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Posted by Karan in General.

1) Mochas Cafe (Banjara Hills road no.1) : Undoubtedly, one of the hippiest places around, and my favourite in Hyderabad. The place has got everythin going for it..
the ambience, the food, the coffee.. the crowd 😛 (got some amazing chicks 😉 ) , location.. its just the price which is slightly on the higher side. Pah! Who cares.. once the
place is such a treat!

2)Prasads (Necklace Road) : The temple of students!:P Thats what it is! eat, shop, watch movies, flirt, play.. this is what you call life!

3)Alligator (SD Road, S’dbad): The best gaming parlour in Hydro. A really good place for having your parties.

4)CCD (@ many places): The original ‘coffee shop’, its got 15+ centers in Hyderabad.. Undoubtedly the one in Kavuri Hills takes the cake. Added to the coffee, bites and the hookas,
its even got wireless connectivity. Great place to laze around for hours together.

5)Minerva(Somajiguda): One of the resturants of Hyd with the ‘it-has-it’ feeling. Good food and great service.

6)Durgam Cheruvu( Jubilee Hills): ‘Breathtaking’ is one word which would best describe this place. this artificial park , located on the western side of the Secret Lake
is known to be a paradise for lovers’ ;). Besides, a great place to have your parties and discos.

7)Runway Nine(Medchal Road): Havent been to this place as yet, but heard that its quite good! Obviously, Go-carting is the start attraction, but there is stuff for everyone, like games,
food , movies and stuff!

8)10 Downing Street(Begumpet): The swankiest pub in town, this is one of the most happening places! the food’s great and so is the crowd, which includes page-3 personalities on Ladies nights(wednesdays)
and weekends. A must try!

9) Hyderbad Central(Panjagutta): It defines the new age multiplex-mall. The biggest mall around, and the plushest theatres in south India!

10)Eat Street(Necklace Road): Yummmmms the word! Great concept to have your favourite fast food besides the lake, and a road passing through it! Wow!


1. maruti - July 26, 2006

hmm … ifu guys go to Mochascafe … u shud try .. Hooka and Cool Calfironia ( will cost u 70/- 😛 )

Pradeep - February 28, 2011

wow…! the price which u said i true …hooka and cool california for jus Rs 70bugs

Syed - May 13, 2014

Its not bugs….its bucks…Mr.Pradeep…Bug mean error n bucks means money

bestindian.info - July 25, 2011

Han! thats affordable for me!

Raju Bhai - July 27, 2011

jaa bhai jaa..
paise kaun poocha re tereku howle potte..!!

maq aazzy - November 22, 2012

full botte of hooka is 70 rupees

Abdul - December 30, 2015

Just 70Rs?

2. Aditya Agrawal - July 26, 2006

awesome piec of information dude….m sure dis ll do a gr8 hlp 2 all d nucomrs and outsiders….

3. Anonymous - July 26, 2006

yeah adi its true .. karan s so concerned…his blog is educative as well intersting .. gud work dear

4. Anonymous - July 28, 2006

Nice Work!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Prashasti - July 28, 2006

Nice Work!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Himank - August 2, 2006

I agree wid u abt Mochas it sure is the hipppest place in hyd!!

7. nivy - August 23, 2006

hey…though i shal agree wth most of the the things except tht u rated mocha 1st….i think the place SUCKS big time…its jst 4 those brainless ppl who hve enough stuff in their pockets but not up in their haed!!!

lucky - June 17, 2009

then how abt u madam

Tabriz - August 21, 2010

Nivy… your comment below is spot on… I couldnt stop laughing for minutes. gud one mate.

banesh - November 9, 2010

nivy is right..

chandra - December 5, 2010

y right

pooja - June 26, 2011


abhi - July 9, 2012

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who fulfill your life….
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venu - July 13, 2012

hai no comment why. did u have any day hookah email swamivadapalli@gmail.com

russel williams - July 19, 2012

yup dear

russel williams - July 19, 2012


bestindian.info - July 25, 2011

any reason, nivy! for ur frustration?

