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Ma first post. April 19, 2006

Posted by Karan in Personal.

Well, guess i’ll tell you all why I have started writing blogs first. The reasons are:
1) I have always wanted to share my innermost feelings with soemone, and guess a blog provides me with a great platform to do so.
2) I want to real polish up my English, especially considering the fact that due to the overuse of cellphones and messengers, I have screwed up my English big time.
3) Writing blogs seems to be fashionable, and hence am doing so.
So here I am, writing a blog about nothing specific. Hey, btw.. oh sorry, by the way ( am trying to get rid of it!!), I am Karan Maroo from the IIIT, Hyderabad. For more about me, jus gettin touch with the blog or contact me at : karanmaroo@yahoo.com


1. Vibhav Vineet - April 21, 2006

good work … hope u try to make it better … include some interesting happenings of ur life if possible …

2. Karan - April 21, 2006

sure yaar.. jus keep watchin dis space!!

3. Prateek G V - April 21, 2006

Well I agree with vibhav .
Post some of the interesting events that has happened in ur life .
U could also write abt the books u have read ( I mean other than the academic life ones ) .
If these were done I would rate ur blog 10 on 10 .

4. sneha - April 22, 2006

keep up da gud work……….

5. Maruti_Slim - April 29, 2006

gr8 blog dood ….. i new that u wood be a succesful blogger …anywayz …try bloggin in worpress.cok it rox …..–>

6. Aditya - September 10, 2006

saw this link in kharkwal’s commnts and thot of reading it…u’ve come a long way mann…u r alredy one of the most commited bloggrs of ar batch and on the way 2 bcome one of the best….happy blogging

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