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Been thinking of putting this on my blog for long now, here it is finally.


  1. Work out and swim , play games if possible
  2. Join a Technical course like hacking / Java
  3. Practise a lot of driving- both car and bike
  4. Update dad’s/family website, using your HTML knowledge
  5. Join a library, and hang out with a lot of novels
  6. Attend Papa’s office and learn a few things
  7. Hunt for a summer job.
  8. Attend one of guitar/singing 😉 / dance /salsa classes
  9. Learn to play virtual stock market at moneybhai.com
  10. Brush up your programming skills from topcoder.com
  11. Get into heavy orkutting and chatting
  12. Freak out with friends
  13. Organize a school reunion, and visit all your teachers
  14. Attend mummy’s work.
  15. Make friends from the opposite sex 😉 😀
  16. Get you passport and license made.
  17. Explore all the new places in town
  18. Plan out a vacation with the entire family
  19. Visit your relatives outside the town
  20. Watch a lot of movies
  21. Get in touch with the latest serials on TV

GURLS – PART 2 April 25, 2006

Posted by Karan in Personal.

Well, I hope I bored you enough with the first article on girls, so here is the second 😉 . Anyways, my life in drought-struck IIIT went on as usual. The best time of the week used to be the weekends, when we guys used to go bird hunting to the various malls and multiplexes of Hyd. And it was here, that we found the hottest crowd of Hyd hanging out. By the way, I must also mention that even though we were all frustrated, the most frustro crowd included among others Abhijeet, Himank ,PK, Raman and ofcourse me ;). It was all very well during the first few days, but then I started getting bored of the same old stuff. Just talking about your bad luck in the institute and then going out and looking for chicks and only end up staring at them! Well, none of us are bad-looking, and easily deserve a girlfriend ( or two 😉 :D) . Anyways, then came along FELICITY , the annual cultural and techincal festival of the IIIT. I enrolled myself in the MnM section, both organising and participating, thinking that I would get to interact with many of the opposite sex (well I was not alone.. PK, Himank, Abhijeet were there too!!!). As luck would have it, I was out in the first round itself :(. However, the good part of organising the event was that I gotto speak to a lot of lovely girls on the phone (Thanx to HUTCH-HUTCH FREE CALLING AND SMS.. THANK YOU HUTCH.. I JUST LOVE THE HUTCH PEOPLE!! 🙂 ). And also.. save their numbers on my phone. So, here started the real Zing in my life.. and I started forwarding messages to a lot of these girls. (Here too I was not alone!!) . And what happened after that is history.. To know about it just get in touch with me ;).

GURLS :D April 22, 2006

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Well, thanks to the idea given by Abhilash, I am today writing… Err typing about my fav… i.e. girls!

Throughout most of my life, I had been sort of ignorant to the fact that there were a set of species called girls! Till 10th, I studied in a co-ed school, but well I came across a very shy person when it came to the issue of interacting with the fairer sex… After that, in Parthi… well o well, there were no girls at all… I mean, the school of course was a boy’s school; on top of that we just didn’t see any girls for those couple of years! Then came the worst year of my life, the drop year, which actually screwed up my life totally, ‘cos I was doing nothing that year, just studies, studies and more studies!

Now, I’ll take a break from my story and tell you something about ahem.. Ahem :D, girls of IIIT! To me, one of the most exciting aspects of entering a college was the opportunity to interact with beautiful girls ;)… And probably get a great girl friend :D. The other important factor to help out in this was that I was away from home 😉 B-) J . It was with these thoughts that I entered the IIIT, and lo what I found was something I couldn’t digest at all. 175 students and just 15 girls!!! I mean, just look at the ratio… isn’t it quite amazing that girls never lose an opportunity to rush onto rooftops and shout out their achievements, but just look at this! A ratio even worse than 10:1. I am told that the ratio is quite similar to that of top institutes like the IITs and IIMs. In that case, I just wonder where all those ‘BRAINY’ girls disappear, I mean doesn’t this prove that girls can just boast about themselves, but when it comes to reality, they have a long way to catch up with boys. Well, you know what, I happened to make this point in one of our interactions with Mr.Vishal Garg in the 1st semester, and then what followed was bizarre! Rather than coming out and fighting me, one of the girls’ sulked and stopped talking to me. Well for girls reading this, that was no offence meant, but isn’t it high time that you look at the reality! (I’ll love to have a debate on this, but guess I’ll leave that for some other time).

