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NBH CELLAR RULEZ! August 3, 2006

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

Througout the first year, we, the students of UG2K5 had been excited about one thing, the prospects of moving into OBH the next time around(thats where there’s supposed to
be life..). Thanks to the uncallous attitude of the administration, there was a shortage of rooms again this time around. 😦 It was then that I decided to move into the cellar of the New Boys Hostel
(life in second floor was uncharacteristically boring). With some lobbying and good luck, i managed to get a room in the cellar with my new room partner PK. And boy, aint I happy with
my decision!
It woudnt be an exhaggeration to say that life in cellar is a constant party :P. Its easily one of the most happening places in the campus! 😀 We have an amzing range
of people over here.. Right from the sincere people like Sambhav, Randeep, Alok and Ankush to the real fun loving ones like Himank,Raman and Kabeer. Of course, there are the new room partners..Nigam brothers
(can i say that :P) and the Maruti-PK combination 😉 . The original ‘stud’- Pankaj Saini is also a demizen of the cellar. Vipul- the best folk dancer around 😛 is also in the cellar.
(He is a roommate of Raman darling.. lucky he 😉 ) There are others like Deepak and Ojasvi to add spice to
life over here.
Cellar is
– The best ‘BC’ venue for most students of NBH.
– The best place to have a dance party
– The best place for a movie screening (the screening of ‘Gunda’ last night.. was amazing!)
– The best place to have a game of ‘Gully cricket’
– The best place to study during the exams( Yes, we are the best even in studies.. with nine pointers like Sambhav, Ankush and Banga staying down here!)
Dont believe it.. just come down over here to have a taste of life @ cellar!


1. vipul - August 3, 2006

gud job maroo…….so u have proved th8 CELLAR ROX

2. Maruti - August 3, 2006

Dood … i totally agree wid you …. We have nearly mini-world here in the cellar .. People ranging from Padaku ( ankush banga ,u) , Cz lovers ( me ,kabeer,banga,ojasvi,kulbir,sachin,and many more ),basket ball palyers ( Shrikant nigam , Alok kumar ,sachin ),Geeks(Kulbir , Me 😉 ) , Masti-guys(himank,kabeer,piyush and others ) , cool guys (sambhav ,kapil ) ….During interaction Cellar nearly had the status of obh ( 😀 ) .every junior used to fear the room no. C-16 ( himank’s room [ ma new roomie ] )

3. tandoor - August 3, 2006

OBH babey…OBH…thats the place..nothing can beat this place..notice how ur cellar has a major dirth in variety when it comes to batches?

4. Aditya - August 3, 2006

well karan…a nice post….but highly xageratd at times….if juz hapens dat der r more northis n d cellar as compard 2 d odrs…..n henc alll d false hype abt avin d best ppl ovr dere…but u c…its d quality dat matrs n not d qty vich u get 2 c on d 1st floor..[;))]….tho d cellar s mprovin it cant match d class and charm of d 1st floor….

5. Karan - August 3, 2006

@ tandoor.. yeah dude.. agreed.. but look @ our options..
We have been made scapegoats of the empty promises made by the faculty! I totally agree vid d fact dat OBH is where life is.. infact v were all lookin 4wrd 2 movin 2 OBH 😀

6. Karan - August 3, 2006

@ adi.. lolz.. jus look @ d net in 1st floor :)).. hehe .. yest ur own floormate ..manish was complainin abt it nd agreed 2 d fact dat its btr off in d cellar! wat say?

7. abhijeet - August 4, 2006

yeah……..yeah……….if u r a stink-lover nd can handle almos al kindsa smells….nd hav no probs 2 wait 4 ages 4 the net 2 wake up….den yea….u r a gud candidate 2 spend a sem ova der……

8. Ch!r@g ...... - August 6, 2006

Maroo … i guess u r 2 much engaged in bloggin 2 c d real scene of cellar .Let me figure it out …
cellar in ani aspect cant b comp vid da grand OBH
cellar da place dat stinks like a hell !!!
ven it kums 2 BC no1 ken beat NBH – 47 (u kno dat)…..
4 dance party —-> of course 1st floor (Adi’s rum)
& 4 movie screeing & gully cricket … ani othr floor is equally gud !!!
ven it kums 2 study >>> Cellar is da danger zone bcos of guys like — Himank , Kabeer & sum othrs …
Its better u chk it out once more … b4 ani furder xaggeration !!!

9. lifeizlikethat - August 6, 2006

Bhai Karan i definitely agree with you that cellar is the most rokking floor in NBH or GHEB it has the best set of ppl and has all the variety of ppl…..You can do whateva you like to do in cellar!!!!

I would like to put it this way…

10. karanmaroo - August 7, 2006

@abhijeet nd chirag.. i guess himank gave a fitting reply 😀

11. senti - August 7, 2006

Thanx karan…..u really encouraged tha cellar guys nd ofcourse me also through this post……….REALLY yaar
………..CELLAR ROCKS…………..

12. Ch!r@g ...... - August 7, 2006

@ karan …..
bolne se kuch nahi hota hai …. u hav 2 accept da facts i mentiond in ma prev post !!!!

13. marutiborker - August 7, 2006

@karan .. sorry i think this post has got the most responses

14. manisharora - August 13, 2006

Hey Maroo,jus speed of d net is not d criteria 2 judge ne plac.I do agree dat d speedz gud in cellar most of d times bt still,ist flor rox becoz v hav “Sirjee” overhere nd of course chand,vibhu r also here 2 add spice 2 life aur fir Hum to hain hi na(hahaha)

NBH ist flor rox man

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