8. sneha - October 16, 2006

u must take me 2 all these places wen i cum over

lucky - June 17, 2009

good one

Vignesh - July 16, 2009

Sure you r most welcome here. Cuming soon?

sagar - June 29, 2010

hiii sneha….this is sagar….can i take u out to all this places to snip around….jus leave a msg….bye tk

nvr chowdhary - October 27, 2011

yes when y r free just mail me

moses - November 3, 2011

Sure yaaaaaaaaaaaar…

tarunkumar - August 17, 2012

sure snehaaaa…. butttt can i hav ur contact number please….

shrey - December 13, 2013

hope someone took u out 😛
guys this post is from 2006
plz stop embarissing yourself

dil - April 10, 2015


ravinder - April 7, 2016

ya sneha. iam always ur help

Dev - February 10, 2018

Hello iam coming .

9. hudzie - November 8, 2006

1) Mochas Cafe (Banjara Hills road no.1) : Mocha toh assi da adda haiii.. evn if miss goin der 1 day.. evry1 ll keeep on questionin d nxt day… i simply act lyk garfield der…heheheheheheh:D:D:D:D

2)Prasads (Necklace Road) :Used 2 b 1 of mah fav place…bt nah ne mo!!

3)Alligator (SD Road, S’dbad): Boy, got so many memories attached 2 dis placee… ‘Phewww’

4)CCD (@ many places): Wel.. no commentz on CCD … itz heaven 4 evry1!!…

5)Minerva(Somajiguda): Wel dis place is near mah cllg…used 2 drop in der whneva v feeel lyk havin sum idly wada kinda breakfast.. n waiterz used 2 bang d bill on our table as soon as v r done wid our eat:D:D:.. got into so many fite at dt place… boyy.. again dt ws soo much fun

6)Durgam Cheruvu( Jubilee Hills): ‘Now, dis is d place i hatee d mossttt… dnt ask y.. 😛

7)Runway Nine(Medchal Road):Yo! one hella place… bt alwyz used 2 b a prbz 2 reach der, as v hardly get d transport…:D:D:D

8)10 Downing Street(Begumpet): Ummmm!! Fruittt Punchh.. alwyz givz me a KICKK…hehe!

9) Hyderbad Central(Panjagutta): C’on neeed nt say.. a great place 4 tp..

10)Eat Street(Necklace Road): stfu.. Ova crowded lyk nethng… not mah place!!

Vikram Jabbar - May 4, 2010

i would only go with you

Max - November 17, 2010

Yeah.. dude. you are right.. so, what kind of your place.. i just have say.. your view goes with mine.. well, which is the place where we cold hangout.. we here means me & my girl.. right!
so, anyplace where, crowd is like no no.. and lake with boating..
kindly let me know.. is this kind of place exist in hyderabad.
thank you!

10. IeriWinner_54 - December 15, 2006


HI! I’ve have similar topic at my blog! Please check it..


11. The Devils Advocate - February 7, 2007

Hudzie’s comment explains why he/she did not do well in exams and has such a horrible English. (S)he must have received a hell lot of spanks during his school days in English Spellings too.

Rambo - February 17, 2012

Huzdie is a M F**ker

12. sri - February 23, 2007

sneha cum? please gal watch wat you type

Vinay Escortz - November 1, 2012


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suresh - February 11, 2016

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14. francis - March 15, 2007

Dugam Cheruvu: it is the most vulgarous place, chee what all do the lover over here just have flesh satisfaction, ihate the place it just spoiling the future of couples.

bestindian.info - July 25, 2011

oh! is it! I’m planning 2 go to DC

15. sandy - September 3, 2007

i love spending my time in mocha with my friends,

16. sandy - September 3, 2007

hay nevy you suck ur money and ur large brain

17. sandy - September 3, 2007

i shall agree with himank

18. naresh - September 17, 2007

mocha is so hot

19. Hudzie - October 1, 2007

Hudzie ,, what on earth was wrong with ya’ … thnx to Devil’s advocate… whoz givin ya’ freee advices… =D

Well of,,, Recent update:

a) Cafe Latte (Jubilee hills): u’ll find all ol’ mocha crowd ova here.

b) KFC (Himayat nagar) :Awsom chicken feast.

c) McDonalds(Banjara hills, Abids,Imax) : C’on,,we don’t neeed a reason to go to McD…

d) Firangi Pani (Banjara hills, city center): soothing ambience …

1) Mochas Cafe (Banjara Hills road no.10) : No more happenin…

2)Prasads (Necklace Road) : Hahahhaah… rangeela basti

3)Alligator (SD Road, S’dbad): Dunno, stil exist???

