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This is a small description of the movies of the decade (according to me… that is).

1)Dil Chahta Hai(2001): It defines new age Indian Cinema. Sleek, smart, stylish, humorous and yet filled with different sensibilities. Had tears in my eyes when Aamir Khan hugs Akshay Khanna towards the end of the movie.


2)Munnabhai Mbbs(2003): One of the best comedies of recent times! Munnabhai MBBS is replete with laughter and emotions without being soppy. Rajkumar Hirani(director) has beautifully entwined the fun-filled scenes with teary moments. Performance of a career by Sanjay Dutt.

3)Sarkar(2005): Modelled on Godfather, this movie has the Bacchans-> Amitabh and Abhishek at their best. A film on how a person follows his heart, not giving a damn to the system. Ram Gopal Verma is in his elements while directing the movie.

4)Kal Ho Na Ho(2003): Emotional Hindi cinema at its best.. one of the very few movies, which reduced me to tears! Nikhil Advani deserves all praises for telling the story without making it mushy and yet not compromising on the emotional quotient at the same time.

5)Lagaan (2001): A movie credited with changing the face of Indian cinema. The movie that made it to the Oscars! A movie which is very dear to my heart. Set in a pre-independence Indian village, it is about the victory of a village over its rulers โ€“ through guts and determination. An absolute must watch

6)No Entry(2005): A total laugh riot. This sex comedy ensures that you will not have a single dull moment in the entire three hours. Of course, not a movie you can watch with your parents ๐Ÿ˜€

7)Rang de Basanti(2006): Inspirational cinema at its best! The after affects of RDB still remain, and youth have actually changed their attitude after RDB. Set in the modern era, it is about how four young guys change their callous attitude and fight against the system for justice, and a nobel cause. It is rare that such a well-crafted and beautifully told story is seen in Hindi cinema.

8)Page Three(2005): In spite of being made on a small budget, this one makes you think, to think about issues which are never raised. Bhandarkar deservaes a pat on the back for doing this

9)Swades(2004): I cant believe that this movie was a flop at the box office. Strange are ways of the people. It was rejected in spite of havin Shah Rukh-Gowariker, in spite of being filled with inspiration and desh bhakti, in spite of talking about an NRI Indian and in spite of wonderful music!

10) Iqbal(2005): Kukonnoโ€™s off beat movie strikes an instant chord with the audience! It is about the rise of an underdog, and not being in the limelite, donโ€™t we love seeing that ourselves. The movie tells the story of a deaf-mute boy who harbors a dream of making to the Indian Cricket team as a pace bowler. Besides having Cricket โ€“ which is more than a sport for the Indians (despite our teamโ€™s repeated dismal performances) โ€“ as the common thread that runs through the entire movie, โ€˜Iqbalโ€™ is the story of a deprived boyโ€™s grit, determination, hardwork and unending passion for becoming a pace bowler in the national team.


11)HERA PHERI(2000): How could I have missed this? Unbashedly funny, the trio of Rawal, Kumar and Shetty are etched in the minds of people. So much so, that when the second part released this year, it was bound to make record money!


Movies which were close but missed out:


The legend of Bhagat Singh


Hum Tum

PREZ FOR MA ARTICLE :) August 26, 2006

Posted by Karan in Personal.

Its an amazing feeling! When I was in Delhi a couple of years back, entering the Rashtrapati Bhavan felt like a king ( courtesy my uncle, who happens to be an MP ). However, this was different, coming along the same lines though. Last year, Aniket and I happened to conduct a survey among the UG2K5 batch on Jeevan Vidya, also writing an article on the same for the IIIT mag, โ€œEchoesโ€. Never did we think that the article and the survey would one day be in the hands of none less than the President of India himself! Yeah, its quite amazing and true, and thanks to Prof.Sangal and Prof.Bagaria, our article reached one of my idols in life, Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. Here is the transcript of the mail sent by Dr.Sangal, stating the same:


โ€œDr Kalam learnt about the Jeevan Vidya experiment at IIIT and sent a
message through Shri Arun Tiwari (his co-author of Wings of Fire) that he
wanted to know more about it in February 2006. I along with Shri Ganesh
Bagaria and Pawan Gupta met him in April 2006 in Rashtrapati Bhavan. He
listened to the content of Jeevan Vidya keenly, and asked many probing
questions. We told him about the role it can play in value education in
engineering. He mentioned that he had seen the student survey on IIIT
web-site (conducted by Karan Maroo and Aniket of ug2 on Jeevan Vidya). He
wanted to know how it can be incorporated earlier in school education.
Shri Pawan Gupta briefed him about the possibilities.โ€


I nurture ambitions of being a journalist one day, and this gives a good boost to it,.. but on second thoughts I realize that the article only reached the prez due to the topic it was written on- JV!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


The Ghost is Back.. August 23, 2006

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It was seemingly inevitable, till students and doctors across the country stepped in! They managed to extract a promise from the government, that the issue would be looked into and reconsidered.. but nah, as always, politics of vendatta rules. The issue is reservation for OBCs. Yesturday, the government hammered one more nail into the coffin , by clearing the reservation proposal and ruling out seperating the creamy layer. The only concession(seemingly so) they have given is that the present number of seats for the general category remain untouched.

