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Convocation-06 July 31, 2006

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

29th July, 2006 was a monumental day in the lives of many of my colleagues(read seniors). the 5th annual convocation of the IIIT was an occasion to cherish for these guys.. But what do they see on reaching the campus? The function’s being held in a rain-soaked ground, the convocation hall being protected by temporary and brittle stands.. prone to the wind. What a contrast for them, who must have been dreaming of receving their passing certificates in the gleaming Gachibowli stadium! Anyways, as one of my friends (i dunno if it was PK or Pagare) put it, hope the convocation’s not held online at our times!!!

Anyways, the function had its share of emotions.. which is expected from the significance of it. The interesting part, of course, was Mr.Kohli’s speech(regarded by many as the father of Indian software industry). His words were tough, but clear.. there is a lot more to be done, and its of no use sitting on our past laurels. It must have also been emotinall for the passin-out dean, Prof. Govindrajulu.

A lot of students were seen around chatting and catching up with old friends. Viswas rao, Gaurav Jain and the others were in their usual elements.. and so were others like Lohia sir(who is soon to leave for the states), Gaurav Somani , Akansh Khurana , Ruchir etc.. Of course, missing from this function were the IIMiets like Aseem, Satvik and others .


Posted by Karan in General.

1) Mochas Cafe (Banjara Hills road no.1) : Undoubtedly, one of the hippiest places around, and my favourite in Hyderabad. The place has got everythin going for it..
the ambience, the food, the coffee.. the crowd 😛 (got some amazing chicks 😉 ) , location.. its just the price which is slightly on the higher side. Pah! Who cares.. once the
place is such a treat!

2)Prasads (Necklace Road) : The temple of students!:P Thats what it is! eat, shop, watch movies, flirt, play.. this is what you call life!

3)Alligator (SD Road, S’dbad): The best gaming parlour in Hydro. A really good place for having your parties.

4)CCD (@ many places): The original ‘coffee shop’, its got 15+ centers in Hyderabad.. Undoubtedly the one in Kavuri Hills takes the cake. Added to the coffee, bites and the hookas,
its even got wireless connectivity. Great place to laze around for hours together.

5)Minerva(Somajiguda): One of the resturants of Hyd with the ‘it-has-it’ feeling. Good food and great service.

6)Durgam Cheruvu( Jubilee Hills): ‘Breathtaking’ is one word which would best describe this place. this artificial park , located on the western side of the Secret Lake
is known to be a paradise for lovers’ ;). Besides, a great place to have your parties and discos.

7)Runway Nine(Medchal Road): Havent been to this place as yet, but heard that its quite good! Obviously, Go-carting is the start attraction, but there is stuff for everyone, like games,
food , movies and stuff!

8)10 Downing Street(Begumpet): The swankiest pub in town, this is one of the most happening places! the food’s great and so is the crowd, which includes page-3 personalities on Ladies nights(wednesdays)
and weekends. A must try!

9) Hyderbad Central(Panjagutta): It defines the new age multiplex-mall. The biggest mall around, and the plushest theatres in south India!

10)Eat Street(Necklace Road): Yummmmms the word! Great concept to have your favourite fast food besides the lake, and a road passing through it! Wow!

Thanx guys.. July 21, 2006

Posted by Karan in Personal.

Its been an unbelievable last few days.. I had often wondered about what people would talk about me when I died. Probably this is one wish of theirs which people would love to be fulfilled.. for them to know about the amount of support they had or the image they enjoyed. Not for me, however. The crisis I had been passing through last week has resulted in people providing me with unstinted support.. and the support has not come just from friends and well-wishers, but also from many other unexpected quarters.
Now, even if my punishment is not withdrawn, the incident would leave me a happy person.. I know that the people around me love me.
I take this oppurtunity to thank everyone who has supported me throughout this crisis.. all my wonderfull classmates and others. I just have these three words for u guys and gasl: I Love U!
(u can expect my support against any crisis you face: take my word..)