4)CCD (@ many places): No better place to have a coffee and a gud chat…

5)Minerva(Somajiguda): Minerva nva gona change… still waiters will kick u outta d restuarant d moment u r done wit ur meal.

6)Durgam Cheruvu( Jubilee Hills): Nvaaa

7)Runway Nine(Medchal Road): Still kewl

8)10 Downing Street(Begumpet): ….

9) Hyderbad Central(Panjagutta): Gettin ova crowded day by day by day…

10)Eat Street(Necklace Road): its best only in evenings

20. Coffee shops or hang-out joints? « A wide angle view of India - October 19, 2007

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21. shravan reddy - October 26, 2007

hey ppl….one more addition is le cafe !! i love this place !!! im not gonna rank this no.r 1 or no.r 10 but the place is good,my personal choice….. and guys dont u think firangi pani is betta than 10D?? and apart from these hang outs…there are so many crazy and great routes for long drives !!! im sure u guys have explored them already !!!

22. John Hodgson - October 26, 2007

Hi there – love the list – am coming out to Hyderabad in 3 weeks from London researching a new TV series travelling across India – am bored with the same old documentaries visiting the same places and I would like any help to show a different side to Hyderabad – hope you can help a bit.


shrey - December 13, 2013

john can we see ur documentry

shrey - December 13, 2013

hey john can we see ur documentry ,
its 5 yr since u posted
hope its complete now

23. Swetha - November 15, 2007

The most important place to c for all the holly faiths inhyderabad is Birla mandir….its situated in the heart of the city..any small kid or a elder knows very well regarding this place.. u even have a planitorium besides to that.. which gives a brief idea about the stars and galaxys around ur universe….so just go and have a full praise wish to fulfill…. All the best…

24. abdllh - November 20, 2007


25. ather - December 24, 2007

i agee to it

26. Nu_In_Town - February 14, 2008

Hey ne one has an idea abt places where a single guy can go for sum fun and where there are single like minded choks looking for sum fun..

27. raj - March 6, 2008

Hi folks,

Eat street is the most favourite hang out in the city. I go for a jolly ride on the nechklace road and drop in at the EatStreet for a hot sip of tea. I’ve taken my friends who came from Pune, they fell in love with it and asked me to take there again when they came next time.
We took pics n had fun 🙂

bestindian.info - July 25, 2011

oh! is it! I’m planning 2 go toEatstreet.

28. raj - March 6, 2008

Hey Sravan,
You wrote there are some great routes for long drives… could you please post the routes.
I’ve been planning a long ride for quite a long time. Also let me know if there are some rider clubs that go rides 🙂


29. sitara - March 7, 2008

whenever i go to prasads i ll enjoy a lot we can get everything over there i just love that place&it’s best place 2 enjoy.

30. Ravi - June 11, 2008

Interesting find by sweta

31. sam - June 29, 2008

hello!hyd, i have one surprise news for youth we were opening shortly a hookah lounge in ur city be ready …to grap….we will update u everything very soon..

32. shruti - August 23, 2008

yup…i completly agree 2 dis….
d top 10 places r dez…..

vinnu - January 2, 2011

hai shruti …

happy new year to u and u r family

33. shruti - August 23, 2008

yup…but cud u lemme abt some more gud pubs ,,????

34. Avynash - September 3, 2008

mocha is one of my favourite place i regularily i hang

35. Anon - September 10, 2008

Mocha is a great place indeed but the service levels are not up to the mark. Consider this: All your Iced Teas are excruciatingly sweet despite giving the instruction while placing the order to not make it too sweet. So how do you correct this? By asking for a larger glass with some ice and water to dilute it. And guess what, the request is turned down. Reasons: No bigger glass available, we cannot give an extra glass with the order blah blah…

So they need to stop living in the old world and improve customer experience.

36. Anon - September 10, 2008

Hi Raj,

If you are looking for a long drive try this: Begumpet to Road No. 3 via Punjagutta at peak hours steering clear of the fllyovers. It’s a pretty long drive 🙂 or at least it will feel like one 🙂

37. fatima - January 11, 2009

MOCHA , CCD, CAFE LATTE ,M’ZURI……… are the hottest hangoutz in dis city.one can enjoy upto the core wth der frenz. n mocha iz like ma second home.{as i stay in the front lane of mocha-banjara hillz}

saif - January 1, 2010

what about irani chai

38. kumar - February 21, 2009

visit to tranz hookah lounge at shivam x road, 2nd floor,vidya nagar,hyd there is special for hookah only just visit ones 9912500651

bestindian.info - July 25, 2011

what is Hookah! is that tobacco?