With the proposal, the government has virtually made the protesting people and deserving students eat shit! Where are those empty promises made during the strikes? What the fuck.. how are they saying that the students will not be affected! Many universities have categorically stated that they would need a minimum of three years to even build the basic infrastructure. Where is the land, the resources going to come from? Why can’t those resources be used for other purposes, like uplifting OBCs by providing them basic education. The government have simply chosen to ignore all these uestions by proposing complete reservations of all central universities from 2007-08 itself. And why have they decided to exclude some ‘strategically important’ universities? Why these double standards?

To the people in my own college, the IIIT vehemently supporting reservations, ( One particular prof even screwed the hell out of us for just expressing our views.. guess everyone knows who it is) and accusing us of not knowing the facts and figures, I would like them to note a couple of things. The Knowledge commison, which has been appointed to look into all national issues of importance( nine fields) have opposed reservations on the basis of caste( by a vote.. 6 of the 8 members votes against reservation). Now dont try pulling wool over our eyes by saying that the KC has not got its facts and figures right! They have spent all the time on it and have come to the conclusion(a logical one) only after taking all the facts into consideration. (They are supposed to be extremely well educated and informed, and are old horses in their fields). Sam Pitroda, its chairman(also an OBC member) has gone on record opposing reservations. Why has the government simply chosen to criticise them, yes the very own government which appointed them! So much for the double standards. Major industrialists have made their positions on reservations clear, they are totally against it. Now dont tell me, that these gentlemen haven’t taken things into consideration.. They are surely much more experienced and wiser than most of us.

If we have to do something, now is the time! Delhi is burning, and so should the rest of India. Before the bill is intoduced in the parliament, or the President gets the law in a raw form, Indian democrasy should shake with our protests!

VOTE.. August 23, 2006

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.
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Hey everyone! You must have attended the Freshers party last Saturday. Since this was a first time experience for us, rate the event, as you felt. And of course, tell us things which could have been done better!

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2 to Tango? No thank u.. August 13, 2006

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

WTF? This is what I first uttered when I heard the news that we would be sharing rooms again in the NBH! Before joining this place, we were told that we would have to share rooms for a year , and would surely be getting our individiual rooms the next time around. However, the faculty had other plans.. throughout the first year, the wrirting on the wall was clear, and it became absolutely lucid towards the end, we werent goin to get individual rooms. In the month of March, when one of my friends pointed this out to me, I got up and took note. The construction of a proposed new hostel had’nt even started! I had imagined that things would be smooth and work done on time in private colleges(apart from promises being kept.. this was a promise broken by the Director Himself). After all, to whom is the administration accountable apart from the students( who obviously are in for the hostel ) ? As for funds, it really shudn’t have been a problem, thanx to the astronomical fee which is collected from us! Plus, this is something which the students were not responsible for. Now why are they suffering? I seriously wonder what reasons held the faculty back from showing the green flag to the proposal!

Now let me come to the problems of living in such a stifled state ( the words not an exhaggeration ) . The closest my imagination can take me is.. compare it to travelling by RAC in a train.. yeah thats what it is. It is just that its difficult for two people to adjust in a room meant for one! Theres barely space enough for two beds, a table and a chair to fit in. And now, having to manage it with two laptops on a single table(thats not all.. most of us have gone in for external hardware devices like keyboard, mouse and speakers), stifled is the perfect word to describe our state. Does that leave space on the table to study? Its as if we are being encouraged to sit on our beds and study, which is precisely what is discouraged in all other decent hostels! Sitting on the bed and studying ( or working on the laptop for that matter ) only leads to back pains, and takes us into a sleepy state. Now what does the faculty have to say on this? Or is this still a part of ‘group learning’. And then take the net connection.. the already screwed up wireless LAN is in a patheic state with two laptops in a single room. It only leads to frustartion! And finally, maintaing such a room in a clean state is a major pain in the ass.. let me tell you that most of second year rooms are pretty dirty!

Of course, I have nothing against two people staying in a room.. but considering the disadvantages, they way outnumber the advantages. I hope that something is done about it soon, and the work on the new hostel speendens up, so that they can be ready for use by the next semester. Otherwise, I hope something is done by the students!
Is the Faculty listening???


