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WORKIN’ OUT August 5, 2006

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

There is a buzz in the gym these days. In the first year, I had decided to work out @ the gym regularly but unfortunately, thanx to the busy schedule we had (and my lazy bones.. :P),
I coudnt really do so. Besides, the gym was practically empty and the only inspiration for me were the pictures hanging, Sumeet Joon and ‘pataoifyin’ girls πŸ˜€ . However, this sem the story has been completely different.
UG2 students seem to have found a recipe for keeping their bodies fit , i.e work out at the gym regularly. Attend the gym at 5:30 in the evening, and you will be sure to find atleast 20 students working out together.
Now, considering the state of the gym last year, and tech-savvy, but sports-wreary IIIT students, this is quite a figure. Leading the pack are Subhashis Chand(who has proved
that he is the hunk of the college) and Kapil Bajaj. The others who pump iron regularly are Abhijeet Pagare, Chirag Nahar, Yogesh Nautiyal, Nitin Gupta, Aditya Agrawal
and of course me :P. Besides, people like Himank, PK, Maruti, Shrikant, Raman, Vibhav, Prudhvi, Mathur, Vatasal and others have also been pumping iron! Imagine lazy PK
workin out! Of course, one of the most dedicated gymmers is Pagare. hes been workin real hard and is a regular. Its a treat to watch so many people gymming everyday! Besides,
it is a great inspiration and stress buster ( thanx also to the music we have been having for the past couple of days!). It should not be long, before UG2 students turn into the strongest
batch of the college!
Of course, hopefully the PED takes note of this development, and appoint regular trainers at the gym, besides upgrading the worn out equipment.


1. Himank - August 6, 2006

Well ya stronger n better UG2……Odr batches jus wait n watch πŸ™‚

2. abhijeet - August 6, 2006

vel…dis being a totally chill sem[as compared 2 the Ist year ]……..guys hav not much 2 do[givn the fact dat de do not hav much opportunity 2 warm up der eyes ]……so i gues dats y gym has been kept busy.

3. senti - August 7, 2006

abe karan why u hv used my name vid PK,himank,nd vibhav…..saale i m goin gym regularly ….so plz dont use my name vid these lazy people…..ha ha ha

4. tandoor - August 7, 2006

a hopeless attempt at trying to be best batch in something πŸ˜›

5. Ashish Kumar - August 7, 2006

Haan haan ladkian patane ke liye gym jaana to jaruri hai.lekin saath mein “paustik” aahar bhi kha lena sale warna teri jo figure coolie banne layak bhi nahin rahega!!!

6. karanmaroo - August 7, 2006

@ tandoor.. well vr quite good @ odr things.. like programmin(for a start).. plus odr cultural events 2! its jus dat v av a few abberations

7. Ch!r@g ...... - August 7, 2006

dis post is really an inspiring 1 not only 4 dose who r a regular visitor 2 gym but 4 othr batchmates …. as its a proper usse of da ample free time v av dis sem !!!
hope 2 form a gang of body-builders from UG -2 in kumin months & den v ken organize inter – batch wrestlin comp ….

8. marutiborker - August 7, 2006

I think your blog is really growing … i expect more from you … Happy Blogging …

9. marutiborker - August 7, 2006

@Chirag Lolz ….

@karan ….dont you think this post has got the niggest number of comments

10. Deepti - June 7, 2007

lolz at the last two comments..man wats up wid u?? πŸ˜›

11. Karan - June 8, 2007

@Deepti.. arey those were spams, jus saw ’em now n deleted πŸ™‚

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