39. kumar - February 21, 2009

that is at low price and nice tast
climate is also nice just visit

40. vijay - February 21, 2009

realy tranz the hookah lounge is so nice nice siting arangements

41. firoz khan - March 14, 2009

i like it nevy beca


42. lata - March 17, 2009

Guysssssss………. can anyone tel me any new places in hyd… i have been to all above mentioned places…

lucky - June 17, 2009

road side chat

tarunkumar - August 17, 2012

pragathi resort or lahari resort…..

or ping me to my gmail idd ill tel u lata….

43. CGHB - April 9, 2009


44. anonymous - April 16, 2009

CGHB is one of those rare gems isnt’t he.

PS: thanks a lot, btw, karan.

45. anushareddy - May 26, 2009

i didn`t understood anything

46. anushareddy - May 26, 2009

it is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice

lucky - June 17, 2009

wat is nice

47. he he - June 15, 2009

he he heeee

48. Jon - July 2, 2009

Visiting from overseas,
Does this list still stand good or does anyone have an update?
Im over at Banjara hills (rd #1 & 11) so i’d lean towards places closer to me. All input appreciated,

Also, anyone know anything about where I can go play some tennis or table tennis. I need to make some friends in Hyd!

a - July 2, 2009

hi .if u wanna play table tennis along with your friends just for fun then u can do that at alleygator secunderabad or you are seriously into it i thing u need to join some academy sort of thing bye

Karan - July 3, 2009

No stress.. The list still stands

49. Jon - July 3, 2009

How about good sheesha/hooka and which of the clubs here are more popular?

50. Vignesh - July 16, 2009

There are many more good places in hyderabad to hang out, especially after the recent real estate boom. There is GVK One, McDonalds and KFCs, Subways, all the other malls (Cineplex, B.hills), Imax, Cinemax etc., the list just goes on and on..

Nice list, but Hyd is growing up at a fast rate. Keep updating it often.

bestindian.info - July 25, 2011

oh yea, that true, these were not included in the list.

51. Raj - August 27, 2009

Hyderabad has more number of places to hang out, depends on a person’s taste!

52. PUB - October 3, 2009

Hey guys,

Just been here in Runway Nine (Medchal Road), it is a gooood i will say it’s awesome place for GO-Carting and Many more stuff.

53. PUB - October 3, 2009

It is also Said that it’s a Favourite Spot of Narayan Kartikeyan !!!!!!!!!

54. som thakur - December 12, 2009

neklace road is only the one place in amche hyderbad for those who want to stay away from daily triffels ,a bottel of beer in hand & the fresh air .quite a godd combination.

55. som thakur - December 12, 2009

neklace road is only the one place in amche hyderbad for those who want to stay away from daily triffels ,a bottel of beer in hand & the fresh air .quite a good combination.

56. vikas agarwal - December 14, 2009

hi every body ! hyderabad is in great troube now. so all u guysn girls try to save it in what ever possible way u can do………. ” T” issue……
thanks vikas…

57. FUGITIVE - December 23, 2009

Hi everyone …am new to this blog … foudn some interesting posts and funny ones as well … I was taken on a trip to some of the happening places in the city through these posts … I would like to suggest few more place which are reasonable and where the chill factor hits the MAX !!!
I suppose if anyonez been to Shameerpet … u will find a couple of resorts . to name a few
1. Leonio
2. Celebrity
3. Alankritha
These resorts provide you food and fun at a reasonable price and spending a day might not satisfy your thirst for fun.
Also abt 6Kms from International Airport, you have this Papyrus Port-Egyptian theme resort. Check that out as well.

saif - January 1, 2010

thanks haa i was searching for some thing like this

58. mE MaH SeLF NaNny - February 2, 2010

iN Hyderabad U will find most drunken drivers roaming at da city roads 24×7 . . . so b care-fulL . . . haha & da second thing is don’t spend money in longes and cafes so & so like it doesen’t matters to u . . . see the menu list and order any thing according 2 ur budget . . . coz taxes on the items will be high. . .(specially starts 4M drinking water) . . . WELL CyA L8r pPLE [:D]

59. Vinay - February 25, 2010

Hi guys,
I recently got transfered to hyderabad from bangalore and shifted here.
I have no friends here. i don’t know anyone here.
So can you guys tell some good place where i can enjoy and make some new friends.


