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What it takes to be succesful:The 8 mantras and examples April 19, 2006

Posted by Karan in General, IIIT centric.

These are the things , which I feel are really important to succed at the IIIT. Well, its just a reflection of mind, and success need not be just in academics , but can be in any other field too.
Its the overall quality of life we lead,the state of our minds and what people think about us.
1) KILLER ATTITUDE: Guess you must have the penchant for competetition, along with a killer attitude. In todays world, I’l say that attitude matters a lot.
Example: Manish Arora, Ajay Somani, Abhilash
2) ZEAL FOR LIFE: Whatsoever is the state of the institute, or things around you, a certain amount of enthusiasm and a zeal for life will just take the burden of your shoulders.
Example: Vibhav Vineet
3) INQUISTIVITY: Both for knowledge, and also around the things around you.
Example:Aditya Agrawal
4) GREAT SET OF FRIENDS: This is a point, I’m sure no many would disagree with. It always feels good to know that whatever happens, your friends are there for you. Well, this relationship should be reciprocated, however. I mean the relation between two freinds shud never be one sided
Example: Abhijeet Pagare, Himank Sharma, Piyush Nigam, Maruti Borker, Prashant Kumar Singh, Shrikant Nigam
5) GOOD SOCIAL LIFE: Along with friends, this is a very important thing too. It always feels good to have people waving and asking about you, when you move around the campus.. I mean it feels amazing.
Example: Subhashis Chand, Charan Thota
6) TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS: With such a hectic schedule, its possible to get along with everything, provided you make time a friend and not a foe.
Example: Gaurav Kharkwal
7) PUT IN EVERYTHING INTO WHATEVER YOU DO: This’l go miles both in improving your efficiency and at the same time keeping you happy.
Example: Sambhav Jain
8) A SMILING FACE: There are some people, who whatever be the given situation feel good to talk to, just b’cos they have a nice and smiling face
Example: Chirag Nahar,Raman Jain, Vipul Mittal,Srujan

Well ,guess these are the most important points, atleast for me.


1. Anonymous - April 20, 2006

I am thrilled to read a blog that is quite different from others and which has a lot of meaning in it.In this virtual world of coputers your eight mantras got to do a lot .You got it right when it comes to examples.Hope to read more from your blog.

2. Karan - April 20, 2006

@ anonymous.. jus don worry buddy.. watch out more 4 these pages..

3. sonia - April 22, 2006

gud 2 read…….bt difficult 2 follow…..

4. Subhashis Chand - April 23, 2006

Hey nice to see and learn the success mantras .. bhai lekin tujhe to pata hai got bored off such stuffs(JV..)
hey lukin forward 4 more of ur stuff
So keep blogging

5. Karan - April 23, 2006

@chand saale.. dont u find difference between JV nd this,.. nd plz.. dnt compare this vid JV 😦

6. Maruti_Slim - April 29, 2006

gr8 work dood ..thanx for incluideing my name ,,,,,

7. Sambhav - November 11, 2010

The comment is just 4yr late, but better late than never. The page coined up on google when we guyz were killing time at office.

Time has zoooomed away but yr posts have always been nice reads.

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