Posted by Karan in General, IIIT centric.

This is something I have been contemplating on for quite soemtime now. How can people manage to juggle acads, sports, organising events etc and still find time for that coffe with their friends? Well, its all about time management, my dear! This, is one skill which I believe every succesful person needs to develop.. be it a poltician, a software professional or a doctor.

In today’s stress- filled world, relationships often go for a dive. After working for 12 hours a day, who has the time for anything else? This is where time management steps in. Everything can be juggled well, provided we plan out and use our time effectively. My policy is to utilize every extra-half hour you get. That doesnt mean that you stop chatting with your friends or don’t maintain a social life.. nah that is extremely important. Its just that you should know when to do what; for this setting of priorities is very important. And this, cannot be defined by anyone, it has to come from within yourself. Once your priorities are set, things will get going automatically. You will know for yourself what you ought to do and what not. For this, you have to think out for yourselves.. Think about every activity and the time you allot it. The answer will surely come from within; you just need to think a little. Once you do that, I am sure that you fill find time for anything you want to do, you just need to allot the correct amount of time and space to it.
I have been trying a few things for the past few years, and they have worked quite well. In our batch, I find great time managers in Gaurav Kharkwal, Sambhav Jain and Subhashis Chand . They often manage to juggle things, and most importantly, they have their priorities set. They can be a major inspiration too!

WORKIN’ OUT August 5, 2006

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

There is a buzz in the gym these days. In the first year, I had decided to work out @ the gym regularly but unfortunately, thanx to the busy schedule we had (and my lazy bones.. :P),
I coudnt really do so. Besides, the gym was practically empty and the only inspiration for me were the pictures hanging, Sumeet Joon and ‘pataoifyin’ girls ๐Ÿ˜€ . However, this sem the story has been completely different.
UG2 students seem to have found a recipe for keeping their bodies fit , i.e work out at the gym regularly. Attend the gym at 5:30 in the evening, and you will be sure to find atleast 20 students working out together.
Now, considering the state of the gym last year, and tech-savvy, but sports-wreary IIIT students, this is quite a figure. Leading the pack are Subhashis Chand(who has proved
that he is the hunk of the college) and Kapil Bajaj. The others who pump iron regularly are Abhijeet Pagare, Chirag Nahar, Yogesh Nautiyal, Nitin Gupta, Aditya Agrawal
and of course me :P. Besides, people like Himank, PK, Maruti, Shrikant, Raman, Vibhav, Prudhvi, Mathur, Vatasal and others have also been pumping iron! Imagine lazy PK
workin out! Of course, one of the most dedicated gymmers is Pagare. hes been workin real hard and is a regular. Its a treat to watch so many people gymming everyday! Besides,
it is a great inspiration and stress buster ( thanx also to the music we have been having for the past couple of days!). It should not be long, before UG2 students turn into the strongest
batch of the college!
Of course, hopefully the PED takes note of this development, and appoint regular trainers at the gym, besides upgrading the worn out equipment.

NBH CELLAR RULEZ! August 3, 2006

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

Througout the first year, we, the students of UG2K5 had been excited about one thing, the prospects of moving into OBH the next time around(thats where there’s supposed to
be life..). Thanks to the uncallous attitude of the administration, there was a shortage of rooms again this time around. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It was then that I decided to move into the cellar of the New Boys Hostel
(life in second floor was uncharacteristically boring). With some lobbying and good luck, i managed to get a room in the cellar with my new room partner PK. And boy, aint I happy with
my decision!
It woudnt be an exhaggeration to say that life in cellar is a constant party :P. Its easily one of the most happening places in the campus! ๐Ÿ˜€ We have an amzing range
of people over here.. Right from the sincere people like Sambhav, Randeep, Alok and Ankush to the real fun loving ones like Himank,Raman and Kabeer. Of course, there are the new room partners..Nigam brothers
(can i say that :P) and the Maruti-PK combination ๐Ÿ˜‰ . The original ‘stud’- Pankaj Saini is also a demizen of the cellar. Vipul- the best folk dancer around ๐Ÿ˜› is also in the cellar.
(He is a roommate of Raman darling.. lucky he ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) There are others like Deepak and Ojasvi to add spice to
life over here.
Cellar is
– The best ‘BC’ venue for most students of NBH.
– The best place to have a dance party
– The best place for a movie screening (the screening of ‘Gunda’ last night.. was amazing!)
– The best place to have a game of ‘Gully cricket’
– The best place to study during the exams( Yes, we are the best even in studies.. with nine pointers like Sambhav, Ankush and Banga staying down here!)
Dont believe it.. just come down over here to have a taste of life @ cellar!