60. Rahul - March 5, 2010

club8 bar lifestyl building(great ambience and classic rock music,what else one needs in a bar).Music+beer=heaven

61. Mahveen - April 3, 2010


62. fag4life - April 11, 2010

cafe latte is the best for good hooka

63. Gamer - April 15, 2010

Anarchy Game Arena (kukatpally, KPHB)… best place for hardcore computer gamerz… it also has pool/snooker table.

64. hamza - May 27, 2010

hiiii…this is hamza memoln…. i want 2 knw about hokkah bar good one in hydrabad city…as i will b reaching in 2 hours so plz let me knw abt the hookah parlour….frnds plz help me as i m addict oh hokkah a,lot…so plz help me… waiting 4 ur sweet rly…..

Karan - May 28, 2010

Mocha is my fav sheesha place.

Mohi Syed - November 14, 2011

HITLER’S DEN if u want it in late night.. its open till 4 in the morning..

tarunkumar - August 17, 2012

hi hamzaa wr ru staying noww…???

ill bring u the best place fr hokkah in hyd jus ping to my gmail id taaruuun@gmail.com

65. siddharth - June 28, 2010

prasads the mega best area in the whole city you do shooping, eat,wach ,movies+4d 3d,play games…………….and the best part of prasads is you can see movies in a good clarity and with good sound sysyem and with good seats

Mohi Syed - November 14, 2011


66. sri - July 14, 2010

One More Best Place to hang out with freinds in hyderabad is ADDICTION-Gaming. Lounge…..in Barkatpura Near St. Francis Xavier Degree College.

Its a best place to hangout with da friendz wit hukka, mocktails and Crispy Sandwiches.

67. anu - July 29, 2010

dude u gotta make a new list now…..

swapna - August 1, 2010

its true

russel williams - July 19, 2012


Karan - August 7, 2010

Well I dont stay in Hyd any more, so will you guys help me out? 🙂

68. swathi - August 1, 2010

hey vj dis is swathi u lyk only nice nice sitting arrangments or hookah?

russel williams - July 19, 2012

heloooooooo swathi.hw r u

69. RrN - August 7, 2010

Can I get some Idea of where to look out for some budget hotels in Hyderabad.Me and my friends are visiting Hyderabad in the next month.

70. Tabriz - August 21, 2010

Nivy… your comment below is spot on… I couldnt stop laughing for minutes. gud one mate.

7. nivy – August 23,hey…though i shal agree wth most of the the things except tht u rated mocha 1st….i think the place SUCKS big time…its jst 4 those brainless ppl who hve enough stuff in their pockets but not up in their head!!!

71. salman - September 6, 2010

HI plz go urbin crib and la cafe which is located at banjra hills roadno12 its a good place to have a hookah and food and most of time i hve visited both cafe and there are good but i like urbin crib a lot u can call me on 8801901815,8008261427….. salman here

72. Mak - September 29, 2010

has anyone visited Playmax Bowling alley at Abids AWesomeeeeee place with hookah lounge in it..!!! check it out .its in Big bazaar building….

73. Harsha - October 14, 2010

update on some new spots:
1. News Cafe Inorbit Mall
2. Chillys Inorbit Mall
3. Beyond Coffee Jubilee Hills
4. N Modern Grill
5. Testorossa Jubilee Hills

Please add reviews

bestindian.info - July 25, 2011

I heard of Inorbit mall, need to visit.

74. Hansa - October 17, 2010

Beyond Coffee is my pick of the lot. The ambience is really cool and the crwd is gr8. I luv the coffees and the prices for the overall ambience are very reasonable. This place is classy unlike the rather dodgy places that offer hookah.This is a regular hang-out now for me and my frnds.

75. ram - November 7, 2010


76. pragatiresorts1 - December 21, 2010

Pragati Resorts is the fastest growing Business in Hyderabad Real Estate including Resorts in hyderabad, Plots. Plots for sale in hyderabad. Properties in Hyderabad at affordable prices. Hyderabad real estate

77. karthik - January 22, 2011

change the list man,.
that list is 4 and half years old

78. Sneha - February 17, 2011

I think even ohri’s is also good place to visit…. & more over there the chicken pizza is really gud… u guys must try dat….

