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Plagarism, is it our habit? May 15, 2006

Posted by Karan in General.

Ctrl C, Ctrl V


It had to happen. The snowballing crisis came out in the form of Kaavya Vishwanathan. It could have been anyone else. It was just that fate did not ride along with 19-year old Kaavya.

When Kaavya was accused of plagiarism in the first of her half-a-billion-dollar deal books’ she blatantly refused the charges. However with the avalanche of evidence coming up against her, she finally confessed (or rather. accepted). With this issue, a major question comes up… are Indians guilty of plagiarism? The answer is a definite yes… There isn’t much to debate about. It happens everywhere, it happens in the top universities like the IITs or IIITs . It happens with Indian authors (refer Shiv Khera/Mulk Raj Anand). Its everywhere, dear, just look around. Some introspection will tell us that it starts right from schools. In these institutes, kids are encouraged to learn by rote and reproduce in the exams. Copying someone’s work is seen as a sign of success. Is this what we are trying to achieve through the educational system?

Kaavya is just a victim of the system. In this hour of crisis, the need has two sides to it. Firstly, the protégées of the educational institutes need to have a relook at the system. Secondly, students, especially pursuing professional courses, should look at themselves. What are we really getting by copying everyone’s contents? One person does the assignment, and the rest of the class ends up copying it. Is it really justified? Well this is a question and issue which requires serious introspection from our side.



1. realgaurav - August 1, 2006

Hey… i really don like passing comments… 😀
BUT… u really deserve dis 1… dis ur bst piece… but 4 sum rezun dint get d accolades it deserves…
Gud wrk…. ‘I’ like it… nd perhaps dat’s all i can say…. w8 i can say sumthing else….. U Rokked d blog…

2. Vikas Gupta - February 2, 2009

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