manage” Ur time table ………..Anice post btw …..

8. Namrata - August 9, 2006

Nice article dude.I was expecting this some time from you and you always live upto em dont you!!Why did not you include your name in the article.Looking forward to more of these..

9. Aditya - August 9, 2006

well karan i cudnt with namrata more….certainly ur name is a must in dat list of gud time-managers…..u tryin 2 b modest or somthn???? [:}}]
neways a post vry genuine nd concerning….the thng is tho many ppl like 2 thnk on d same lines as describd in d post but they fail 2 implemnt it….
keep on posting on such issues….mr. time table (no ofenc i ges)….

10. prashasti - August 9, 2006

Yeah this article deserves real name of its writer.
Unfair Karan u shud hav mentioned it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well something I need to implemant in my life.

11. realgaurav - August 13, 2006

hey… i missed out on this blog…
tnx a lot for mentioning me, dah

12. manisharora - August 13, 2006

Right frm d tim i joind IIIT,i hv alwys been inspird by u nd ur time management skills.u do evrythin-u study,organize events nd activly take part in most of d activits.Bt i hv never been abl 2 work acc 2 som tim tabl althoug i hv tried it many tims.I assure u dat i’ll try dis time too(doesn’t matter whether it’s a success or a failure).xpectin more frm u on dis kinda stuff in future posts

13. Vipul - August 13, 2006

hey maroo i think u also manage ur time properly……& i shud learn smthin 4rm u & da other guyz(u mentioned) 2 mange my time as well……..:P

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