79. Fazal - February 23, 2011

toasta rossa. reall fun ………. at banjara hills .
best place to rock ,,,, check this out

Mohi Syed - November 14, 2011


80. srinath - February 24, 2011

thank’s for ur information..!!! bro..!! it was gr8..n helpful 2 me caz iam new 2 city i don’t know where 2 go in weekendds…n i’ll try all these places..!! n tanq 1nce again..!!

81. srinath - February 24, 2011

n guys i wnt 2 ohri’s so many times n really it was gud plce too…!! 🙂

82. rapid - February 28, 2011

long drive cool stuff..ramoji da, full day., a2z stuff da.

83. punk princess - March 9, 2011

Can someone post a new list?

84. punk princess - March 9, 2011

Can someone post a new list please?

85. abby - April 26, 2011

this infromation was great thanks…..

86. kiran - July 12, 2011

Durgam Cheruvu( Jubilee Hills):
It’s known to be as lovers park . Besides, a great place to have your parties and discos.

87. Shravan Reddy - July 15, 2011

any idea about the best drives? less traffic, nice scenery????

Mohi Syed - November 14, 2011

Highway 7, ORR..

88. bestindian.info - July 25, 2011

Thanks, nice Info, will defienetly try those places.

89. krish - August 8, 2011

The best place is TALKIE TOWN (Miyapur)…… peaceful area….. awesome crowd…… and the best place to enjoy movies…….

90. siddhu rockz - August 8, 2011

Hmm……… I like these 10 places

91. trtrttrtrt - September 4, 2011


92. rehab almehairi - September 9, 2011

i love hyderabad .. ill be going soon …

tell me about the classy places for sheesha there? doesn’t matter if it costs a lot… sheesha = hooka but with flavors like grape,apple,mint, etc…

Mohi Syed - November 14, 2011

HITLER’S DEN, MASSURI SANA, BLAH BLAH, LA CAFE… La Cafe is best for privacy..

93. phunsuk_wangdu - September 11, 2011

Hyderabad is pathetic..
All the places mentioned are stinking with crowds and the food is not good…
No value for money…

Compared to places like pune,mumbai… hyd is pathetic

master - December 30, 2011

to be true hyderabad is way better than pune and mumbai.the food is 100 times better than what you get in pune and the cost of living is way better in hyd.mumbai and pune places are itself junk and cost of living itself indicates in mumbai money has no value.
You better know about the places before you type else you make yourself look like a moron as you did now

94. moses - October 26, 2011

Nivy wow wat a prtty name……………… just by listening i felt happy.


95. Mohi Syed - November 14, 2011

you are an IDIOT…

*Prasads is the most downmarket place in the city. Its only for villagers who come to “enjoy”.

*PVR is not the best multiplex in the city, INOX is.

*Hyderabad Central is not the biggest mall, INORBIT is.

Which village r u frm BTW?

Karan - November 15, 2011

Bleh. Another one of those wannabes.

Mohi Syed - November 24, 2011

dick head

96. jalan - December 31, 2011

sub logo ko merei taraf say nay sal ki mubarak day ta ho aur rahi bat janay valay sal ki hamaray india may poray 31 states hai aur 168 languages boltay 6400 castes hai 6ethnic groups 29 festival 1 country proud that is india mera bharat mahan aur sub ko meri taraf say nay sl mubarak bye rat may enjoy karo magar ghar may rahay kar take care life is very important for our parents than us

97. saddam - January 3, 2012

mocha- full of shitt paise pani mai dale jaisa bulle ki service rehti!!
i think now best places for hookah is cubano, hide out, teesta rossa, cafe latte, kanki,s,n grill room etc ….

sami - January 3, 2012

saddam bhai i totally agree with u those places r really awesome n u forgot to add bla blah ….hookah as well as food is awesome out der..sply chicken macroni& fussili pasta awesome yummy!!

98. sandeep - January 3, 2012

is there any hooka parlours in sainikpuri..?

99. sadham - January 16, 2012

sainikpuri me gand maroo

100. hyderabad - January 24, 2012

I dont wanna say best hangout places

here is the link for hangout places in hyderabad


101. akhil phd - February 2, 2012

I am akhil
and lover

102. Lou Harteau - February 18, 2012

Good explanation. I like to see clearly Marcy

103. jack mike - March 15, 2012

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