Ya, so coming back to the main road, I had a lot of problems interacting with the ladies… at least initially. A part of the problem was that there were hardly any really good looking girls (I mean to at least my liking) initially. It was then that some of my seniors, especially Jitu encouraged me to start interacting with them. With their backing with me, and God’s blessings (guess I’m overdoing it!!), I started speaking to some of them. (Well here, I must accept that I thought I was fairly good looking and good to talk to, and hence at least initially, I expected a good response from the fairer sex). To say that I was negatively shocked by the attitude shown by the girls would be an understatement! I mean, they were no beauty queens nor were we any roadside Romeos to be have been treated in such a manner. Oh, by the way later (this was recently and am sorry.. cant mention the name of the girl), one of ,my now friends mentioned this and she told me that part of the reason is that girls thought that I got overexcited and overawed at the sight of girls L. Well anyways, I am really thankful to her for telling this to me, but guess by now I’ve developed the I-don’t-give-a-damn-to-girls-of-IIIT attitude. Somehow, for girls reading this, I never realized it and I’ll say sorry… no offence meant. But, I’ll also add that some of the girls have to change their attitude towards guys. I mean we are not ghosts who’re going to eat you up. Here, I’ll also thank two girls, for being polite and speaking like a friend with me and their are Prashasti and Namrata. There are a couple of more girls whom I talk to sometimes like Harshita, Navatha and Deepti, but that’s about it.

Hey, my moms calling me for lunch now, so guess I’ll continue this article next time around.. in a couple of days.



What it takes to be succesful:The 8 mantras and examples April 19, 2006

Posted by Karan in General, IIIT centric.

These are the things , which I feel are really important to succed at the IIIT. Well, its just a reflection of mind, and success need not be just in academics , but can be in any other field too.
Its the overall quality of life we lead,the state of our minds and what people think about us.
1) KILLER ATTITUDE: Guess you must have the penchant for competetition, along with a killer attitude. In todays world, I’l say that attitude matters a lot.
Example: Manish Arora, Ajay Somani, Abhilash
2) ZEAL FOR LIFE: Whatsoever is the state of the institute, or things around you, a certain amount of enthusiasm and a zeal for life will just take the burden of your shoulders.
Example: Vibhav Vineet
3) INQUISTIVITY: Both for knowledge, and also around the things around you.
Example:Aditya Agrawal
4) GREAT SET OF FRIENDS: This is a point, I’m sure no many would disagree with. It always feels good to know that whatever happens, your friends are there for you. Well, this relationship should be reciprocated, however. I mean the relation between two freinds shud never be one sided
Example: Abhijeet Pagare, Himank Sharma, Piyush Nigam, Maruti Borker, Prashant Kumar Singh, Shrikant Nigam
5) GOOD SOCIAL LIFE: Along with friends, this is a very important thing too. It always feels good to have people waving and asking about you, when you move around the campus.. I mean it feels amazing.
Example: Subhashis Chand, Charan Thota
6) TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS: With such a hectic schedule, its possible to get along with everything, provided you make time a friend and not a foe.
Example: Gaurav Kharkwal
7) PUT IN EVERYTHING INTO WHATEVER YOU DO: This’l go miles both in improving your efficiency and at the same time keeping you happy.
Example: Sambhav Jain
8) A SMILING FACE: There are some people, who whatever be the given situation feel good to talk to, just b’cos they have a nice and smiling face
Example: Chirag Nahar,Raman Jain, Vipul Mittal,Srujan

Well ,guess these are the most important points, atleast for me.

Ma first post. April 19, 2006

Posted by Karan in Personal.

Well, guess i’ll tell you all why I have started writing blogs first. The reasons are:
1) I have always wanted to share my innermost feelings with soemone, and guess a blog provides me with a great platform to do so.
2) I want to real polish up my English, especially considering the fact that due to the overuse of cellphones and messengers, I have screwed up my English big time.
3) Writing blogs seems to be fashionable, and hence am doing so.
So here I am, writing a blog about nothing specific. Hey, btw.. oh sorry, by the way ( am trying to get rid of it!!), I am Karan Maroo from the IIIT, Hyderabad. For more about me, jus gettin touch with the blog or contact me at : karanmaroo@yahoo.com